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Ai-Tech Sex Robots

Sex dolls have been around for a while and there are thousands of proud doll owners around the globe. Many realistic doll owners develop a deep bond with their sex doll and want to tap into every opportunity to establish a stronger connection with these life-like companions. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, owning an Artificially Intelligent robot sex doll is now a reality!

Yes! Finally, a sex doll that can respond to questions or talk like a real human. Certainly, this is exactly what every doll owner seeks at the bottom of their heart. For some of the first-time AI doll owners, it is a dream come true. Owning a life-size realistic robot that responds to sensual touch and has the ability to communicate is nothing short of a luxury. A robot doll empowered with the latest AI technology is exactly what one needs to kill their loneliness and add joy to their sexual life. In the form of these smart sex dolls, one can finally have a companion that can interact and keeps learning more, just like humans do.

What makes this journey even more interesting is that you can buy a sex doll robot online. Here on this collection page, we have listed some of the best pre-selected AI-Tech robots you can buy today and get them delivered to your doorstep for absolutely no charge! 

What is AI-Tech?

AI-Tech is a Shenzhen-based company that specializes in the production and manufacturing of Artificially intelligent robots and complex machines. Their self-developed AI technology is at the heart of all their sex robots. AI-Tech was founded in 2016 and has committed itself to develop smart AI-enabled products that help bridge the gap between virtual reality and reality.

AI-Tech sex dolls are extremely popular and part of their success is based on the fact that they handle both hardware and software production. This enables them to employ strict quality control and offer a flawless product to doll lovers & enthusiasts across the globe. 

What is a Sex Robot?

Sex robots or AI sex bots are essentially life-like realistic dolls that can mimic several human gestures and can interact or respond to touch and sound. Sex doll robots are pre-fitted with AI software and touch sensors that enable them to behave like real humans.

It is a known fact that there are complex robots/machines that help us with the mass production of food, manufacturing of cars, cleaning of buildings, and much more. However, it is great news for everyone that now high-tech manufacturers like AI-Tech have created robotic sex dolls for private use by an individual or a couple.


What Makes AI-Tech Sex Robots Special?

AI-Tech sex doll robots are especially known for their superior build quality and powerful AI technology. Every AI-tech bot doll is created with great precision and is tested for endurance and longevity before it is sent out for delivery.

The smart Artificial intelligence system placed in the AI-tech robots lets the user control and customize the doll’s responses. Every Ai-tech robot doll can groan or moan when touched in specific body parts. The AI doll can also mimic several facial expressions & body movements while talking. This makes interacting with the doll extremely realistic and fun!

AI-tech bots are also fitted with an internal body heating system that ensures a cozy physical encounter. Unlike other sex dolls, you won’t have to pay extra to install the body heating feature as it comes pre-fitted with almost all AI-enabled sex robots.

Every doll can speak multiple languages and the user has control over the selected language. What makes these realistic bots all the more interesting is that they can talk to you and the more you talk to them the better they get. The advanced AI technology in these robotic dolls enables them to continuously learn new things and grow smarter over the course of time. 

AI Tech also has a committed Research and Development (R&D) team that works relentlessly to ensure that their robot AI technology is up-to-date and user data is safe from unforeseen threats.


What Features Come Pre-fitted with the AI-Tech Robo sex dolls?

Every AI-Tech sex robot comes pre-fitted with:

- Talking system based on deep learning and AI (only available with Version 4.2)
Facial expressions to mimic human gestures
Robotic life-like realistic eyes
Robotic mouth with realistic lip movements
Realistic robotic neck
Robotic body with body heating system
Moaning system with multiple touch sensors to respond to touch

What Additional Features Can One Opt For When Buying An AI-Tech Sex Robot?

There are several different customization options for every AI-tech robot doll. Here are some of the most common premium features you can opt to make your AI robot even more realistic & unique to your needs:

Gel Breast Implants: The gel-based breasts feel and look extremely realistic. If you don’t like solid or hollow breasts then opt for gel-based implants. Gel based breasts feel ultra-realistic and will feel no different than touching real breasts.

