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How to Identify Low-Quality Sex Doll?

by Dan Anderson January 12, 2021 4 min read

How to Identify Low-Quality Sex Doll

It’s an agreeable fact that sex dolls don’t come cheap. The high-end dolls might cost an arm and leg if we put it in a blunt manner. Naturally, you would want your money’s worth and the last thing you would want is to be “blessed” with a low-quality doll. It would be an utterly stressful scenario. But what can you do to avoid being in such a situation? Well, you could take pointers from doll experts like us to evaluate the build quality of a doll. 

Believe it or not, there is more than a singular way to determine the quality of a sex doll, provided you invest some minutes to analyze your would-be doll partner. As a helpful host, we will acquaint you with certain ways and methods that will help you identify the design and overall quality of any sex doll.

Material Quality of Sex Doll


The most obvious and perhaps the most useful hint is given off by the type of material employed to nurture the doll. In the running era, there are only two types of material that the manufacturers put to use namely, TPE and Silicone. So, you don’t have to carry an encyclopedia to discern the material type. Both these materials carry certain aspects that differentiate them from each other. However, the differences are not oriented towards quality. To elaborate on this, TPE and Silicone are superior in their own right. Both of these materials are very soft and smooth. They feel like real skin and the human-like texture furthers the realistic value. Another attribute of TPE and silicone is that they are virtually immune to small wear and tear. This brightens their likeness with actual skin. 

So, a low tier material would be devoid of smooth and soft texture. Additionally, it would be unreasonably delicate and would get easily influenced by the smallest of scratches. That’s one hint too audible to ignore.

Reactive Surface Promoting Allergies


In case you are wondering, we aren’t going to reveal that low-quality dolls have a nut allergy. Jokes apart, the dolls, be it TPE or silicone, neither are susceptible to any allergies or adverse reactions from lubes or standard cleaning agents. This is to say that the doll won’t receive any harm or uncalled damage if you make use of lubricants. 

In a regular case scenario, the dolls don’t present any vulnerability against allergies or reactions. It only occurs when doll owners use a non-standard item on their doll. Also, there lies a non-existent chance that the doll will afflict any allergy to your skin. All dolls undergo several tests and checks to make sure they don’t deliver any form of harm to their owners. It is safe to assume that you won’t encounter any irritation when you indulge with your doll lover. However, the same can’t be said for the low tier ones. These dolls are almost defenseless against allergies and reactions. Plus, they might not be very friendly to your skin. The best way is to run a quick check on the doll you are about to invest in.


To put it in a simple manner, sex dolls don’t leave exude any terrible smell. It’s never the case when dolls carry an odor that is close to foul and disgusting. If you slack off on cleaning your doll or are very complacent with doll cleaning and servicing then you might smell something that can be accurately stated as awful. But in any other case, the smell is never a concerning matter. Switch to low-quality dolls and the whole thing flips upside down. These dolls aren’t constructed with standard-issue TPE or silicone. Hence, they exude an odor that might suit your sense of smell. That’s just an evident drawback of low-grade material. However, the worst part of the problem is that you can’t wash off this odor from the doll. No matter how you clean the doll or efficient the service is, this unfavorable smell will always remain present. 

In high-quality dolls, as we have mentioned, the problem of bad smell only makes an occurrence when you don’t keep them clean and tidy. So, this one is a very clear indicator that can point you towards a low-quality doll.


We aren’t stating that every new name in the doll industry is a weak manufacturer. Our point revolves around the expertise and required know-how that contributes to making an excellent doll. If the manufacturer is not equipped with these attributes then you can’t exactly expect a state-of-the-art type of doll. But how do we know if a manufacturer holds the necessary expertise or not? It’s the digital age gentlemen. Just look up the reviews and ratings of the manufacturer. You don’t have to venture out anywhere to do it. A simple internet search would do just fine. It gets even easier when you buy your doll from a trusted online marketplace. There you can clearly see all the overall ratings of the manufacturers and their products. This is as simple as that. 

Incredibly Cheap Dolls


Finally, we cover the price factor. It is a clear fact that adult love dolls don’t come cheap. A full-length doll can cost a significant amount of money. But then there are dolls that are extremely cheap. But you must know that scams are often cloaked as something feasible. Put simply, if you encounter a seller that offers dolls at an overly “feasible” price, then try not to give in to the temptation. You will most definitely end up with a low-quality doll. We advise you to stay away from any such scams that might rob you of your hard-earned money. It’s never worth it. Regular dolls do see a price drop during special promotions or sale events. This gives you a good opportunity to fetch a good doll at a low price. Many trusted online stores offer a credit facility that you can easily opt for.

Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson

Dan is a content writer with more than 7 years of experience under his belt. He started his career as a lifestyle blogger. However, he has been actively writing about sex dolls and adult toys as a Freelance Consultant for over 4 years now. His journey with SDG started with a small freelance gig and later he accepted a full-time position to support their vision. Dan is actively contributing to the Sex Doll Genie blog, doll forums, and other online communities. He absolutely loves what he does and is also very proud to be a love doll owner now!

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