Are Sex Dolls Good for Virgins?

Are Sex Dolls Good For Virgins?

A question that puzzles almost every virgin who wishes to sign up for a doll experience. Would it be okay to do lose my virginity to a silicone sex doll? Are sex dolls really the right way to go? There are several other questions that further perplex the issue and bother the virgins who wish to own a doll some day. 

Here and today, we will answer all these doubts that revolve around virginity and sex dolls. Our agenda here is to thoroughly explain the viability of a sex doll for a virgin. Be it a male or a female, love dolls are for everyone who has sexual fantasies. 

So, let's dive in and find out if silicone or TPE sex dolls are of any use for 'virgins'?

Sex Dolls Prepare You for the Big Game

Sex Dolls Prepare You for the Big Game

This is as clear as it sounds. Being a virgin means you are unfamiliar with sexual conduct. A sex doll serves as the perfect medium for you to perfect your bedroom game. But why not “practice” sex with a real person? Well, the bedroom is the last place on this planet where any person would want to feel embarrassed. Nobody would want to feel anxious while getting intimate. But it’s natural for a virgin to be nervous as they have never experienced intimacy before. This is where the sex dolls come in for the rescue. 

Coming back to the point, you can have innumerous intimate practice sessions with a sex doll. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about anything. Remember, it’s just a pretty doll and has no intentions to ever won’t judge you.

So, it’s like the perfect ground for virgins to test their game. Plus, the sex is also pretty enjoyable. It only takes a week's time to get acquainted to your personal love doll and enjoy seamless sex anywhere you want. 

Live Your Fantasies

Live Your Fantasies

Okay, we all have those naughty fantasies. There is no denying that. But it can be troublesome to express those fantasies, especially when you are new to the sex game. So, many a time, it happens that people just suppress their fantasies altogether. Of course, that’s not the right way of going about with it. We admit that finding a real-life partner that accepts your carnal preferences can be hard. In all honesty, there is always a considerable probability that your partner may not agree with your fantasies. But the same probability goes nil when it comes to sex dolls. 

Sex dolls don’t judge or press forward their own opinions about sex. They are designed to serve you with an ideal intimate experience and that happens when your fantasies are satisfied. It is actually recommended for virgins to first play out their sexual styles and ideas on dolls.

First, it would help virgin folks better understand their sexual preferences and help them understand what they do they actually seek in their partner.

Second, they live out their fantasies with a sex doll if they don’t find anyone perfectly compatible with their taste in bed. 

Sex Dolls and Relationships

Sex Dolls and Relationships

If you think that sex dolls are only good for sex then you aren’t aware of the true potential of a sex doll. Allow us to share some stories with you. A while back, a married man in Japan bought a sex doll to console his loneliness. He was away from home due to work and wanted something to keep him company. As of today, he has formed a strong bond with his doll that goes well beyond just physical intimacy. There have been several other reports of couples bringing home love dolls to keep their relationship stable and spiced up. But why are we telling you all this? 

These little stories have brought to light the part a doll can play in improving real-life relationships. Matter of fact, a doll can actually prepare you for a relationship. This is most helpful for virgins because again, they are new to the scenario. It takes some effort to take care of a doll. This brings a sense of sensitivity in people who are deciding to move towards intimacy for the first time. The doll also teaches patience and that helps things in the bedroom. 

They Teach You How to Act in Bed

sex dolls teach you how to have sex

This might sound a bit confusing. So, let’s elaborate on this a bit. Adult love dolls are designed around actual humans. It is fair to call them humanlike because that’s what they are. Going by that logic, if you get sexual with a love doll, then you can get some idea of how the real thing is going to be. Plus, you also gain an understanding of some “bed manners. What we mean by that is you realize the right way or ways of getting intimate. For instance, the dolls teach you to take it slow and steady during sex. They also help you understand the ideas of foreplays, roleplays, and other things that create set the mood right and ripe for sex.  

Sex is not just about getting your clothes off and jumping onto the bed. There are a lot of things that come before that and dolls can teach you that. For virgins, these teachings can work wonders for them as they would know exactly what to do when they move towards the real sexual experience. But, this advantage of a sex doll is not limited to virgins only. Even the experienced players can learn a thing or two from the dolls because why not. 

From all that we have learned, it appears that dolls are actually a good option for virgins. Love dolls can help the virgin folks in more than one way and teach them some useful “intimate” skills that can come in handy. 

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