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Male Sex Dolls

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Male Sex Dolls – A Guide

Over the years, demand for male sex dolls has increased as companies move to accommodate consumers of different sexuality.

Males, females, lesbians, and gay men are wanting to experiment with male sex dolls. So even if the female dolls dominate the market, the male love dolls are catching up fast.

Since its launch years ago, male sex dolls have risen by about 5% to 15% – most of this boom was attributable to a social de-stigmatization of the sex toy and inclusion in the LGBT community.

Furthermore, the sex doll industry has grown sprung up in recent years, with the advantage and improvement in the designs of pleasure dolls, which makes them more realistic. Sex dolls were initially merely imitations of inflatable plastic materials, with very little enthusiasm about them. However, technological progress has seen the development of life-like sex dolls that look, behave, and feel like people.

Not only was it morally unacceptable to use sex dolls in society a few years ago, but the public discussion was a social taboo. The tides have changed, and more people buy these incredible pleasure gods to improve their well-being and benefit.

There are many reasons to turn to sex dolls. Whether you're looking for an all-encompassing masturbation experience, threesome, or a long-term companionship, you can get the right doll to fulfill your specific needs. And whatever the inspiration, there's undoubtedly something to like about these incredible comfort toys.

And while women are used to mini-size torsos with a dildo between their legs, men used masturbators, there is the reason to celebrate the full range of life-size sex dolls available on the market for men and women. These exceptional, refined male sex dolls offer comfort, love, and support whenever you most need them.

Benefits of Owning a Male Sex Doll

Contrary to popular beliefs, sex dolls are not purely for sex; they make great friends without asking too much for them. Think of it as no questions about your whereabouts, no nagging, and they don't want you to make them a snack in the middle of the night. It's amazing. Right? Okay, here are some of the advantages of a sex doll:

They are the ideal solution for a human partner. Whether it is an odd rupture or a beloved's loss, you may find it challenging to love once more. For at least a while. A sex doll provides support and comfort as you strive to establish a different human relationship.

Sex dolls offer an incredible way to spice your sex life up. Whether you've faced challenges in your bedroom or not, add a sex doll to the spices of your equation. A fucking male doll can be the perfect third wheel to bring back hype and excitement lost.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sex dolls have been designed to meet the continually changing market needs. It helps you to choose the doll you need to satisfy your needs. In reality, there are life-size potatoes designed to resemble your favorite celebrities, game and anime characters with totally customized features that make the experience unique and personalized.

Sex dolls are not going to judge you. Yeah. Such beautiful dolls are a model for your partner's diagnosis when the time is right. And the best thing about this is that you don't have to worry about making a mistake. Unlike a human partner, you can make a lot of errors and correct them without a doll to judge you.

It's better and more realistic. While many countries implement measures to improve the security of escort services, we still believe that sex dolls are a safer option. Your male love doll is always in the mood for sex (incl. oral sex), no appointments beforehand, nothing!

Sex dolls are also virgins and will stay until you buy a new doll, and not many responsibilities are involved. After use, wash him, and he will be good as new until your next sexy time.


While these fantastic dolls are suitable for a companion, there is a downside to them, especially during sexy times. Most owners of male sex dolls find it challenging to try different sex positions. Most of the best male sex doll are stationary. It seems the only available position is to straddle them, and their penises do not even vibrate. But companies are into improving their products, and there are male dolls that have penises that can be replaced to suit an owner's needs.

Things you need to consider when buying a Male Sex Dolls

The Material

Sex dolls are made of a variety of materials, but the main emphasis is on reliability and safety. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you buy silicone dolls or TPE sex doll, because both are hypoallergenic and phthalate-free. And although the materials are excellent choices, the two differ:


Mostly because of its affordability and realism, this is the most used body-proof material. It's smooth and stretchy and offers a live sensation, allowing the body to wiggle through sex. TPE material is hypoallergenic and free from phthalate, which prevents an allergic reaction from forming by its use.

The material can, however, be stained somewhat more quickly as it retains moisture and is thermally sensitive. It is also not waterproof, which makes washing hard since the surface has to be fully dry after cleaning.


On the other hand, silicone is a little expensive and is mostly used to make sex dolls for females in high quality. It is hypoallergenic, non-porous, non-phthalate, and extremely robust in contrast to TPE. And although it is not as prolonged so practical as TPE, humidity does not hold, making washing easier while longevity is improved.

The products you are using depending on how the sex doll and budget are used. If you are on a budget, we recommend TPE dolls, but if you want to invest extra, take the lead and indulge yourself with a silicone model.


One of the significant advantages of owning a silicone sex doll is the right to choose what you want and to drop what you don't. The first experience, as with everything else, is essential, and you can select the specific sex doll you want, based on your tastes. There's plenty to choose from whether you want an Asian, White, Blond, or a Black sex doll. Now, learn what you want and pick your fantasies for the sex doll.


Select the perfect sex doll based on the size, expertise, and fetishes of your gender. We would say you go for models of smaller size (still packing a 9 inch penis), for example, if you do not have the most massive body or familiarity with life-size male sex dolls. How much you love the experience is dictated by the size of the sex doll, making sure you go for a model that does not limit enjoyment.

