SDG 2023 Promo

Please use the code, SDGLOVE, to claim $199 off instantly on your order of any regular sex doll. And also to get standing feet, and EVO skeleton (or shrugging shoulders)!

*on applicable brands only.
** not applicable on dolls shipping from our US or EU warehouses. 


Code can be inserted on the check out page as shown below in red circle:


Example Order Note:

  • Head #S1
  • Eye Color - Green
  • Wig - Premium-9
  • Standing Feet - Yes
  • EVO Skeleton - Yes



Please also note: You will not be able to reclaim the money for this promotion, exchange it for additional items, or request a refund. Even if the following scenarios are present:
  • If you only reclaim the promotion partially or forgot to claim it or did not see it at the time of placing order.
  • If you are not able to claim discount on one of the promotional items, due to a feature unavailability 
  • If you forgot to add/change the items to your order within 24 hours.


Forgot to Use the Discount Code?

Three Days Rule: There is a 3 days window since order was placed to claim a valid forgotten discount code. Forgotten discount requests received after 3 days will not be accepted as the order won't qualify for any discount(s) after 72 hours of purchase. Refer to Section-5 on our Terms & Conditions page to learn more.