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Fantasy Sex Dolls You Didn't Know Existed

Fantasy sex dolls have always managed to mesmerise people who are looking for ways to skip the monotony of reality and dive deep into the amusing world of wild fantasies. 

Myrtice – Avatar Sex Doll

This Climax Doll is one of the few avatar or alien sex dolls you can find on the web. She is indeed not just a regular doll you can pick up from any adult toy store. This full-size fantasy sex doll is made to resemble the famous characters from the Avatar series and you will be blown away by the fact that they look so similar and almost identical to the characters in the series.

Climax Doll team has done a tremendous job bringing this doll to the market for every avatar fantasy lover.

Elegance and breathtaking realism - that's what you'll experience when you meet Myrtice. Crafted to perfection, Myrtice is the embodiment of beauty and sensuality, standing at a tantalizing height of 158cm (5'ft 2"). 

avatar sex doll fantasy dolls
Myrtice's human-like body is a work of art, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every ClimaxDoll creation. This stunning companion boasts a net weight of 38.5kgs (84.88lbs) and a gross weight of 42kgs (92.59lbs), offering a lifelike feel and heft that will leave you breathless.
Myrtice's measurements are a symphony of curves and proportions designed to awaken your desires. Her upper breast, measuring at 85cm (33.46 inches), exudes sensuality and allure. The lower chest, 72cm (28.35 inches), beautifully complements her waist, which measures a slender 58cm (22.83 inches), creating the perfect hourglass figure.

Her hips, an enchanting 34.25 inches, invite you to explore new horizons of pleasure, while her shoulders accentuate her graceful posture.

In simple words, this fantasy love doll is blessed with abundance of grace and poise. Her body is designed to mimic the real female avatar character, offering companionship and warmth like no other.

But Myrtice is not just about statistics; she's about fulfilling your deepest desires and offering a connection that transcends the ordinary. Her lifelike TPE material feels remarkably real to the touch, making every moment an unforgettable experience.

Whether you seek a muse for artistic endeavors, a companion for heartfelt conversations, or a partner to share intimate moments, Myrtice from ClimaxDoll is the answer to your desires. She is more than a doll; she's a captivating work of art designed to bring your fantasies to life.

Options To Personalize - Make Her Your Own

Yes! What makes this fantasy real doll so special is the fact that you can transform her appearance and tweak it based on your liking. Thus, making a custom fantasy doll that’s one of a kind in the whole wide world.

customize eye color for avatar sex doll

customize skin color for avatar fantasy sex doll

You can either select to order the doll as you see in the pictures or you can choose to personalize her. You get option to select a different hairstyle, select a different head with different facial features, choose the color of her eyes, type of her fingernails, toe nails, skin color, and even her vagina. The best part is that all these customization options are free of charge and will not increase the cost of your doll. Isn’t that great?

free head options for fantasy sex doll - avatar doll

Myrtice also comes with a stand-up feet option you can select for a nominal extra fee. There are plenty of other sex doll accessories you can add to your order to further customize your avatar doll.


Prezla - Vampire Sex Doll

Prezla, the epitome of sensuous desires and realistic companionship, a fantasy doll brought to you by WM Doll. Prezla's striking body and exquisite features redefine the world of full-size TPE fantasy dolls. Crafted from the finest TPE material, she stands at a stunning 172cm (5'ft 6") and weighs over 39.5kgs (87.08lbs), making her an exquisite sign of beauty, grace and fantasy.

fantasy vampire sex doll

With a full bust measuring 85cm (33.46 inches), Prezla boasts a captivating charm that is bound to capture your attention. Her waist measures a delicate 59cm (23.23 inches), creating a perfect balance of curves and elegance. Her hips mirror her bust at 85cm, promising an gorgeous life-like body that's impossible to resist.

This marvellous real fantasy doll will knock you off every time you try to resist her advances. She looks so much like a vampire that you will have a hard time separating reality from your wild fantasies. Isn’t that what every fantasy lover wishes for?

All you ever needed was a doll like Prezla to keep you company and ensure that you can live out your vampire sex fantasies anytime. It is tough to spot a full-size vampire sex doll that looks so alive and real. Her facial features completely resemble that of fantasy vampire characters you've see in movies and tv series. It is like having an affair with a life-size real vampire. Isn't that thrilling enough?

Prezla’s long, sculpted legs draw the eye to her gracefully-proportioned frame. Her sexy 56cm arms, add an element of realism to her overall presence. Her beautiful body and stunning features, combined with WM Doll's commitment to quality, ensure an authentic connection like no other.

Personalize Vampire Doll To Your Liking

It is easy to elevate your experience by customizing Prezla to your heart's desire. Select from our range of options to create a doll that embodies your sexual fantasies and desires. Prezla is not just a doll; she's your canvas to craft the perfect companion you've always dreamed of. Make your fantasies a reality with Prezla by your side.


Diana - Amazonian Fantasy Sex Doll (Wonder Waman)

Unveil the magic of your wildest dreams with Diana, a masterpiece designed to bring your sexual desires to life. She's more than just a doll; she's the embodiment of fantasy and limitless charm, capturing a small essence of your favorite comic book character, Wonder Woman.

This WM Sex Doll design sought inspiration from the famous fictional character and offers an option to all doll lovers to live out their Wonder Woman fantasies.

wonder woman doll - fantasy movie star sex doll

Diana is like any other WM TPE doll you will find on our store but what makes her special is her features that closely resemble the Wonder woman character. Allowing doll owners to dress her in Wonder Woman outfits and live out their wild sexual desires.

You don’t need to be a muscular General to be with Wonder Woman. Diana can be by your side for as long as you want and you can decide how you wish to spend this memorable time with her. 

Wonder Woman sex doll - movie character sex doll

This unique fantasy doll gives you an opportunity to immerse in a world of enchantment and passion as she takes the stage, fulfilling your deepest desires with grace and elegance. With her smooth, TPE skin and lustrous dark hair, she's a vision of pure beauty and sensuality, ready to make your fantasies a reality.

Crafted from the finest TPE material, Diana stands at an enticing height of 165cm (5'4"), radiating an aura of pure seduction. Her hourglass ensures every embrace is an unforgettable adventure.

Diana, the Amazonian princess, wears an outfit that mirrors the iconic attire of the legendary Wonder Woman, bringing authenticity and excitement to your encounters. She may initially appear a touch shy, delicately concealing her charms behind her trusty shield, but once you've unlocked her desires, she becomes your willing accomplice, ready to explore your fantasies without limits.

Advanced Personalization Options

Like all other fantasy sex dolls on our list today, it is extremely easy to customize this Wonder Woman sex doll as per your preference. Apart from all the generic customization options like changing the color of the doll skin, changing the hairstyle, changing the color of finger and toe nails, etc. This fantasy doll comes packed with some wonderful advanced customization options that are bound to delight you. 

You can select the color of her labia, style of her pubic hair, customize her shoulders, change her breast type and several other advanced options that would enable ultimate control over the looks of your beautiful fantasy doll. 

labia color options for wonder woman sex doll

breast type options for wonder woman sex doll

Dive into the unknown, as Diana's curvaceous body is perfectly complemented by her insatiable appetite for adventure. She's your partner in passion, embracing every desire and encouraging exploration beyond your imagination.

Waste no time and bring this fantasy goddess home. You won’t regret your decision!

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