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Financing a Sex Doll

by *Janet Stevensen November 26, 2019 4 min read

Financing a Sex Doll

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Loaning an adult doll is not a routine scenario. The idea of gifting oneself a sex doll on credit is seemingly unpopular. However, unpopular isn’t synonymous with implausible. For those who have a penchant for dolls can very well opt for a credit structure for payment. At the end of the day, sex dolls are a market product and anything that the market offers can be financed. There are many firms and enterprises that have been adopting this idea of offering afinance optionto their customers. Now, there may several minds still skeptic about thisloan option. 

So, for those who don’t consider the concept of financing a sex doll anywhere near viable, we have just the guide for you. We would like to ease your doubts regarding the whole credit scene related to the sex dolls. This might help you get through your inhibitions that circles around this whole concept. 

Just Like Any Other Product

Opting on the finance option for a sex doll is analogous to purchasing any other product on a credit basis. The procedure to acquire a sex doll on finance is structured on similar grounds as with any other product. You pick your favorite doll, you sign a credit agreement, and you take home your silicon partner. It’s that easy. As we said, many business houses are acting upon thecredit idea. Several enterprises in the industry are settling on establishing the credit facility for their customers, all wide across. 

Just as we speak, this once-obscure idea is slowly gaining momentum. Not just market firms, but masses with an appetite for dolls are also becoming supportive of this move. 

The Easy Route

We all are pretty familiar with the mechanism of the credit structure. Under this, the complete payment is splintered into easy installments. Put simply, that means you don’t have to pay up the complete price at once. You can pay it in easy installments over the course of the agreed period of time. This makes it easier for people to go for their preferred dolls.

Now, sex dolls might not fit the budget of everyone who fancies these dolls. These dolls come in many different variants and are some of them are quite expensive. Their steep price can easily demotivate many potential customers. Just like we said, not everyone is ready to spend a considerable chunk of their salaries on adult toys. So, the credit option establishes a ground of agreement between the overly expensive and a reasonable buy. With the loan concept, you can purchase a doll without having to pay for it, all at once.

Global Availability

The sex dolls manufacturers function on an international scale. They entertain clients from all across the world. So, it becomes quite obvious that the credit facility provided by them extends to a global level. This makes it convenient for their clients that reside across the borders to avail of this benefit. So, it doesn’t matter in which state you live in, you can enjoy the perks of the finance alternative if you wish so. 

SDG (Sex Dolls Genie) Payment Plans

SDG is one of the most prominent players in sex dolls markets and undoubtedly offers some rather interesting payment plans that catch the interest of many. Needless to say, these plans are constructed according to the credit structure and offer convenient finance options. So, without further adieu, let’s unwrap these user-friendly payment options -

Klarna - Pay In 4(Only U.S.)- This is the first of three payment models. This model of Klarna applies to orders that cost up to $1000. If you paint your payment according to Klarna, then you are opting for 4 easy installments that can be cleared from your card in a span of every two weeks. The best part? This one boasts of an interest-free architecture. Furthermore,under this payment structure, the dolls are shipped on an immediate basis. 

Klarna -Slice It (only U.S.)-This is a flexible plan in an already flexible structure. As a variant of Klarna, this one also allows customers to take the finance route. Under it, you can pick from a wide variety of payment plans that sit well with your convenience. The perks of settling for this one is that you won’t have to bear any interest charges if you complete the payment cycle within 12 months. Also, the doll is dispatched the moment you complete the initial formalities.

Put It On Lay-Buy (via PayPal) - The unique one amongst the bunch. This one is the newest addition by SDG. This option can be utilized by folks all across the globe and you can make use of any credit/debit card for making the payment. Under this payment model, the doll is delivered once the complete payment is done. 

To know more about the vivid payment structures of SDG, you can check out our Payment Plan Options to satiate your curiosity.

That was all from this guide. We hope this knowledge piece helped you in some way to clear your doubts on the financing of a sex doll. The entire motive of this writing was to wash away the skepticism surrounding this topic and encourage the doubtful folks to try the finance alternative for their next sex doll purchase.

*Janet Stevensen
*Janet Stevensen

Hi, this is Janet. Thank you very much for stopping by to read this article. I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Sex Doll Genie. Our vision at SDG is to explore real sexual experiences that are vanishing in today’s world. I love to write content that can help people understand their sexual fantasies and flourish their sex life with beautiful realistic love dolls. I really hope my work will continue to encourage and motivate you.

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