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Ready-To-Ship Dolls Now Available at SexDollGenie

by Dan Anderson July 22, 2022 4 min read

ready-to-ship dolls at SDG - ultra fast delivery to USA and EU

Gone are the times when you had to wait for weeks to receive your sex doll. With SDG’s ready-to-ship dolls collections, you can now enjoy ultra-fast free delivery. Our ready-to-ship dolls can arrive at your doorstep within 5-7 days and that’s less than a week.
Owning realistic sex dolls is an out-of-the-world and delightful experience.No wonder the popularity of real dolls continues to soar as people across the globe understand how a life-size doll changes their lives. From fulfilling sexual desires to helping combat loneliness, real dolls have several applications.
Although buying a sex doll is a breeze these days thanks to online doll stores. But, building a custom sex doll requires both time and effort. This causes the doll buyer to wait for several weeks before they can meet their new doll companion.With our latest selection of pre-optioned ready-to-ship sex dolls, we aim to shorten this durationsignificantly.

Who Should Buy Ready-To-Ship Dolls? 

You Can’t Wait To See Your Doll

Ready-to-ship dolls are bliss for anyone who doesn’t want to go through a long waiting period. With ready-to-ship instant shipping, you can order your doll and receive it within a week. Yes! you will be able to hold, feel and use your love doll within a week.

You Don’t Want A Custom Doll

It is also a good option if you are shopping for pre-optioned dolls only. That means personalizing the doll is not a priority and you order what you see in the doll pictures.
It is not possible to make dolls with customizations in advance. It takes time to manufacture the doll, add selected customizations and then ship it to the doll buyer. Thus, personalized real dolls have long waiting periods. 
With that said, if lack of customization options is not a big turn-off for you then ready-to-ship dolls are a great choice.

You Want To Gift a Sex Doll

Another reason why you will love our ready-to-ship dolls is that it makes gifting a sex doll so much easier. In fact, doll gifting was never this easy and convenient.
The one-week ultra-fast delivery of your sex doll lets you order your doll at a short notice. You also get the assurance of quick and timely delivery which makes real doll gifting so much more fun.
If you’ve been planning to gift a love doll to your loved one then this is the right time. Check out our ready-to-ship collections:
why buy ready to ship dolls?

Why Order Ready-To-Ship Dolls?

Ready-to-ship dolls are now available tobe shipped and delivered to any location in the US and EU. The dolls will reach you within a week from the date of order confirmation.
Let’s find out why you would want to order a ready-to-ship doll:

Ultra-Fast Delivery

Want to order and receive your doll within a week’s time? That’s only possible if you select from our range of ready-to-ship dolls. Check out our US and EU doll stock now. Limited stock only.

No Wait Time

Quick delivery lets you enjoy the company of your doll within a week. This eliminates the long waiting periods that can grow agonizing for some people. Now you can receive your doll within 5-7 days and start using it almost immediately.

Pay Less

Most ready-to-ship dolls cost less than the custom dolls as they are pre-optioned. There are no extra costs for customizations or personalization of any kind. This makes our ready-to-ship dolls affordable for most doll enthusiasts.

Minimal Communication

Unlike customizable regular dolls, ordering ready-to-ship dolls is straightforward and requires less communication. You don't have to send any inquiry emails or ask for delivery date estimates. Thus, making your sex doll buying experience swift and easy.


Countries That Are Eligible For Ready-To-Ship Doll Delivery

Currently, SexDollGenie has warehouses in the US and EU only. Dolls in our EU and USA stocks are ready to ship. Once you place the order the doll goes through a strict quality check. It is then packed with great care. We follow several sanitization routines to ensure that every doll we send out is 100% safe to use.
Dolls present in our US warehouse cannotbe delivered to any other country and the same stands true for EU stock too. Dolls in the US warehouse canbe shipped anywhere in the United States. While dolls from our EU warehouse are ready to ship to any address in the EU.
Doesn't matter what part of the US or EU your order comes from. Ordered dolls will reach you within the given time frame i.e. 5-7 days.
We are working on adding more dolls to our ready-to-ship dolls collection. Also working towards offering similar collections for other countries. Meanwhile please explore our existing ready-to-ship doll collections for the US and EU.

Does Genie Guarantee Apply to Ready-To-Ship Dolls?

Yes! all our ready-to-ship dolls are eligible for 100% satisfaction under our Genie Guarantee.

Want to Know More About Ready-To-Ship Dolls?

Want to know more about our ready-to-ship dolls or wish to seek doll advice? Feel free to chat, email, or call our friendly customer service representatives. Visit our Contact us page to connect with the SDG customer support team now.
Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson

Dan is a content writer with more than 7 years of experience under his belt. He started his career as a lifestyle blogger. However, he has been actively writing about sex dolls and adult toys as a Freelance Consultant for over 4 years now. His journey with SDG started with a small freelance gig and later he accepted a full-time position to support their vision. Dan is actively contributing to the Sex Doll Genie blog, doll forums, and other online communities. He absolutely loves what he does and is also very proud to be a love doll owner now!

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