When you've decided on buying a sex doll, you're left to face one of the hardest decisions which are regarding the material of your new real life sex toy. Sex dolls are made of a variety of materials such as plastic, latex, silicone, TPE, etc. The most popular materials used for making almost real lifelike sex doll's skin are TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and silicone. 

Both of these materials have their pros and cons and are suitable for different people depending on their various requirements. To make your choice easy, you might ask yourself a few questions, like: 

  • How much would you like to spend on a high-quality sex doll?
  • Would you want to use the doll only for sex, or would you want to take her into hot showers with you? 
  • Would you want the doll to be more realistic or more durable?  
  • How often are you going to use the doll? Is any lube safe or you need something specific?
  • How much time can you spend on maintenance? 
  • Would you want to dress her up in beautiful clothes? 

Or you don't care whether you want a more flexible doll or a more real-looking doll. After you have the answers to these questions, read on to know the differences between real sex dolls made of TPE and silicone.   


TPE sex doll

TPE stands for elastomer thermoplastic, also called rubber thermoplastic. It is composed by combining polymers such as plastic and rubber, comprising of materials with properties of both thermoplastic (plastic) and elastomeric (rubber).

TPE is a mixture of soft plastics, that is. It is hydrothermal, has heat retention qualities, is extendable and can be patched and washed very quickly, thereby providing longevity to our TPE Dolls. Many famous examples are typical for TPE resin applications across a wide range of spectrums.    


Silicone Sex Doll 

Silicone is plastic. It is usually hot and rubber resistant, and so has a wide variety of applications, such as lubricants, medication, glue, cooking utensils, etc. This can come in other ways, but silicone rubber is the one we see in silicone dolls

Silicone rubber can be very soft and stable depending on the method of preparation and is very strong even under extreme pressure to maintain its original shape. It is also warm and clean because it does not react with most contaminants. It is commonly used in medical implants. It is very heat-resistant.   

The technology of producing silicone and TPE have undergone many changes during the past few years (similar to the realistic sex doll metal skeletons), and the techniques have been vastly improved. Silicone is a silicon rubber mixed with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer, which is a plastic and rubber mix. Let us consider both these materials on a different basis.   



TPE dolls have been gaining high popularity over the recent years, much due to their low cost. The thermoplastic elastomer is very inexpensive to produce and the sex dolls, therefore, bear a low price. Also, this low cost doesn't mean poor quality, so it provides an added benefit. TPE sex dolls were their plastic counterparts for a cheaper version. Customers tend to pay attention to them as more accessible and therefore launch out of the shelves faster than any other kind of doll. 

Silicone sex dolls are expensive in comparison to the TPE ones, and therefore, only a few who are willing to spend some extra money can afford to buy silicone dolls. For some, the price of a silicone doll is much higher than TPE – it would be a significant disadvantage. For a doll like this, the average price will be $2500. TPE provides for an inexpensive alternative to silicone sex dolls with almost the same quality as silicone.   

Realistic Feel 

Realistic Feel

Both TPE and silicone are soft materials, so both of them are almost similar in their degrees of realism, with only minor differences. But if we're talking about realism and lifelike feature, silicone sex dolls have the upper hand, because the silicone industry has grown and refined because of new technologies in recent years. 

Silicone sex dolls have the most refined vagina and other body parts. And TPE industry is in its growing phase, so TPE sex dolls are not as well-defined as the silicone ones but still have a realistic touch to their appearance. For example, going from a B Cup to C Cup in silicone material dolls feels much more realistic that TPE material dolls. 

TPE dolls are smoother and great in touch than their Silicone counterparts, which is the reason why they are preferred; they feel and look more natural than silicone. The materials used to create TPE sex dolls are also flexible and not only soft. In fact, there is no sex position with a TPE sex doll that you can't have. Their boobs and butts wobble back and forth when you rock her back and forth during sex because they are more natural. You are sure to look at it and prefer to find an exciting and seductive sight. 

Another good thing about TPE dolls, they are made of hypoallergenic. It essentially means that your skin can not be allergic to it even if you use it without protection. The manufacturers have ensured that the dolls are safe for human use.     

