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SDG Video Review & Refund Program - How It Works?

Submit a video review and get $299 refunded instantly!

The reason we launched this video Review & Refund program is to understand you and your (incl. your doll's) needs better. 

We don't want to make you feel like you're jumping through the hoops to get this discount. At SDG, we want to incentivize you to be part of the community, have your voice heard and become a guiding hand to those new in the doll community.

So how does this Review & Refund program work?

It's simple! Send us a video testimonial of your buying experience at SDG or simply wait until your doll arrives and send us a video doll review. And we will refund $299 back to you instantly.

You can upload the video to Vimeo, Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube and email us the link at Or you can also send the video file (,mp4, ,mov, .mpeg) as an attachment to the email. 

Once we receive your video testimonial or doll review, we will refund $299 to your order instantly. No questions asked. And we don't need you to say anything specific in the video i.e. if your review is neutral or negative YOU STILL GET PAID.

We want your honest feedback - this is not a bribe for a positive review. 

What are the conditions and requirements?

  • You MUST place the order for your doll BEFORE you can send the video and be eligible to receive a refund. This offer is for SDG customers only.
  • OFFER VALID ON ORDERS FOR FULL-SIZE & TORSOS DOLLS ONLY. Heads, hips, accessories, do not quality for this offer. 
  • The video must be clear (good resolution) and audio must be clear without too much background noise or distractions.
  • You can choose to show your face or not. If you want to stay anonymous you can - just point the camera below your chin, at a screenshot our website, at your dog, whatever works for you. 
  • Speak loudly and clearly into the microphone. 
  • The video can be as short or long as you want. 
  • When you email the video to, please make sure the email subject is in the following format, VIDEO REVIEW - SDG ORDER #(Your Order Number) - NAME (Your Full Name)
  • Please email us from the same email address that you used to place your order so we can track your order details while issuing the refund. 
  • By sharing the video you give us the permission to use the video on our website or marketing emails. 
  • If you want to stay anonymous and not have your video shared publicly, please mention that in your email and we promise to never share the video anywhere. 
  • Your $299 refund will be processed within 1-2 business days to the same payment method used for your order. 
  • You can submit the video as soon or as late after placing your order. Scenario 1 - you can place your order and immediately make a video testimonial describing your purchase experience at SDG, why you chose us, etc. Scenario 2 - you can make a video once your doll has been delivered, doing an unboxing of the doll, reviewing the doll, etc. Scenario 3 - you can submit a video few months after your doll was delivered to do a detailed video of how your experience with SDG and the doll has been in all that time. 
  • Only one refund per order!
  • Cannot be combined with any other promo/discount code or on price-matched orders. 

If you have any question or doubts you can contact us here.