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DS Doll Studio was established in 2010.

DS Doll is one of the leading providers of top quality life-size silicon sex/love dolls. DS team are a multinational corporation with their main production facility located in Dalian city China. They also have our office in both China and Japan.

SDG is proud that DS Doll has chosen us as one of their reseller partners. 

In the pursuit of beauty, DS has to adhere to a vision of their own: they hope their work is not mere "manufacturing", but in "creation".

Therefore the DS sculptors, engineers, makeup artists, dozens of people, have to make continual refinements on each fabrication step, aiming for every detail to reach the peak.

For research and development company DS invests a lot of money every year in new products and new characteristics, including artificial intelligence and mechanical skeleton.

DS Doll Introduction

The interior structures of the life-sized dolls are made of a galvanized metal skeleton and various mechanical parts.

The dolls can move like a real person. As the limbs can move flexibly, they can be used for photography with fixed poses.

The interior structures of the dolls are filled with soft PU sponge and covered with high-quality simulation silica gel skin.

The material used is an imported high-polymer non-toxic platinum silicone rubber.

With life-like appearances and being soft and flexible, the feel and texture of DS dolls are close to a real person.

love doll structures picturethe doll body inside section reference picture ↑ 

The dolls' breasts are very soft, inside is not foam or air, it is a very special soft solid silicone, with the skin, feeling like a real female breast.

breasts structures picturethe doll body breast section reference picture ↑ 

doll eyes move picture

The dolls' eyes are special too. The eyeballs can rotate, which allows you to change the sight direction allowing for different facial expressions. doll eyes structures picture

The eye has a spring structure design, and it is removable. However, we don't recommend doll owners remove or change the eyes, this can easily tear the silicone.

sex doll inside bones and jointssex doll inside bones


Types of dolls

DS uses following doll body classification - 

A. Realistic style:

The silicone style body includes the 158cm, 158plus and 167cm bodies. The 158 bodies are full voluptuous style.

The 167cm is the most realistic style in the product line.

These bodies are modeled from a real actress and keeps most of the body details.


B. Beauty style:

The beauty style body includes the 160cm and 160plus (161cm) bodies.

These bodies are designed for a perfect body curve - a modest and slender body style.


C. Supermodel style:

The supermodel style body includes the 168cm and 168plus bodies.

These bodies are fantastic, they are with long legs and a trim waist. A very slim body style.


D. Cartoon style:

The cartoon style body includes the 145cm and 145plus bodies.

Cartoon type body doesn't mean the body is from animation. It is simple a 170cm model resized down to 85% of its original size. This is done in order to reduce weight and increase portability.