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Best Sex Dolls for Submissive Men

September 10, 2019 2 min read

submissive men sex dolls

Sex has many different shades to it. Some take the dominating persona while others give preference to the submissive flavor. The pleasure is raised manifolds when sex dolls come into play. The perk of adding them to the scene is that they mingle well with all sexual preferences. The same cannot be said for human companions. 

Not every guy fancies the vanilla style of intercourse. Like the fellow who likes to be submissive on the bed. They are more inclined towards controlling female types. The ladies who don a more dominating persona. Submissive men celebrate women with an imposing physique. For instance, ladies with tall and a bit bulky and voluptuous physical structure.  

So, for our submissive gentlemen, we have prepared a list of some commanding and dominating dolls that can spice up your intimate atmosphere. 

So, here is a list of dolls (courtesy of SexDollsGenie) 


Frankie Sex doll

The hardcore scouting instructor. Who wouldn’t love an authoritative female in military attire? Standing 5’5’’, this doll radiates authority and command. Frankie has a rather captivating background of being a strict survival instructor. With a weight of 33 kgs, she would be able to lift your submissive sexual orientation with ease. 


Ruth sex doll

The next in our list is a rather imposing one. Ruth is a 5’4’’ doll with a rather domineering aura. Carrying a weight of 45 kgs, she likes to be the dominating controller. Flaunting the looks of a well-blossomed mature woman, this doll just loves to discipline men in bed. So, with her, it’s better to follow her code.


felipa sex doll

You will definitely love the next sex doll. Meet Felipa, She is a stunning 158 CM tall sex doll with impeccable body. She has the most dominating body structure and will make you follow her rules. This 120 lbs YL Doll has a curvy body with delicious boobs and a phat ass to give immense sexual pleasure.  


KEYLA  sex doll

When it comes to dominance ebony women are the first one to flash in the mind. For those who still want to score ebony can meet Keyla. She is an ebony sex doll with dominance oozing from every angle. This undeniable ebony MILF sex doll is 165 CM tall and weighs around 50 Kgs. She hassuper heavy tits and a bubble butt to get you unmatchable sexual experience. 


Kia sex doll

There is no denying that Asian women are the best among others on the bed. They have supernatural powers to satisfy their men in bed. Kia is an Asian-Look sex doll withmilky tits and a nice round ass. She perfectly weighed around 119 lbs and 168cm tall.  I am sure that you are going to enjoy your time with Kia.


TALA sex doll

If big booty and huge tits are your thing then Tala will surely entertain you completely. Tala is the sex doll with slutiest and most dominance look ever. You will get lost in her jelly curvy body with strong sexual dominance. This N Cup sex doll is 5'ft 1" and weighed around 120 lbs. 

We hope that you love our sex dolls collection for submissive men. If you have any other sex dolls in your mind for submissive men then hit us back on the comment section below. 

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