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Man Marries His Sex Doll Proving Love Knows No Bounds

by Dan Anderson February 09, 2021 2 min read

Man Marries Sex Doll

It all came out as a delighting surprise when it was reported that the 36-year-old Xie Tianrong tied the knot with his sex doll namedMochi. Xie Tianrong invited Mochi into his life in 2019 when he saw her on the internet. Apparently, it only took him 2 years to make it official with his sex doll. 

According to a report by Daily Telegraph, Xie Tianrong has been in relationships with girls in the past but now he is totally devoted to Mochi. He spoils her with expensive shoes, clothing, and even pricey gadgets. Interestingly, Tianrong has never sexually indulged with his doll partner. He says that he doesn’t wish to violate her. Xie Tianrong has been well-regarded as a gentle lover after it was reported that he has never even kissed his now fiance. For him, it’s the warm company of Mochi that matters. We are sure any girl would swoon over his adorable persona but he is already taken. 


Man Marries Sex Doll

As might be evident, Xie Tianrong takes good care of his fiance. He bathes her and keeps her clean. But Mochi has also proven to be an excellent partner. Xie Tianrong says that Mochi has always been by his side. Regardless of his situation, his fiance has never left his side in their 2-year relationship. They have been together in all rains and tides and that’s what brought them even closer. 


Man Marries Sex Doll

It is interesting to know that people marrying their sex dolls is starting to settle as the new normal. In the month of November, a bodybuilder in Kazakhstan married his sex doll in a private wedding ceremony. He posted a small clipping from his wedding on this social media handle. The clip has gone viral and has been liked by thousands of people all across the world. The marriage was due in 2019 but was delayed due to the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. 


Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson

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