sex doll wig cleaning routine

Easiest Sex Doll Wig Cleaning Routine & Tips

We all admit to the fact that it’s not a cakewalk to manage those beautiful and soft doll wigs. What shampoo to use? Should we use the conditioner to smoothen the hair? Should one untangle the wig before cleaning? These are some of the questions that strike most of us whenever we encounter a dirty sex doll wig and think about cleaning it. To be fair, washing that wig is a complicated task especially when one is not equipped with the right tools and information. How about we uncomplicate things for you? Today, we will serve you with a helpful set of instructions and a couple of extra tips that will help you clean your love doll wig like a pro.

To be fair here, washing the wig of a doll is not much of a challenge if you know the right tricks. However, to think of it as a mundane task and go on without considering any formal advice or instructions is not the right way of doing things. At least not in this scenario. If you go reckless with your cleaning ways, then chances are that the wig might get severely damaged. So, the best route is to follow these simple steps: 


Easy Steps to Clean Any Sex Doll Wig:



untangle the doll wig hair

You can’t simply put the wig under the running tap if you don't want to completely ruin it. The first step is to untangle the hair. Yes, we know that’s an irritating if not ADHD-inducing task but it’s for the sake of your doll. It’s natural for hair to intertwine and become an entangled mess. This must be fixed before you rinse that wig. Once you have accomplished that, then it is safe to move towards the rinsing part. Now, as we have already said, don’t simply throw the wig under the running tap. We recommend you slowly dip and soak the wig in warm water for at least an hour or so. This will dissipate the dust particles and other foreign agents from the wig.


how to shampoo and condition the doll wig


This is the part where we begin with actual cleaning. Contrary to the floating idea that you need to use expensive shampoo, you can utilize any shampoo that you see fit. The same goes for the conditioner as well. There is absolutely no need to go extravagant. Just pick the one that you normally use. Next, gently but thoroughly wash the wig. Conditioner can be applied to bring that silkiness and shine to the wig, but it’s more of a preference than a necessity.



rinse and dry the doll wig

Just take your shampoo-studded wig and rinse it in warm water (again). Make sure you wash out all the shampoo and before giving the rinse a rest. Again we say, be gentle with this. Finally, pick your favorite towel and very gently squeeze the excess water without scrunching it. Next, you leave the wig to dry. You can use a hairdryer to get the deal done. After this, do the dance of joy because the wig cleaning is finally finished. 

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