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Artificial Intelligence


What Are Sex Bots?

Sex robots are full-size next-generation robotic dolls that are capable of mimicking some of the human facial expressions and engaging in verbal conversations like a real human being. Robot sex doll also responds to touch and moan like real girls when touched in erogenous parts.

Sex bots are also known as AI sex dolls as they are equipped with artificial intelligence. A robot companion is capable of learning new things and grows smart over time. In short, the more you interact with the AI robot the more it learns about you, and communicating with her becomes a lot more engaging and satisfying.

Why Buy A Sex Robot?

One can own robot companion to find sexual satisfaction, combat loneliness, and have hearty conversations without the fear of being dumped or making her upset. If you feel lonely and want to have a talking companion then opt for a talking AI robot instead of the standard silicone or TPE doll.

While standard sexy dolls are great for sexual pleasure and fashion photoshoots, a robot companion is an excellent choice when you wish to build a more firm relationship and have fun while you watch movies or have intercourse. If verbal gestures are really important for you or foreplay has always been an important part of your sexual encounters then it makes a lot more sense to buy a robot companion that moans and interacts with you.

Chatting with an AI robot is real fun and here are some demo videos you can watch to see what a sex robot sounds like & how easy it is to play with a robot doll. Watch it move its mouth and talk like a real girl.

Sex Robot Versus Sex Dolls

Thanks to highly accurate touch sensors and artificial intelligence, sex dolls have come a long way. The next-generation AI technology coupled with robot companions is totally transforming the adult doll and sex toy market today.

AI sex doll can respond to questions, engage in arousing sexting, recite poetry and even crack jokes. Combine these with a few add-on features to achieve human body temperature and you will be amazed to witness how a robot companion can transform your sex life.

Sex robot can learn new things and grow smart over time. They can learn about your favorite food, sexual preferences, and much more. AI sexbots are definitely a step ahead in the world of artificial intelligence and life-like sex dolls.

Compared to a standard sex doll, AI bots are loaded with next-gen intelligent touch sensors, advanced lip movement, and the ability to respond to verbal dialogues. Lifelike facial expression and arousing moaning sounds bring them much closer to a real sexual experience. Standard TPE or silicone dolls definitely have a lower cost and require less maintenance but they are not AI robots.

How Much Is A Robot Girlfriend?

A robotic girlfriend or companion lasts for years depending on how you take care of it. You can buy a robot sex doll for as low as $2500 USD and go up to $3500. The price of a sex robot depends on the doll brand, customization options, body type, and size.

Best Selling Sex Robots With AI Feature


A sexy full-size 158cm TPE robot companion! She is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an AI robot within a strict budget. This doll is an entry-level AI bot that can moan, heat, and move her body. The only downside is that she won't speak or respond to your questions. But priced under $2600, this doll is totally worth it and is blessed with a great love-hole position (LHP) ideal for anyone who wants to experiment with new sexual positions.

She also moves her body and is an ideal choice if you want the robo doll to ride you in different positions.


If you want a tall and sexy robot companion that can talk to you and respond to you, then this lifelike doll is what you need. Owning this robot companion is an amazing experience as she is loaded with all the next-gen features and has a beautiful body with F-cup breasts.


Candyce is also available in a lower version that is priced below $2500 USD but doesn't have the talking feature. So, if you can live without the talking feature of Candyce or have a strict budget then version 4.0 is an ideal choice.

Customize her as per your needs and bring her home. You can personalize her vagina, skin color, nails, feet, and even select a different head.


A small petite robot companion made with TPE. She is an ideal choice if you like smaller lightweight dolls. Zahra weighs less and has an amazing body type. This life-like robotic doll is all you need to give wings to your sexual fantasies and enjoy a romantic relationship.

ROBBYN 4.2 and 4.0

She is an ultimate robot sex doll flaunting gorgeous facial features and H-cup breasts to die for! Robbyn is loaded with tons of features. She can wink, smile, and move her head like a real person. Her moaning and heating system bring her so much closer to a real girl.

Robbyn comes in two variants, version 4.2 comes with a talking feature while version 4.0 has no talking feature but all other features are present. Robbyn 4.0 version with no talking feature costs less than $2500 and is an excellent price for a 160cm robot companion.


Another popular and best-selling sex robot by AI-tech brand. This fancy doll is blessed with tall sexy legs, lifelike skin, good LHP, and loads of features that turn her into a fascinating sex bot. She comes equipped with movable eyeballs, lips, and neck making her look extremely lifelike. She can moan, heat and has facial expressions that are made to mimic real women and give her a life-like persona.

Marvella also comes in two variants - variant 4.2 and 4.0. Marvella 4.2 can talk and respond to verbal gestures while 4.0 is the standard robot doll with all other features but it can't speak.

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