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Soft Gel Implants

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Looking for an ultra-realistic boob-job experience? Well, you have reached the right place for this collection boasts sex dolls with extremely realistic breasts. Yes, you can pick any of these dolls and choose to add soft gel implants to replace the regular hollow or solid breast types. Doll breasts made with soft gel implants not just look but also feel like a real woman's breast. You will be amazed to see how realistic it gets and almost mimics the real tits on a female. 

Adding soft gel implants to your doll is the first step towards making it even more realistic. It is an ideal choice if you are boobs-person i.e. you love fondling, sucking, caressing, and fucking breasts more than anything. Trust us having a love doll with soft gel implants is a complete game-changer. You will never go back to the standard breasts after trying these. Give it a shot and get to know the difference yourself. 

Get started now and explore the adult dolls with the most realistic jelly based breasts. Want to know more about gel-based and standard breasts? Check out the doll breast options guide on the SDG blog. Feel free to connect with our expert customer service team and let them help choose a perfect doll companion.