Best Piper Dolls to Buy in 2023

Best Piper Dolls

So, you are here. This means you have a certain interest in the lovely creations of the eminent sex doll manufacturer, Piper Dolls.

Well, they are eminent for a reason. They have brought to life some of the sexiest sex dolls of all time. Now, we have a feeling that you may be interested in the best of the best Piper Dolls that you can order online in 2023.

We have cooked up a list of some of the finest picks from an entire range of Piper love dolls. What makes it more interesting is that you can get your hands on any of these Piper love dolls right away. So, without further ado, let’s hop right towards the list.

Piper Sex Dolls

What Is a Piper Doll?

Piper dolls are essentially top-of-the-line sex dolls brought to life by the Piper Doll brand. They are known for creating exclusive real sex dolls that own a far superior design to regular dolls. Their highly realistic aesthetics and strong durable structure make them a crowd-favorite range of sex dolls. Oh and also, Piper sex dolls are fairly affordable, and buying them won’t burn a hole in your pocket. No matter what other sex toys you have enjoyed in the past, this dream doll will forever spoil you and lift your spirits.

Kenisha - Silicone Piper Sex Doll


Is she really a doll? That’s the first thought that comes to mind when we are in the majestic presence of the lifelike doll Kenisha. In all honesty, calling her realistic would be a gross understatement. Well, there is a reason why Piper Doll is considered one of the finest doll manufacturers in the world. Structured out of pure silicone, Kenisha is a doll that will steal your breath away with her unblemished beauty.

Kenisha is a busty girl with tits measuring around 37.4 inches. That’s something you should expect from a G cup doll. Her ass owns a size of 37.4 inches, the same as her tits. It appears her tits and her ass are in a synergy of some sort. Now, over to her height, she stands 5 feet and 3 inches tall. So, you could take her as a medium height doll. A hot busty doll with lifelike aesthetics, is there anything more you can ask for?

Kathleen - Innocent & Sexy


Kathleen, by all accounts, is the holy fusion of innocent and sexy. This is to say that she looks cute and hot at the same time. So, it becomes apparent that she is not the kind of doll you get to meet every day. Kathleen can be seen as one of the most mesmerizing creations of Piper Doll. She carries the appearance of a saucy young adult with super seductive curves.

Kathleen is an H cup diva with 34.25 inches tits. Yeah, those tits are too juicy to resist. But it’s her 35.83 inches bootylicious booty that steals the show here. That ass is the reflection of heaven, gentlemen. So, if you have a thing for busty teenagers, then Kathleen would love to service you.

Belen - Sultry & Elegant


Bold yet sophisticated, sultry yet elegant, that’s Belen we are looking at. Belen flaunts a beautiful body that will leave your senses completely captivated. Perhaps it’s the platinum TPE that bestows a natural and realistic aesthetic design to this full-size doll. Plus, she also carries a fairly durable structure that does not demand constant maintenance. See? She is worried about your expenses. That’s a doll waifu.

Belen is more than compatible with a plethora of customization options. For instance, you can change her hairstyle, customize the tone of her skin, personalize her breasts, change the size of her areolas, and so on. So, there is a lot you can do with this lifelike doll in the name of customization.



What to say about this masterpiece? Melony is one of the best dolls of Piper Doll and we say that without flinching. Her bold and erotic style is simply irresistible, so to speak. Melony has a saucy personality if we put it like that. Well, we said she is bold, didn’t we? She does not favor the idea of subtlety and likes coming straight to the point.

As an extension of her “boldness,” Melony loves to engage in different forms of sexual adventures. So, feel free to indulge her in all of your fantasies and fetishes that you carry. Trust us, she would love to be a part of your “sexcapades.” All in all, Melony is not the kind of doll you would want to miss out on. She is definitely one of the best Piper dolls out there.



Are you into love dolls that portray a funky and cool outlook? If yes, then you are about to fall head over heels for Kinsley, a TPE doll like no other. From her stunning design, it appears that Piper Doll invested a lot of time and effort in creating this sexy lifelike doll. It goes without saying that this doll looks absolutely stunning. From her eccentric style to her seductively athletic physique, everything about her is simply amazing

Now that we have touched on the subject of her physique, let’s take a look at her sexy assets. Kinsley is identified as a D cup doll with tits measuring around 30.31 inches. Moving towards her ass, it flaunts a measurement of 31.5 inches. Oh, and her 18.9 inches waist also adds to her overflowing appeal. So, it would be a shame to let this doll go, don’t you think?

Felice - Cute Piper Doll 


Now we have Felice on the scene. She is one of the fan-favorite sex dolls by Piper Doll and the reason is quite evident, she is hot, like really hot! Don’t let her young and innocent persona fool you as she is one horny doll with an insatiable sexual appetite and her body craves for a lot of attention. It seems Piper Doll decided to go full naughty mode when creating Felice.

As we have already stated, this sex doll has a substantially high sex drive. But she likes to be dominated in bed. Being controlled by a strong and dominating man fulfills her completely. So, if you want some BDSM flavor in your sex life, then she is the ticket for you. Feel free to discipline her in your way. We are sure this cute Piper doll would like it so much.