Often, the size and model of the sex doll you go for defines the storage space. Owners can find bigger sex dolls more challenging to store, especially if you want to be discreet.


Customization allows you to customize your sex doll according to your needs. There are many labels with various customizations, and you have a lot to choose from, depending on your budget and creativity.

If you want to have fun with more than just a sex doll with balls, go for models that have good customization options. Some female sex dolls have an option for penis attachment, which adds extra to your sexual pleasure experience, and a very nice option if you’re into shemale dolls. And while that could mean a little more spending, a fully personalized doll will make the experience more satisfying and fun.

Flexibility and Openings

The mobility of the joints makes the experience practical, while silicone and TPE fabrics are squishy and soft. Most of the sex doll companies use steel skeletons and moving joints to inspire a good posture and increase their sex doll's flexibility. You can enjoy many sex positions without straining with a flexible doll.

It may have two orifices (mouth and ass) or one depending on the size and type of the male sex doll. You have the benefit of an ever-hard dick, however, with a male sex doll. And choose the one that suits your choice according to what you're going to do with the doll.


Upon analyzing all things, the cost of the male sex doll comes down to everything. So, although we do not advise that the bank be broken on a sex doll (WM Dolls are a good start FYI), having a valid, durable version is a good idea. Note, it is best to spend a little more and make a good sex doll than to pay a half price for a product that you don't like.

Male Sex Doll Care

The care of sex dolls requires proper washing and drying, protection, and the use of sex dolls for harm prevention and longevity increase. Proper maintenance also improves the appearance of the doll and guarantees that it is always available when you are.

Clean your doll after use

Cleaning up your sex doll should be the first thing you do after using, probably the most natural and most effective maintenance tip. Then, you should wash then dry separately, depending on the size of your doll pieces like wig and face. Use the correct cleaners always and stop cleaning agents, which can harm the doll's hair. If you have a rotating vagina, cut the male sex doll and wash it separately.

Use of lube is a MUST

The use of a high-quality lube with a sex doll helps enhance durability, reducing friction and pressure. The lube further improves the feeling by making the sensation even more believable and enjoyable, provided by the much-needed sloppiness.

Note that every time you use your sex doll, you always use a water-based lube. The water-based alternative does not degrade the sex doll product and is latex-friendly, as do other lube styles.

Inspect your Male doll for damage regularly

While you're washing your male sex doll, make sure you check to make sure it's in the right condition. And although a silicone or TPE sex doll is impossible to be destroyed too quickly, make sure that it is always in perfect shape. Torn and chipped sex dolls could contain bacteria and other micro-organisms that you do not want to be close to your skin. 

Also, remove the head and wash it separately before you begin to clean your doll. Use a wet wash towel, comb, gentle shampoo, and conditioner to remove the hair, since it could damage the longevity of the doll fully immersed in water.

Please remember to go through the sex doll manufacturer's manual, which describes how you can wash your different sex dolls without losing their value.


Make sure you prepare the storage space before purchasing your male sex doll. Ensure that there is sufficient space that is comfortable, clean, neat, and dry. It ensures that your sex doll remains discreet as you like and that its durability for a lasting, happy relationship is enhanced.


Here are some of SDG's trendy, sexy and the best sex doll collection. 

JORDAN - 167CM | 5' 4" - MALE DOLL

Jordan's tan, he's ripped, his eyes are piercing, and he's made of high-quality hypoallergenic material. He has a metal skeleton and flexible joints that respond to every move. 

Jordan is about 5,4 in. In height and 103 pounds in weight. His 6.7 inches long penis can't be customized but the doll may be upgraded, from the eye color, hair color, pubic hair to skin tone. 

LUCAS - 167CM | 5' 4" - MALE DOLL

Lucas’s body is made of high-quality TPE material and a high-grade silicone for the head. Soft to the touch and durable.

You can customize his eye color and skin tone, even his pubic hair.

SONG - 175CM | 5' 7" - MALE DOLL

Song is made of 100% hypoallergenic, non-porous, non-porous, easy to handle and very durable medical TPE-material.

This handsome gentleman has an 8.66 inches penis, that feels more like the real thing. His penis is designed to look natural with veins and softballs.

RANDY - 180CM | 5' 9" - MALE DOLL

Randy is a gem. Made of TPE, life-like and hypoallergenic material which is soft to touch and phthalate-free. Supported by a skeleton made of steel enhanced his flexibility and support his upright posture.

A 7.09 inches penis combined with his well-packed body and gentle face; this gentleman is every owner’s dream. You may also personalize his eye and skin color to suit your needs.


In short, the worldwide recognition of the benefits it brings and of the full range of options presented on the market make the sex dolls increasingly popular for women and men each day. Like historically, consumers are open to the idea of having a sex doll, as can be seen in the increase in worldwide sales.

The modern technological progress, which has paved the way for designers to model realistic sex dolls to fulfill the ever-changing market demands, has provided a lot of realistic male sex dolls. Today, by picking your favorite choices, you can customize your male sex doll. There are also various materials that producers use to increase their knowledge and enjoyment.

For more sex doll options, visit our store Read through our customer reviews and a doll to your wish list or grab one and proceed to checkout!