Buying a Sex Doll Will Save You Money - Sex Dolls Vs. Dates

Buying a Sex Doll Will Save You Money - Sex Dolls Vs. Dates

On an average, you can save $3200 every year, by giving up dating and buying a sex doll. We’ve done all the calculations for you, the difference is huge.


The first time you look at the price of a silicone sex doll, you may feel shocked. But, once you see all the benefits and do all the calculations, buying a sex doll is a great deal. More than a deal, it is a smart investment. Compare the price of dating to that of buying a sex doll; you will see how vast the difference is. It is immense!


We spoke to many people across the USA, and some of them said,

Pete (Software professional from Silicon Valley), said: “I have had uncountable bad dates, and in the end, I didn’t gain anything, instead I ended up spending $200 on dinner and drinks”.


Lara (Interior Designer, LA), said “I’ve had loads and loads of pathetic dates, but in the end, at least I had good food and good drinks. Who cares about how the men were?”.


Overall, what we understood was that women don’t mind the random dates, as they don’t really tend to spend much on them. However, men have always had to empty their pockets in the name of chivalry. Guys understand ROI, Return on Investment and now they are tired of investing, but not getting anything in return. They may not really like a girl they are going on a date with, but they expect that the more they spend the more they deserve in return.


It’s high time, buy yourself a sexy love doll, and forget all about the bad dates you’ve gone on.


The average price of a date in the USA is $102.  In California, the average price is $226.35, and $297.27 in New York - yes that's for a single date night!


Dating in New Jersey will set you back by $259.60. If you really want to have a comparatively cheap date, then you better move to Kansas. With these prices, it is almost impossible for a man to satisfy his needs. It is like putting everything at stake, and then waiting to see if it was fruitful. If it doesn’t turn out to be the way you expected, it is a waste of time and money.


On the other hand, if you buy a sex doll, you will see how beneficial it can be. You get to have all the sex you want, satisfy all your sexual desires, and make love. These silicone sex dolls are like a dream come true for men these days. They are just perfect!


Buy one today!

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