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Daria - 163 cm | 5' 4" - H Cup

Daria - 163 cm | 5' 4" - H Cup

Current Production Time: 2-3 weeks

Free Storage Case for White Glove orders is TEMPORARILY unavailable due to shipping delays and price hikes. All other White Glove features like expedited production, free heads, etc are still available. You can still purchase a case with your order separately. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding - SDG Team.

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Pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum and Get Special Pricing. Email with Your Shopping Cart Details!

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  • Do dolls have a pre determined blend of TPE? Can a doll be ordered with platinum TPE, or does it only come with certain brands/ bodies?

    Hi there,

    Thank you for contacting SDG. In regards to your question, the type of TPE that you have will depend on the brand of the doll and the available features, in this case, Daria can come with Standard TPE or with ultra jiggly TPE. 

  • What is the Ultra Jiggly (Jelly) TPE option? What does it offer/Do?

    Hi there, 

    Thank you for contacting SDG. The Extra Jiggly (Jelly) is super-soft, jello feel, and looks extra jiggle during sex. But the material is very delicate to changes of getting damaged easily during shipment or even at home from rough play.

  • Are H cup dolls compatible with gel filled breasts option? It says H cup is hollow only, then says gel breast are b cup or higher only, after saying a/b are solid only. It is a bit confusing.

    Hi there, thank you for contacting SDG. I will be addressing your question, A and B cups comes with solid breast by default. On the other hand, C, D, E, F, G can come hollow, solid, or gel breast, and H cup and above can only come hollow due to weight. Please note, with this, we ensure a life-longer to the breast of your doll.

  • Can the storage case be locked for extra security? If no, is there a way to lock it?

    Hi there, thank you for contacting SDG. The storage case comes with locks! :)

  • Thank you kindly for answering My questions about Daria so quickly :) I however forgot to ask two other questions. 1. I’ve seen the other heads with elven ears you mentioned. Would it be achievable to customize one of or any of the WM heads with red vertical eyes? 2. If possible, could you tell me the exact clothing size for Daria’s body? XL, XXL or more? ( I find her size of clothing very confusing and wish to avoid stains as best I can). Again thank you for your swift response time.

    Hi there, thank you for contacting SDG. I will address your questions below:

    1. Can be possible, however, reach us through email ( with details of what are you looking for and we will assist you.

    2. Daria's an M or L in clothing.

  • A small list of queries. 1. Is it possible for the Daria doll to come with elven ears? ( I’m thinking a fantasy elf gimmick for her when I save up enough to get her ). 2. Is it possible for the Daria doll to come with a hymen? 3. What exactly are the articulated fingers?

    Hi there, thank you for contacting SDG. In regards to your question, I will be addressing everything in the following reply:


    1. Is not possible to change Daria's ears, however, what you can do is to select another head with Elf Ears and change Daria's main head for one with Elf ears, please note it needs to be the same brand as Daria.

    2. At the moment, Daria does not come with this feature available.

    3. The articulated fingers/posable fingers will allow you to pose the fingers in differents positions and hold the pose. Find more information by clicking here.

  • Hello , I wanna ask that , is possible to make a doll head inspired by a picture and attach to one of the doll's body what include the shop ?

    Yes, please reach out to one of our customer support agents and they will be happy to assist.

See Daria's Factory Photos Here

Brand: WM Doll

The style, structure, and features of Daria 

The days of dreaming are over. You do not have to dream about scoring a hot chick as Daria is here to fill that part. A Doll with an alluring mystique, Daria is sure to entice your erotic nerves. This lifelike doll was brought to life by eminent doll manufacturer WM Dolls. Daria is a TPE doll with thoroughly-realistic aesthetics. Well, that's what you should expect from high-tier TPE. Now, when we said thoroughly realistic, we meant every word of it. Daria just does not just look realistic, she also €œfeels€ the same. This is to say that the texture of her skin is smooth and very much humanlike. Apart from that, the overall structure of Daria is aptly durable and does not demand hefty maintenance. Quite the user-friendly doll, isn't she? Now, we believe it is about time we discussed the assets of Daria. She is an H cup doll and yes that means she has big tits. How big? Well, 37.8 inches big. But it's her 44.49 inches ass that steals the show. Well, apparently she is busty from both sides. Daria owns a height of 5 feet and 3 inches and could be considered an average height doll. Now, let's discuss her weight. From the €œdepth€ of her assets, it is easy to discern that Daria is a heavy girl. Well, she weighs 50.5 kgs and that touches the heavyweight category. So, you might need some help to move around this TPE doll. If the weight does not bother you, then there is no reason to be hesitant about bringing Daria home. 

The Customization Menu

For Daria, there are plentiful personalization options that you can go with. To begin with, we have -

Head Customization -You don't like the head of Daria? Then you can simply swap it with a different head. There is a healthy variety in heads for you to choose from. 

Selecting the Hair Type -There are 4 hair types that you can go for. In this, you can also opt for the hair implant option as well. 

Personalize the Eyes -Yes, there is an option that allows you to freely personalize the eyes of Daria. 

Opting for the Breast Type -Generally, there are two breast variants that are available - the hollow variant and the solid one. But with Daria, there is another option that is Extra Soft Breast Implants that you can go for.  

Shrugging Shoulders -This is a must-have premium feature for any lifelike doll as Shrugging shoulders allows for a realistic and smooth shoulder movement of dolls.

Full Body Heating -This is another special feature that will warm up the body of Daria and bring it closer to a human body temperature. That's a motivation to cuddle her.

Why is Daria the one for you?  

You will not have to think about those one night stands now because Daria is here to take care of all your needs. She is going to come into your world and change the way how things have been. The voluptuous body of Daria is sure to satiate all your carnal needs and wild running fantasies.


  • Material: TPE
  • Height:163cm / 5'ft 3"
  • Net Weight50.5kgs / 111.33lbs
  • Full Bust:96cm / 37.8 inch
  • Under Bust:69cm / 27.17 inch
  • Waist:67.5cm / 26.57 inch
  • Hips:113cm / 44.49 inch
  • Foot Length:21cm / 8.27 inch
  • Thigh Girth:65cm / 25.59 inch
  • Calf Girth:35cm / 13.78 inch
  • Leg Length:78cm / 30.71 inch
  • Arm Length:63cm / 24.8 inch
  • Shoulder Breadth:33cm / 12.99 inch
  • Vaginal Depth:18cm / 7.09 inch
  • Oral Depth:13cm / 5.12 inch
  • Anal Depth:16cm / 6.3 inch
  • Packaging Size:160*43*35 cm

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    Returns are easy, simply contact us for a returns number and send your item to our returns centre for fast processing. We'll get you a replacement or refund in a snap!

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