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Top 7 Most Trending Sex Dolls in December 2018

November 30, 2018 2 min read

most trending sex dolls in december 2018

No doubt, when it comes to buying a sex doll people look for the most popular and trending ones in the industry. Love dolls are modified and made in such a way that they offer a pleasurable sexual experience. The advantage of having sex dolls are vast and cannot be compared with real human beings. If you are looking for the most famous and trending sex dolls then your search will end here. Today I am going to reveal the top 7 most trending sex dolls in December 2018. So, without further delay here is the list.


Norah - Petite TPE Doll

If you are looking for a chick with overloaded cuteness then there is no better love doll than Norah. She is 5’2 ft /158cm tall. She is a beauty like you have never seen before and if impeccable black hair is one of your weaknesses then you are going to be mesmerized for sure.


Dana - Slim and Charming Love Doll

Dana is a lust-ridden TPE sex doll with a slim and sexy body. She is 5’2/ 157cm tall with nice firm tits of size B cup. She has stunning assets that are in need of worshipping and can be the one you have always dreamt of being with all the time.


Christie - Ebony Teen Doll

Christie is the impeccable black teen with a stunning figure who likes to wear short skirts and mini dresses but never wear panties. She is 5’6 feet tall and likes to play dirty when on the bed. She loves fucking huge cock hunks and can satisfy your untold fantasies of banging beautiful black teen girl.


Logan - Gorgeous MILF Doll

Logan is the super sexy MILF with a gorgeous figure, arousing enough to make your dick as hard as a baseball bat. She just loves going out to see the matches, dressed in slutty outfits in order to get noticed by the players and her goddess-like figure will surely make your nights youthful.


Coutney - Ravishing Blonde Doll

Courtney is a ravishing sex doll made up of TPE with 5’1 ft/154cm tall in height. When it comes to the art of seduction and pleasure, there is a lot that you can expect from her as she is the one that can make all your dirty fantasies come true.


Melissa - Curvy Hot Love Doll

Melissa is the sex doll which will fulfill your dream of fucking a MILF with a body like that of a goddess. She is 136cm tall with the perfect curvy body. She has a huge booty and big boobies so that you can play with her and do all the dirty things you have ever wished for. 


Ansley - Hot Brunette Doll

Ansley is a ravishing brunette sex doll made up of TPE. She is 171cm tall with the perfect built body which is as soft as a doeskin. She is mean fucking machine which will turn you on. So you better keep your pants down and enjoy her company.