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Make Your Black Panther Fantasies Come True With These Black Silicone Sex Doll

by SDG Store August 22, 2018 4 min read

Make Your Black Panther Fantasies Come True With These Black Silicone Sex Doll

African sex dolls are a very hot category of love dolls these days. Especially with the popularity of movies like The Black Panther. And their popularity continues to rapidly grow.


In our collection, you’ll find black silicone sex doll of all shapes, and sizes. On one hand, we have curvy mamas with huge booties and large breasts, whereas, on the other hand, we have petite girls with flatter breasts and tinier curves. Some of these love dolls have an athletic build and some have a slender figure.

These sex dolls are made of high-grade TPE and Silicone, which are safe for human use. These full sized dolls are very human-like, they can bend in ways you can’t even imagine. Let’s have a look at some of the black silicone and TPE sex dolls that we have to offer.





Zelda african sex doll

Zelda is a small-breasted and lean beauty. She has long and beautiful wavy hair that you can play with while you fuck her. Her love handles are just perfect.



Whitney african sex doll

Whitney is a mysterious girl, and she likes to do things in style. She has beautiful breasts and a slender figure. Her slender figure makes it even more convenient to fuck her in various positions.




Stacey african sex doll

Stacey is an extremely slutty girl. She likes things fast. Her big boobs are an addition to her beauty. Her curly hair will bounce as you fuck her. She likes getting fucked in the kitchen.




Rylee african sex doll

Rylee is an African MILF who likes being controlled. She has humongous boobs to compliment her beauty. Her style and dresses will make you fall for her even harder.




Phoebe is a shy and reserved 18-year old girl with a tight ass, huge tits, and a smooth body. Her beautiful color will make you fall in love with her.




Nadia african sex doll

Nadia is a Nurse at the Hospital. She likes giving her patients a good suck. Her cute tits and smoking hot ass make her the real deal.




June african sex doll

June is one of those few asses who didn’t fall for all that big ass thing. Her pussy is so beautiful that you would immediately want to kiss it and fuck it. Her curly hair bounce every time she is fucked.  




Jasmine african sex doll

Jasmine is a nursing mother who has very hard nipples. Her cute little tits add to her beauty. She has beautiful long black hair which sways around when she sucks you. Her thigh gap is amazing. You can carry her and fuck her hard.




Hanna sex doll

Hanna is perfect girlfriend material. As you can make out from her pictures, that she is not an experienced striptease dancer or a porn star. She is the typical girl-next-door. She wants a kind and caring guy to look after her. In return, she too would fulfill his love and sexual needs.




african sex doll

Denisse is a gym freak. She is a woman who loves her workout regime. She can’t go a day without exercising. She is the ideal girl for all gym freaks. Her big boobs and curvy body will make you feel like fucking her in the gym itself. You won’t even be able to wait till you get home.




african sex doll

Christie is a slender girl with an athletic build. She plays basketball. Her small tits and cute hips are an addition to her sexiness. She is the type of girl you would like to lift and fuck. Her pretty hair keeps coming over her face while she sucks you.  




carol africa sex doll

Carol is a less experienced and reserved girl. She likes her men talkative and she is a good listener. She will listen to all your crazy talks even while getting fucked. Her soft curls make her look even more attractive. Her small boobs need some good squeezing.




african sex doll

Belle is a tan skinned beauty. Her big boobs and curvy ass make her the perfect fuck. Her hair has a golden shine in them. She likes getting fucked on different pieces of furniture, like the sofa, table, and chair.




African Sex doll

Anabelle is a huge-breasted girl. She likes getting fucked out in the open. She likes going for picnics. Fucking near the river is her absolute fantasy. She has dreamt of it for years.




african sex doll

Andressa has tight black curls which bounce every time you have sex with her. Caressing her big breasts will become your hobby one you meet her. She has a round ass that is wanting to be fucked.

These African sex dolls are waiting to get fucked by you night after night. All you need to do is try them out once and you won’t be able to resist. Choose the one you love the most and satisfy all your sex cravings.

SDG Store
SDG Store

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