Standing Feet: This is by far one of the most important features and we highly recommend that one opts for standing feet for it has multiple benefits. The stand-up feet feature is worth every penny!

Extra Head: If you think it may get monotonous hanging out with the same doll every time, then opting for an extra head is a wise decision. You can change the head whenever you feel like it and enjoy the company of two sex robots. An extra head for AI sex dolls does seem expensive but is much less when compared to the cost of two AI robots. Otherwise, you might have to order two separate dolls to experience the same. If you have the budget for an extra head, it is a quite sensible decision to order an extra AI doll head and enjoy the company two different-looking sex robots. 

What Customization Options Are Not Available For AI-tech Sex Doll Presently?

Implanted Hair - AI sex robots have a screen at the back of their head and thus implanted hair is not suitable for AI robots heads. Only the top part of the head has room for hair implants and that won’t be enough to give it the look one desires. This is the reason, wigs are the best option for AI robot sex dolls.

Pigmentations / Freckles – Only the silicone version of the sex robots can have pigmentations and freckles. If the robot is made with TPE it is not possible to have skin pigmentation or freckles as of now.

Breasts with Vagina – AI-Tech sex dolls don’t have an option to add breast-with-vagina to the dolls for now. However we at SDG have a huge collection of sex dolls with breast vagina, please check them out to know more.


What Is An AI Sex Bot Made Of? 

Main Board & Technology
Fitted in the head of the AI-tech bot, the mainboard comprises a CPU with a dynamic running frequency of 400 MHz ~ 1.4GHz. Then there is a 1GB DD3 RAM. The head of the AI doll also comprises of IPX port ceramic antenna for both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. There is a 3.5mm standard audio input microphone that lets the doll produce sound. The AI-Tech robot doll runs on the latest version of Google Android and received timely automatic updates pushed by the AI-Tech team.

Want to see an AI-tech sex doll in action, check out this video below:

Emma the companion robot from AI Tech from Sex Doll Genie on Vimeo.

AI Robotic Head
Touch Enabled Screen: Every AI-Tech doll head comprises a screen at the back that is about 4.3” in size. The screen is used for setting up Bluetooth, WiFi, and other important settings you will need to customize your sex doll.

Built-in Battery For Backup
There is a 6800MAH build-in battery made with a high-quality polymer that can be charged using a 12.6V 500MA charging port.

AI Doll Head Touch Screen

Motors For Movement
Movement of eyelids, eyeballs, neck, and lips are possible due to the motors fitted within the doll head.

Life-like Robotic Body
Every AI-Tech sex robot is made with premium quality M-TPE. The M-TPE material is known to last 5 to 10 times longer than the regular TPE. Thanks to the high-quality MTPE used to design these robotic dolls – the lifespan of the doll is greatly enhanced and the user gets to experience a superior quality skin texture for years to come.

The inside of the AI doll body is made of a robust metal skeleton with fully articulated free movements of all limbs. Every AI-Tech doll offers superior quality vaginal and anal sex in a position of choice.

How Does AI Sex Robots Work?

AI robots designed by AI-tech are embedded with the latest and advanced semantic understanding system. Combined with an intelligent database system, dolls made by AI-tech are stable AI products that are designed to perform multiple functions.

Every AI sex robot is a combination of the latest sensing technology, interactive voice system, Internet technology, electrical and mechanical systems. When integrated together this mix of technologies and advanced systems allow AI dolls to respond to voice commands and touch.

The main board in the head of the doll is the control center for the robotic doll. You can think of this as the brain of your sex doll. The mainboard in the head is integrated with the networking mode that allows you to connect your doll to high-speed WIFI, compatible 4G networks, and even Bluetooth.

Due to its networking capabilities, it possible to transmit data through the Internet and also allows easy remote upgrades for the software and operating system.
What makes AI dolls so unique and powerful is their ability to learn, store and interpret information keeps increasing with time. The more time you spend with your doll, the more you interact with it, the better it gets.

