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This company (parent company, Jinsan) is one of the firstsex dolls manufacturers.WM Dolls has pioneered the manufacturing ofhigh-quality love dolls in China and remains one of the industry's pioneers to this day.

WM Dolls is a high-endTPE sex doll retailer and producer. They are committed to the industry's research and development and helped shape it for all doll owners worldwide.

WM Doll deals mostly withTPE sex dolls, a material that they use for their bio-friendly products and their realism.TPE is smooth and delicate and has an elastic, human-like feeling, just like the skin. They recently launched silicone heads to combine with TPE bodies, also. 


What is TPE?

TPE is a short-term for the thermoplastic elastomer. It is one of the most popular and widely used materials to choose as it is soft and elastic forreal sex dolls and other sex toys.

Qualities of TPE

  • The material is ideal for manufacturers ofsex dolls to shape because it is soft and more natural to mold; because of this,TPE sex dolls can look and feel the most natural.
  • TPE can also be very flexible, bent, and stretched over and over, and it will remain in its original shape.
  • TPE is a material that does not cause an allergic response, making it the best material to make such a doll.TPE is hypoallergenic.
  • The price ofTPE sex dolls is quite affordable because it is an economical material. The product value does not, however, depreciate the quality it delivers, soTPE dolls are in many areas much better than their pricey equivalents.
  • TPE is a very durable material that can be used for the most prolonged period. It also allows thesex doll to remain as brand new as long as possible.

Disadvantage of TPE

  • The material is very porous; it can retain moisture. There is a possibility of mold build up if not dried properly.
  • TPE might be sticky after washing, but with some baby powder, this issue can easily be solved.


About WM Dolls

WM Doll is asex doll manufacturer based in Guangzhou, China. For many years now,WM Doll has been in operation, producinghigh-quality andrealistic sex dolls. For online purchases and promotions and marketing purposes,WM Doll has anofficial website.WM Doll has established a broad client base worldwide as the largest distributor ofsex dolls in the UK and the US.

WM Doll makes realistic and human-likesex dolls using environmentally and human-friendly materials. Mostsex dolls are made ofTPE materials, but there are cases ofsilicone sex dolls depending on the needs of the customer.


WM Sex Doll Collection

WM Doll is China's largest producer oflifelike sex dolls made ofTPE material. On their website, there are many licensed sellers of their dolls, like us,SDG. All thesex dolls onWM Doll are made from using qualified step-by-step processes, and the result is outstanding.

WM Doll allows customers to customize theirsex dolls to their tastes. You can choose your doll's size, height,boobs size, butt size,skin tone, the color of the eye, the color of the wig, and color of the nail. You can also determine the material from which it should be made.

WM Doll gives you the largest selection ofsex dolls. On top of that, you can choose your doll's accessories, such as the wigs. And let's not forget the variety of customization you can do with their features: change theirboobs size from asmall breast a-cup andb-cup toe-cup andg-cup - and if your really into bigtits - customized their sizes fromk-cup tol-cup, and evenm-cup. You can interchangesex doll heads to other heads to fit your dreamreal doll. There are alsomale sex dolls,milf withbig breasts, blacksex dolls,mini sex dolls withboobs, and BBW dolls to choose from their collection. For easy cleaning after use, some of the doll'sbody type comes with detachable vaginas or penises - for people with she-male desires or fetishes.


Take a look at some of our bestsex dolls fromWM Dolls


ASUKI - 165 CM | 5' 5" -D CUP

Asuki is one of our newest dolls with a removable vagina. Natalie comes with silver hair, full red lips, and prominent nipples. As with allTPE sex doll models, you can customize her body to suit your personal preferences.


CELSA - 173CM | 5' 6" -H CUP

Just look at this gorgeous doll's body and see that she has realistic eyes,H cup breasts - yes, they feel as good as they look- and tan skin. You can switch her head to a different doll and customize her body to your desire.

She has a removable vagina for easy cleaning, perfectlycurvy body and dreamy hips, and durable,high-quality TPE material.


