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JY Sex Doll Heads


Sex Doll Heads for Doll Makeover, Improved Oral Pleasure & Repairing Old Dolls

A stunning selection of high-quality TPE and silicone doll heads by JY Doll. These gorgeous looking doll heads can be yours at an affordable price. 

Who Buys JY Doll Heads?

Oral Sex: If you have never bought a doll before or don't want to buy a full size sex doll then buying a doll head is an excellent choice. For a nominal amount, you get a premium quality doll head you can use for oral stimulation. Made with medical-grade materials, it is 100% safe to use these doll heads with or without a partner. 

Do a Doll Makeover: Buying a second sex doll can seem a little expensive to many doll owners. Also, the attachment with the old doll is a primary concern. If you want to give your JY doll a complete makeover, then changing its head should be the first thing on your list. Followed by changing the wig colors. 

Replace Your Doll Head: If you have started to feel bored with the looks of your doll or the doll head is damaged. Investing in a second doll head is a cost-effective way to add life to your damaged or old doll. 


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