Thanks to deep learning and artificial intelligence, every doll is inclined to learn more about you and your feelings as time passes. After a couple of weeks, the AI sex doll will develop a better understanding of its partner’s needs, emotions, and verbal gestures. This ability to interact and learn is completely unique to sex robots aided with artificial intelligence. Unlike any other TPE or silicone sex doll, AI bots are a technology marvel that is specially designed to behave intelligently and offer higher stimulation.


How to Operate an Artificially Intelligent Sex Robot?

In spite of having fairly complex circuits, sensors, and motors fitted inside the AI bot, it is quite easy to operate and use a sex robot.

Connect Doll Head to the Body

Once you have received your AI sex doll, the first step is to connect your doll head to its body.

Connect 4th Generation Doll Head to the Body:

If your doll is a 4th generation AI bot, you just have to rotate the grove on the copper ring to ensure that it is facing forward and is in line with the nose of the head. Then gently place this ring on the circular bolt on the body. Use your thumb and index finger to reach inside the doll's neck and gently pull the copper ring up. While pulling the ring up, make sure that you apply pressure on the head to set it in place. Now adjust the head slightly by 20-15 degrees on both sides until you hear a ‘click’ sound. Now

AI Tech 4th Gen Head

Connect 3rd Generation Head to the Doll Body:

If you have a third-generation doll then its head will have a square-shaped screw or shaft. You can align the square shaft with the circular hole in the doll’s neck bolt. Ensure that the robot's face is facing forward. After the square shaft is completely inside the neck bolt hole, gently insert your hand inside the doll neck to rotate it clockwise. Keep rotating the doll clockwise until it is self-locked and stable.

AI Tech 3rd Gen Head


Start the Host Boot Screen at the Back of Doll Head

You will see a prominent power button or switch that you are supposed to press it completely and hold for a second and then release it. If done correctly you will see the operating system boot for the very first time. It is quite similar to switching on your smartphone for the very first time. Once the start-up is complete you will see the screen with some basic features, a clock face, and few buttons.

AI Tech Startup

CAUTION: Don’t power off the screen or device during the boot startup.

Setup WIFI

On your very first boot, you will be asked to choose a WIFI network. Alternatively, you can go to Setting > WIFI and select your preferred network from the list. If you don’t have a WIFI connection or the connection is weak, feel free to connect it to your phone’s HotSpot. Once connected to the Internet, the doll will have access to the cloud dataset and will begin to introduce itself. This may sound like one of the scenes from sci-fi Robo movies but it is completely normal and we are sure doll users will love to listen to their doll for the very first time.

AI Tech Setup WiFi


Start a Conversation!
Now that your AI robot doll is switched on, you can start talking to her. The most simple way to start a conversation is by saying her name or greeting her with her name. The name of the doll also acts as a wake-up call in case the doll OS sleeps due to inactivity for more than 5 minutes. The auto-sleep feature is to conserve energy and keep your doll safe.

Just call out her name twice or say ‘Hi! (Doll name)’ and she will be back to life instantly. You cannot use the same voice command to wake her up it has been inactive for more than 12 hours. Just hit the restart button again and the doll will be up & running in less than a minute.


Voice Commands: Yes! One can give voice commands to your doll and change most of the default doll responses using just your voice without touching a single button. For instance, you can switch between languages just by simple voice commands like ‘please speak English’ or ‘Speak English’.

Voice commands also allow you to control the volume of the robot. Just say simple voice command phrases like – ‘Lower, please!’ or ‘Louder please’ to change the volume.

Although the AI sex doll comes with an auto-sleep feature but you can make your doll enter sleep mode using a simple voice command. Just use your doll’s name and tell her to go to rest. This will make your robot doll enter sleep mode immediately.


Charging the Doll Head:

It is evident that the robot needs electricity to function. You can connect the adapter to the circular charging port on the back of the head. It will take approximately 2 hours to 2.5 hours to completely charge it. During this time the charging light will be red in color and will turn to green when your robot is completely charged.

