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Easy Tips To Dress Up Your Sex Doll

by Dan Anderson October 07, 2020 9 min read

sex doll clothes

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One cannot argue your real doll sports a sexy physique. She's got everything in the right places that perfectly reflects your doll's highly defined sex appeal. But don't you feel something is lacking or entirely missing? Despite the fact that your sex doll is a near-personification of a Greek sex goddess, there is still a gap to fill. But what exactly is that gap? It's the overall outfit of your doll. You can't deny the fact that an appropriate dress up greatly affects the overall physical appeal of a lifelike sex doll.

It is advised that you don't restrict the dress to a few articles of clothing. There are also other things including a "skimpy outfit" that will help you get your doll "all dolled up." Here, we will humbly direct you towards simple ways that you follow to dress up your babydoll and add some spice to your intimate equation.

Simple Ways To Make Your Doll Look Sexier

Get Her Hair Done

So, let's start from the very start, shall we? A change in hairstyle or opting for new hair color is similar to altering the personality of your realistic sex doll. You can start by finding a new wig for your doll. You can go for a sleek ballet bun, faux side bangs, a regular ponytail, beachy waves, mini braids, among many others. Any hairstyle that entices your preference can be given to your doll. Well, you know it's a lot easier to give a new hairstyle to your doll than you might think.

sex doll hair

Now, let's get down to coloring that magnificent wig of your doll. It's okay if you stay with the original shade of your doll’s wig, but why not experiment with some new tones. Do you like redheads? Or perhaps you are more into blondes? Don't hesitate to give a new shade to that silky hair of your sex doll.


Sex Doll Clothes

sex doll clothes

This is where we get to the fun and exciting part, the one where you are bound to show the most interest. Remember we said something about skimpy clothing? Time to put that “something” to play. There is a world full of options that you can “gift” your doll partner. The best part about outfits is that they open doors to exciting and interesting roleplay. You can buy costumes for yourself and your sex doll and engage in some fantasy based romance. You can even go with formal attire if you like engaging with someone in a formal suit. The only piece of advice we would like to give is that you should pick the outfit which matches the body type of your doll. You can utilize sizing charts with measurements for the right fit for the doll's clothing. The only reason you wouldn't want faulty dress material for it may ruin the skin texture or cause stains to the doll's body.

You should expand your precious time and focus on selecting a sexy outfit for your love doll. You can dress her like a teacher and allow her to “school” you on the subject of intimacy. On second thoughts, your doll could fit into the skirts of a naughty schoolgirl and you know “naughty ones” require thorough discipline. Or she can be your favorite calendar model dressed in sexy lingerie while you click her photos. If nothing else, a crop top and a mini skirt can always add some heat into the romance because that’s straight-up sexy.

Here are some more sex doll clothing ideas for cosplay and photography sessions:


A simple bodycon does seem to suit most real dolls and is fairly easy to put on. You can pair a body con with a matching or bright color panties to complete the look. A light-colored high-quality bodycon is a perfect choice if you want to lie with your doll in the bed.

Sexy Lingerie Dress

Who wouldn't love watching their hot female doll in revealing lingerie? It is quite easy to find light-colored sexy lingerie with matching g-strings or thongs for your doll. Thanks to their perfectly shaped bodies, all lingerie end up making sex dolls look like a supermodel. Buy your love doll a pair of lingerie and you will never regret the decision. Apart from looking extremely hot, it is also convenient to have your doll wear it, compared to sweatshirts, t-shirts or shirts.

Short Skirts + T-shirts

It is fairly common to see so many doll owners dressing up their dolls in a short skirt with a contrasting top or t-shirt. If you opt for this look, try using matching sexy underwear or stockings to complete the look. Most dolls end up looking adorable when dressed in a low waist short skirt and tee.

Skirt + Shirt

A multicolor checkered skirt(plaid skirt) with a plain shirt and matching hairband is all you need to achieve a schoolgirl look. You can avoid underwear and can add stockings to complete the schoolgirl look. On the other hand, a simple plain skirt with a full sleeve ruffled button-down shirt will completely alter the look of your real sex doll. Keep experimenting to achieve the desired look on your doll.


Dresses Based on Characters

Yes! this is indeed one of the most popular fetishes. Wouldn't it be adorable to dress your life-size doll in a sexy army bodysuit, a Star Wars costume, or a Christmas Santa dress? Dressing up your doll for Halloween is certainly a fun-filled and delightful experience. Simply pair these themed outfits with a:


As the name suggests, many doll owners choose to dress up their life-size doll in a nightdress. A quality nightie or nightgown does make life a little easier. It is convenient to put on and take off and is a very comfortable fit for most dolls. Moreover, a doll dressed in her sleepwear looks equally hot and realistic.

Shorts + T-shirt

Yes! This is indeed one of the most common outfits you will find on realistic sex dolls. You can easily find nice-looking shorts to pair with a casual tee. You can even try using your own T-shirt and shorts to see if fits your lifelike doll.

Sexy Lacy Dress

Turn your silicone or TPE sex doll into a beautiful seductress. A high-quality lacy dress with a pleated skirt looks quite amazing on full-size love dolls. The lacy patters on the top help accentuate the bust of your doll and make her look more alluring. It is quite easy to find a sexy lace babydoll for your doll on online stores like Etsy and eBay.

Well, these are just a few suggestions based on what real doll owners share on forums and social media. It is exciting to dress up your doll and see how it turns you on. However, be very careful about the type of clothes you choose. It is best to always do the soak test, "i.e. soak and wash the cloth thoroughly." It is also advised that you stick to light-colored clothes. This will help reduce the chance of staining your sexy doll body.