Doll Skin Porosity 

Doll Skin Porosity

It is safe to assume that the skin of the silicone dolls is non-porous. So, the chances of the skin of your sex doll accidentally absorbing moisture are technically negligible and you are free to use skin-friendly cleansing agents to clean up your silicone doll. On the other hand, the TPE dolls do have pores on their smooth skin, so cleaning them through standard means can pose an issue. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you should simply refrain from cleaning your TPE sex doll.

Whether you own a TPE or silicone doll, it is crucial that you sterilize it regularly. For the purpose of sterilizing your doll, especially its erogenous zones like the anus, vagina, and its oral area, hydrogen peroxide can be put to use. Although your TPE sex doll may retain some moisture in its cavities, you can safely get rid of this moisture by the use of insert of tampons or an aquarium pump.


True-to-Life Sensations

One wants to have true to life sensations while having sex with love dolls. Both TPE and silicone provide different benefits regarding these sensations. Although both TPE and silicone can retain warmth silicone is less sensitive to heat. It feels like it's substantial when you touch a silicone doll, way harder than the TPE dolls, such as WM Doll, AF Doll or Piper Doll, can also keep the heat when they are warmed up until they sleep. The energy they keep gives you the feeling that you sleep next to a true woman, and that they help keep you warm. When you rock them further inwards, the butt and the breasts will not wobble.

Both TPE and silicone are soft materials, but TPE is more elastic, which makes it smoother to touch than silicone which feels rather dense to touch, and can be sticky to touch, sometimes. This elasticity makes TPE sex doll's breasts, and butts will wiggle when you have sex with it, which makes it much sexier. Also, since TPE is an elastic material, it is more flexible so you can make different positions with her. 


Maintenance & Care

Maintenance & Care

Since silicone dolls are easy to clean and sterilize, they require very little to no maintenance. Also, silicone doesn't stain easily. TPE is not as resistant to water, heat, stains as silicone, so it requires maintenance after regular intervals. It's a tough clean when you get a stain on your doll. TPE may be sticky to the touch, but some baby powder can solve this problem quickly. It is hardly heat resistant too, so it could be a problem to bathe with your life size doll. The product is very porous, and the vaginal and anal cavities should be washed as much as possible. You can see some mold if you don't clean well – so, beware! 

While to some the seemingly tedious maintenance of a TPE doll may look hassling, in reality, it is no big deal. Although it is not advised to use any regular cleansing agents to clean-up a TPE doll, one can still use special TPE stain removers to effectively clean their doll. Also, acne cream or conditioner that holds nearly 10% of benzoyl peroxide can also be applied to remove any significant stains from the doll. It takes almost 24 hours for these agents to work their magic and efficiently rid your TPE sex doll from any annoying stains and marks.

The experience that the love dolls serve is truly lifelike and that’s what the purpose of these dolls are. You can enjoy your day with your doll, go on a vacation with her, you could even set up a lovely, romantic date with your doll if you so prefer. But there are a few things that you probably should refrain from doing or engaging with your sex doll. For starters, having a shower or bath in the name of romance with your doll is not a fair idea.

We did mention that TPE dolls have pores on their skin and they might end up soaking up water. This holds true for the silicone variants as well. It is true that the skin of silicone dolls is non-porous but the water may still sneak in through an unseen or unnoticed hole or through the bolts on the neck, feet and head. If the water through these pores reaches the metal skeleton it may cause mold build up and rust. So, it is best to exercise caution and protect your beautiful doll.



TPE is said to be less durable than silicone, so silicone has the upper hand if we talk about longevity. TPE dolls may last for years. Most early realistic doll owners have their dolls with them for 6-7 years. TPE is said to be less durable than silicone, so silicone has the upper hand if we talk about the longevity. However, this largely depends upon the quality of material that is used in making the doll.   

To sum up, both silicone and TPE have their pros and cons, and it can be challenging to choose between them while buying a sex doll. However, both TPE and silicone sex dolls come in good quality and are similar in many degrees. But different people have different preferences. Know your requirements thoroughly, and then decide which sex doll would be the best for you.  

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