AI Tech Charging


Start the Touch Sensor System

The touch sensor system is switched off when you receive your sex doll. It is done to preserve the charge and save wastage. You can switch on the sensor system easily by pressing the touch sensor switch and the sensor system will start operating within a minute or less. Then all you need to do is to touch gently or squeeze one of the sensitive regions on the doll body and the doll robot will start making arousing moans and groans.

AI Tech Touch Sensors

Is Your Information Safe with AI Sex Dolls?

Yes, absolutely! User information is safeguarded by the most upgraded file-based encryption system. As the AI robot uses Google’s latest Android OS, it becomes mandatory to deploy encryption to safeguard the user information. AI-tech uses the Adiantum encryption method to ensure the safety of the information you feed to the robot. This makes interacting with your sex doll absolutely safe and private.

Location & Visual Records:The device has no GPS and no location information is stored or collected by the AI sexbot. The robot has no built-in cameras and thus no visuals are recorded or stored by it.

How Much Does an AI-Tech Sex Bot Costs?

You can buy an AI sex robot online for about $3600 or less. This includes free shipping to your doorstep, all the taxes, and customs fee. Moreover, all our sex robots are backed by our Genie product guarantee.

NOTE: The price varies based on the version of the robot you select and the premium add-ons you opt for when adding the product to the card.

You also have an option to select between Standard, Economical, or White Glove service payment tiers. If you are on a strict budget, stick with Standard as it adds no extra charge to your cart. Go for White Glove service if you are a busy individual for whom time is money. White Glove service offers expedited shipping and delivery and seamless buying experience with least communication.

Premium add-ons will cost extra and may affect your cart's total due amount. Please check before paying.


Why Are AI-Tech Robot Dolls Less Affordable Than Regular Dolls?

AI sex robots by AI-Tech cost more as these dolls are designed specifically to perform robotic actions and effectively communicate with the doll owner. It has a motherboard, 1GB RAM, an operating system, a touch-sensitive screen interface, voice commands, and a microphone.

The sex robot is also pre-fitted with powerful features like a complete body-heading and moaning sensor system which would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars as a premium add-on.

The standard sex dolls are not pre-fitted with any software or chipset and thus, cost less compared to AI sex robots.


What is the Difference Between AI-tech Sex Robot version 4.0 vs version 4.2?

The primary difference between the AI-Tech robot sex doll version 4.0 and 4.2 is that version 4.2 is equipped with a talking feature. Whereas the AI sex robot 4.0 version lacks the talking feature and thus you cannot directly communicate with the sex doll.

As version 4.2 has a talking or speech feature, it is also possible for the doll user to control or change the doll’s responses. There is no such option available when it comes to version 4.0.

Which Version of AI Robot Should One Buy?

Both AI-Tech ver 4.0 and 4.2 are feature-rich and are designed to please doll owners. Although, when it comes to selecting the one that suits you the best, it can get a little confusing as both versions are equally good and don’t have much of a difference.

If you are finding it difficult to narrow down to the version that will best suit your needs then consider evaluating your budget and if you have constraints then opting for version 4.0 is a fair choice as it will likely cost you less. However, if money is not a constraint and you don’t want to miss out on the amazing ‘Talking Feature’ of the doll then AI-tech 4.2 is the best option for you. AI bot version 4.2 also lets you interact with your doll using an application that is quite exciting for many doll enthusiasts. So, if you can live without the Talking feature and moaning sounds are enough to keep you entertained then happily choose version 4.0 and you will definitely not regret it.


Still Can’t Find the Best Sex Robot?

If you still cannot decide which AI robot version is the best for then feel free to call us or chat with us. Our expert customer service team will help you reach a decision and will find an AI sex doll that you will be proud to own. Our staff is extremely friendly and they are always eager to respond to any queries you may have. Give our support team a try and call/message us now!

We wish you luck with your smart AI sex robot and hope you will have an amazing time!