Where Can You Buy Sex Doll Clothing?

Most people prefer to buy sex doll clothes online from stores like eBay. Many doll owners choose to purchase online as it is convenient. However, if you are looking for cheaper alternatives you can check out local buy/sell social media groups or can find a season-end sale near your place. Many doll owners also use their own clothes like t-shirts and shorts to dress up their dolls. Irrespective of what kind of women's clothing you buy, do make sure that you soak & wash them nicely before using them.

It is also common for doll owners to use local buy/sell groups to buy used clothes for their doll to save money. The used clothes are dirt cheap and social media groups make it easier to find such clothes. However, if you want to purchase a bikini, lace underwear, or erotic lingerie, we would recommend you buy a fresh pair instead of buying used. If you are in the United States, most love doll clothes and dresses will cost you less than USD $20 if you happen to find an ongoing sale.


A Little Bit Of Jewellery

sex doll jewellary

A few shiny stones here and there can work their magic, provided you allow them to. You buy your doll a few articles of jewelry like earrings, a ring, or even a bracelet would do. The big idea is to add some shine to that body of hers. You know ladies look good with some jewelry on. You don’t have to go super extravagant buying those jewels for her. Like we said before, even a regular bracelet or a pair of earrings would serve the purpose. It’s a bit unfair to leave a girl without some jewelry.


Doll Accessories

sex doll accessories

A set of shades coupled with a beautiful watch and your doll is all ready for action. Like we said before, dressing up a doll goes a lot deeper than merely fitting your lifelike sex doll in a sexy & shiny outfit. Accessories greatly complement the looks and style of anyone and that extends to realistic dolls as well. You can go for a pair of nice stilettos or high heels that could complete the outfit of your sex doll. We won’t precisely advise against using some flavors of perfume, but we do recommend that you check they are safe for the skin of your doll. Not everything that we humans utilize is safe for your doll. It is best to avoid using perfumes and similar chemicals directly on the doll skin. However, both silicone and TPE sex dolls are inert to a certain degree, it is possible that one of the chemicals in the perfume may react with the doll skin. Best advice is to avoid using it.


Some Sexy Clothing for Male Dolls

You know attire can never be ruled out when you want to make your male doll look sexier. There is more than one dressing option that can make your doll get all ready for action. The first attire that strikes our erotically centered minds is a well-fitted dress shirt with formal pants. That one creates a nice scene for an office roleplay. You can get involved with some steamy negotiations with your hunky love doll. You know, this never gets old. If you are looking for something more simple / less formal, then you could try outfitting your doll with good old denim jeans matched with a white t-shirt. A regular, casual, and sensual evening with a hot, masculine doll in jeans, no better way to spend the evening.


male doll clothes options

Now, as we are measuring the extents of roleplays, it would be unfair to not explore the schoolboy outfit. Come on, it’s only natural that you may have at least once fantasized your TPE doll in classic pants, tie and a school shirt. We don’t need to give any ideas on how you can sensualize the mood with a hunky schoolboy in the room. Now, if you are feeling a little lavish, you can proceed with gifting your doll partner with a business jacket, a formal shirt and nice pair of pants. It is possible your doll might look a bit overdressed, but remember that’s what is sexy about this clothing style. Again, if you prefer something simple and convenient, then going for regular sweatpants and a sweatshirt is also a good option. A young, muscled up guy in a sweat outfit sounds enticing and is definitely inspired by the word 'sexy'.


Why is there a Need to Dress Up a Doll?

For many of you doll owners, it may be a pertinent question. At the end of the day, it’s just an inanimate body modeled out of silicone or TPE. Male dolls look good in shorts, sneakers, tank tops, compression/muscle shirts etc. So, why bother dressing it up? Well, that’s because a TPE love doll isn’t just an object designed to satisfy the sexual cravings of a doll owner. A TPE or silicone doll signifies companionship. It exudes ideas that bring it closer to an actual person. We have mentioned it quite a few times as how doll owners such as you fall head over heels for their dolls. That means sex dolls signify something far greater than an inanimate body, isn’t it? So, buying clothing for your lovely companion is not something out of the ordinary, is it?

Buying accessories, nice and shiny pieces of jewellery, fancy articles of clothing, all are a way of expressing your wild ideas to your doll. In turn, your doll through its clothing and accessories expresses itself. There is not much to explain or understand if you are someone who really appreciates your doll partner. These clothes, accessories, and new products we just talked about is a way to mold your sexy doll as per your desires. It could be safely said that this small exercise creates a sort of connection between the doll owner and the love doll, one that transcends a mere sexual craving.

On the erotic side of things, it’s the attire and dresses up that sets the mood right. Put precisely, a well-dressed doll looks more appealing than a completely naked one. Clothing just provides the doll with some human exoticness. It fills that empty void that many doll owners realize but fail to understand. Just as we mentioned earlier, clothes really opens up several possibilities to roleplay and exciting ones at that. It is hard to believe one does not enjoy dressing their sex doll. So, from any way you look, be it from the sexual perspective or from the eyes of a companion, the viability of dressing up your doll can be easily witnessed. Giving a nice and attractive getup to your doll partner, adorning them accessories, and most importantly, being a part of this activity with enthusiasm is the perfect way to energize your relationship.

These were some of the easy tips that can guide to getting your doll dressed up in a rather erotic yet appropriate fashion. Our idea was to help you spice up the romantic equation you share with your doll partner. Plus, it’s always exciting to add new flavors to your intimate life and one way is explained by this guide. We hope you enjoy your doll’s new sense of fashion.

Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson

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