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Long Doll Hair V/s Short Hair

by Dan Anderson July 20, 2021 4 min read

Long Doll Hair V/s Short Hair

Today, we are standing in front of a rather interesting subject at hand. Many doll lovers come across this long doll hair V/s short doll hair debate.

Should I go with a short hair doll? Is a long hair doll better than a short hair one?

These are the kind of doubts that constantly cloud the thoughts of many doll collectors. One may say that it all depends on the preference of the buyer. But if you don’t understand the essential characteristics of both types of hair, you won’t be able to set your preference right. Or it will take you awfully long to decide which hair style is the best for your next sex doll. 

In this piece of writing, we will help you better understand the design and make of both long hair and short doll hair. We will elaborate on the various features of the two hair types. This will give you a fair understanding and all the tools you need to make a sound decision when it comes to choosing the size of your doll's hair.

Hair Maintenance

Sex Doll Hair Maintenance

This is the first area we look into. Both short and long hair require maintenance but their maintenance routines differ. Our intention here will center around the basic procedures and tactics involved in taking care of long and short hair types. 

If we compare in terms of time & efforts required to maintain the hair, then it becomes clear that longer hair require a little extra care than their short cousins. To explain it in a phrase -the more the hair, the more you care.

Long hair get tangled and messed up quite easily. So, you need to brush them daily. Also, you need to wash them with gentle hands since they can get damaged easily. It is often advised that you follow a guide or tutorial on how to wash long hair before you pick up that shampoo bottle. 

Short hair require a lot less care and their care routine much less tedious.

We would say, it is quite manageable when it comes to maintenance of the short doll hair. Of course, you still have to brush and wash the wig, but it is a little less laborious than long hair. It’s usually a simple wash and dry procedure with short-haired wigs. You don’t have to brush them daily or invest extra time to clean them. Interestingly, some doll owners hardly brush the short hair doll. That is why we said, short hair require a lot less care and their care routine much less tedious. 

Styling The Hair

Sex Doll Hair Styling

We all love to try different hairstyles on our dolls. Giving them a sexy hairdo is never out of the question. In this section, we shall explore what hair type is more open towards different styles. Would it be short hair? Or are you betting your money on long hair? 

We have to give it to long hair when it comes to hairstyling. There is a lot and we mean a lot that you can achieve with the long hair. Specially when it comes to hairstyles.

Do you want pigtails for your doll? or maybe you like those ringlets better, you can go with any style you want with long hair wigs. This saves you the trouble of buying a new wig as with every new hairdo, it sort of becomes a new wig. Additionally, you can turn a long hair wig into a short hair one in a few simple steps. That’s the kind of power you get if you opt to buy a sex doll with long hair wig. 

Short doll hair definitely fall short due to limited styles you can achieve with them. We aren’t completely dismissing the prospects of new hairstyles with short hair. But they are a lot less in comparison to what is offered by long hair wigs. There are limited hairstyles for short hair dolls and that can pinch the expectations of some doll lovers. Stating the obvious, but if you want to give your doll a new hairdo then you would have to buy a new wig. 

Speaking of Convenience


It may sound a bit philosophical but convenience is a subjective matter. What may be convenient for you may turn out to be a hassle for others. Nevertheless, we will try to highlight what you can expect from both short and long doll hair. 

The long doll hair requires a bit of extra maintenance as we have seen before. You have to brush them and wash them with a lot of extra care. But many doll owners get used to the procedure fairly quickly. While in the beginning, you may encounter a bit of trouble in taking care of those long hair, as you invest more time into it, the procedure becomes easier and less time-consuming. Many buyers have stated that it takes them a little more than a minute to brush and clean the long hair wig of their doll. 

On the surface, it may look apparent that a short hair wig is more convenient than a long one. A short hair doll does not demand regular brushing and gentle care, as we have already discussed. But it won’t be fair to say that short hair wigs don’t require maintenance at all. They require their share of care and that too takes time. 

The thing is, you can’t be reckless with any kind of wig. So, absolute convenience is a myth when it comes to doll hair. One may argue that long hair is more “demanding” but once you get used to it, it becomes a regular Monday chore. 

What’s Your Choice?

What’s Your Choice

We were here talking about the various characteristics and qualities of short doll hair and long doll hair. Our agenda was to give you a better understanding of both hair types. We pointed out how one hair type fares against the other in three different areas.

Nevertheless, we weren’t trying to bring out a winner in this debate. The intention was to give you a better idea and help you decide better. However, we still agree to the fact that the ultimate choice rests on your preference. Decide what suits you the best. If you have any questions related to long or short hair wigs, please write to us below or chat with our friendly customer support team. :) 

Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson

Dan is a content writer with more than 7 years of experience under his belt. He started his career as a lifestyle blogger. However, he has been actively writing about sex dolls and adult toys as a Freelance Consultant for over 4 years now. His journey with SDG started with a small freelance gig and later he accepted a full-time position to support their vision. Dan is actively contributing to the Sex Doll Genie blog, doll forums, and other online communities. He absolutely loves what he does and is also very proud to be a love doll owner now!

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