Izetta - Redhead Piper Doll


Let’s welcome on stage - Izetta, a schoolgirl at heart with a profound interest in erotic subjects. Well, maybe you can help her with her studies if you know what we mean. Izetta is crafted out of top-grade silicone which awards her with an enchanting and thoroughly realistic design. Oh, and did we mention that she is a busty girl? Well, she sure is and her bust is not the only thing that makes her such an exciting partner. If you love busty silicone dolls then you will love Izetta! She is enchanting as any silicone love doll can ever be!

With her 36.22 inches tits, she can leave her admirers drooling. Add her 36.61 inches ass to the mix and you have a thick and voluptuous schoolgirl that you simply can’t say no to. Well, who can?




Presenting to you the hottest sex doll in town, gentlemen, please welcome - Joella. Okay, we got a bit dramatic there but this doll truly deserves a flamboyant introduction. Like seriously, this doll is a standing sex symbol that no man can deny. With plumpy lips, a fine juicy, and a ginormous set of tits, this love doll has got it all. In a way, this Joella is a doll that fits the preference of every sex doll lover as “she has got it all.” This doll is designed to support all your naughty fantasies and fetishes. So, be it lovemaking or BDSM, Joella is here at your service.

Now, about her measurements, Joella is a J cup sex doll. Her tits measure around 36.22 inches and her ass goes 36.61 inches wide. Well, that’s one thick Piper doll that you shouldn’t miss out on.




A pure beauty, that’s perhaps the best definition for Ardis. She is easily one of the most beautiful dolls around and no, we aren’t exaggerating. Unlike most sex dolls that reflect the idea of raw sexual excitement, Joelle obeys the concept of love and passion. You could say she is built differently than her more aggressive cousins. However, it doesn’t mean that Ardis is devoid of any sex appeal. Matter of fact, she is one busty babe gifted with some fine assets. So, she is both eternally beautiful and damn hot. It is fair to say that you get the best of both worlds with Ardis.

Ardis is a proud G cup doll with her tits flaunting a measurement of 38.58 inches. Well, we did say she is a busty sex doll, didn’t we? Her ass is also on the lines of sexy and measures around 35.83 inches. She also owns an impressive height and stands 5 feet and 3 inches tall. There is practically no reason to deny this lifelike doll.




Now, we bring to your attention, Anjela, the sassiest milf doll in town. Anjela is a ripe woman with a bold way of doing things. She loves flaunting around her sexy body and isn’t shy from expressing her lustful ideas. Just imagine all the dirty deeds that you can do with a bold woman like her. You can invite her into a racy threesome or make her wear some sexy and provocative outfits and initiate a steamy roleplay. We think she would look good in a schoolgirl outfit but that’s just us. She is an experienced Piper milf and can perfectly fit into all your fantasies and kinky ideas.

About her measurements, Anjela is characterized as an F cup sex doll with tits measuring 31.89 inches. Her ass on the other side boasts a measurement of 34.25 inches. She is a short height doll and stands full 5 feet tall.




Averie is the typical hot girl that exudes a sultry aura. Her confident and seductive persona can captivate just about anyone. Now that we have mentioned her persona, let’s take a look at her personality. Averie, as we mentioned, is a bold and feisty doll who likes teasing men with her sexually-appetizing physique. She is designed for folks who are more adventurous and prefer trying new things when it comes to intimacy and sex. So, stuff like gangbang, anal, bondage, and BDSM is something that turns her on. But if you have something more “creative” in mind, then she would love to be a part of that as well. 

So, if we talk about her assets, Averie is an H cup doll. She has tits flashing a measurement of 33.46 inches and her ass goes 32.28 inches. Averie stands 5 feet and 2 inches tall which slots her into the category of medium height dolls. 




This one is a rather special Piper doll that deserves a mention here. Mavis is what we would call a wife material. She is a gentle soul that yearns for companionship and affection. Mavis is beautiful, both inside and out which makes her one of the most desirable, if not the most desirable, dolls in the market. In a way, she is more into lovemaking and other romantic themes related to sex. But you can also invite her into more hardcore stuff if you prefer. Overall, Mavis offers a wholesome and fulfilling experience that can stimulate any and every doll lover.


For her assets, Mavis is a G cup doll and her tits boast of measurement of 38.58 inches. Her bouncy ass goes 35.83 inches wide. She is a tall doll and stands 5 feet and inches tall. 

Bring this gorgeous Piper sex doll home and let her tease you until you give her what she truly yearns for!

Why purchase a Sexy Real Sex Doll?

This is the evergreen dilemma that every doll lover comes across. It’s no big revelation that sex dolls are an expensive creation. It is natural for buyers to feel uncertain after looking at that heavy price tag. However, you must understand that sex dolls aren’t a thing of luxury. Rather, they are a fine investment that serves you with delightful companionship (and a lot of steamy sex no less). In a manner of saying, you are quite literally buying happiness that’s dressed like a sex doll. Well, you know what they say, happiness doesn’t come cheap.

The sex doll industry is booming and a growing number of people are opting to own love dolls which is challenging the authority of regular sex toys.


Where Can I Get the Best Piper Doll? 

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