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AI Sex Robot Version 4.2 - All You Need to Know

by Dan Anderson April 09, 2021 3 min read

Ai-Tech Sex Robot Version 4.2

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The latest 4.2 version of Artificial Intelligence sex dolls is finally here and it’s worth all the hype. We must say that this new generation of AI dolls has far outdone its predecessors. The previous version of AI-powered dolls acquainted us with a class of dolls that could move, moan and make facial expressions. However, the present 4.2 version takes things up a notch by introducing features that will leave you in total awe. 

The Talking System - When The Dolls Start Talking!

The Talking System


Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Earlier, the dolls were restricted to moaning and, well, only moaning. But this groundbreaking feature allows dolls to properly interact with their owners. By interaction, we don’t mean simply responding to a select few questions. This new clan of AI dolls can hold a regular conversation with you. With the advanced use of robot learning, it has been made possible for dolls to learn through interaction. In simple terms, the more she listens and interacts, the smarter she becomes. As of now, there are two languages that your doll can learn - English and Chinese. Well, we can expect more language support in future versions of AI dolls.

User Programmable Background System

User Programmable Background System

User Programmable Background System is the essential extension of the talking system. How? Well, this system allows you to tune the answers of the doll as per your preference. To elaborate on this, you can upload text or MP3 files in the user program. The text file will dictate the responses of the doll to certain questions and scenarios. The MP3 is something more unique and interesting. This one allows the doll to play those sexy sounds that you uploaded to her user program. The User Programmable Background System gives you total control over the responses of your doll. You can decide how and what your doll says and reacts. 

However, the doll owners who wish to use the user programmable system need to pay a nominal annual fee of less than USD $20, but it is definitely worth the try. 

Other Features

While the User Programmable Background System and Talking System are the highlights of the show, the other existing features of AI robot dolls have also received major upgrades, and are now better than ever. Let's find out more:


Facial Expressions

Facial Expressions

Arguably one of the best features of AI Dolls, the facial expressions have been smoothened a bit in the latest 4.2 version. Those winks and smiles are more synchronized and look less scripted and more realistic. Overall, the facial expressions have received subtle enhancements.

Doll Moaning System

Moaning System

The moaning system has been integrated into the talking system. As we have already mentioned, the new class of AI dolls are capable of speech and interaction. While the moaning system is still present, has been amalgamated into the speech feature. So now, you can expect more realistic moans from your AI sex robot. As with the User Programmable Background System, you can control and decide the responses of your doll. We could say that the moaning system has been completely overhauled. So, thumbs up to that. 

Full Body Heating System

Heating System

Finally, we come down to the heating system. It has not received any significant upgrades or overhaul as such. The feature functions in the same manner as it did during the previous version. The heating system warms up the body temperature of the doll to bring it closer to normal human body temperature. You don’t want to hug a cold-ish doll, would you? 


We have to admit that the latest 4.2 version of AI Dolls is revolutionary in a sense. The features that steal the show here are the talking system and the User Programmable Background System. We have discussed how these two features pour a lot more realism into the magnificent design of AI-powered dolls. The dolls are now capable of utilizing “speech” as a manner of expression. What’s more incredible is the fact that the doll can learn with regular interactions. The line between dolls and humans has been blurred by this new version. But wait, there is more for us from where this came from. The 4.2 version allows users to control the responses of the doll in a manner that suits their preference. If this isn’t impressive, then we don’t know what is. All-in-all, this was a necessary upgrade for AI dolls that bring their design closer to actual humans.

Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson

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