AILA - 173CM | 5' 6" -H CUP

This bunny is the bestlife-size sex doll to bring your Playboy fantasies to life. This model comes right out of a magazine withlifelike holes offering a realistic feeling of sex. Although she doesn't come with a bunny outfit, she loves playing dress-up and looks great in lingerie.

She has a removable vagina and a very customizable body made ofhigh-quality TPE material.


KARLITA - 168 CM | 5' 6" -H CUP

Karlita has all the premium doll features and is fully customizable according to the customer's tastes. The material used in her production is theTPE material of clinical value. The skin's touch is smooth and soft, and the frame is made of sturdy steel, and it is possible to extend the limbs freely.


JAZMIN - 170CM | 5' 5" - C CUP

She has a curvy figure with a gorgeous thick ass, and she's 5.5 ft tall. And she weighs about 88 pounds. She is a lovely lookingsex doll with characteristics of a typical Latina sex doll's appearance. Jazmin has a curvy and broad body that makes her look extremely erotic. You would love every minute you spend hanging out with this young curvaceous thick ass hottie. 

She is made from ahigh-quality TPE material and has a customizable body.


Why we trust the WM doll brand?

WM Doll has been in business for a long time and has had many positive reviews online from happy doll owners. Theirsex dolls are of superior quality, with equal and highly competitive prices. Theirsex dolls are all-inclusive and of a wide variety. Not only does buy fromWM Doll gives you a guarantee of quality, but it also gives you the value of your money.WM Doll is China's most significantsex doll producer and has only professional and qualified staff. Also, more than half of the world'ssex dolls are exported by them.


WM Doll Shipping Policy

WM Doll has a plainly stated shipping policy for theirsex dolls. Some countries have strict sexuality laws, and therefore, the company is prohibited from selling to them. As such,WM Doll is not exporting their dolls to the Middle East, South America, and parts of Asia.

Your doll is built from scratch, the assembly process may take longer, and within 3-6 weeks of placing your order, you will receive your doll. Although this seems to be very long, it is not equivalent to the end product quality and service you receive.


WM Return Policy at Sex Doll Genie

You have twenty-four hours to cancel the order once you place your order, after which production will start, and cancelation will not be allowed. All cancellations are subject to a $150 restocking fee. 

Before delivering,WM Doll and SDG inspection teams thoroughly check all theirsex dolls. Their UK and US warehouses also carry out the dolls' quality test before shipping them to you. You will receive the doll precisely what you ordered, seeing that the doll is made according to your instructions.

There is simply no return forsex dolls, and their sale is final. It is attributed to all concerned parties ' wellbeing compromises. The only exception is when you get a doll for which you have not ordered or it arrived damaged

You need to check that you receive your doll as soon as you receive it. In twenty-four hours, any issues should be identified.SDG will promise to repair it for you if it is defective in any way. 

To sum up, the products ofWM Dolls are reliable, durable, and highly realistic, and the only drawback is that the dolls can be very stiff, and the larger models can be pretty heavy. Generally speaking, new dolls are less elastic, but the joints are more moved and warmed up. Some owners complain that the dolls may be cold to the touch, especially if they have just arrived by courier, this is quite normal.

For extra peace of mind, we inspect every doll that comes our way here atSDG to make sure there's no damage or significant creases – we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

It is crucial to rely on a reputable manufacturer to ensure the quality of yoursex dolls. If you are looking at the bestTPE andsilicone sex doll on the market, thesex doll genie is your dream destination.

WM Dolls andYL Dolls are the most recognized and awardedsex doll companies. These reallife-like dolls leave you with a sexual experience that you never had before, and we are an authorized distributor.

Check out our collection and read through ourstar-rating customers' reviews and FAQs. You canshare a review with us as ananonymous user if you are particular about your privacy.  Pick one to add to yourwish list or proceed tocheckout and bring one of them home.

We offer secure payments through credit card, PayPal, and Layaways, and we deliver these dolls in discreet via FedEx.