popular ready to ship sex dolls 2023

Most Popular Ready-To-Ship Dolls 2023

Ready-to-ship sex dolls are all the craze these days and why wouldn’t they be? You choose a doll and order it today and it reaches your doorstep within a week. That’s like ordering a gift from Amazon. The only difference is that you are ordering a lifelike ready-to-ship doll from a sex doll store!
With that said, it is obvious that there is plenty of choices if you are looking for realistic sex dolls that are ready to ship and will reach you in no time.
Most of these dolls are pre-made and there is no option to customize them. But that’s the only drawback when ordering an in-stock sex doll online.
SexDollGenie is one of the first few doll stores to offer ready-to-ship love dolls in the US and EU. Based on our experience and feedback from our customers, we have curated a list of best-selling popular and extremely affordable ready-to-ship dolls you can buy in 2023. Let’s get started and explore these beautiful realistic dolls you can order right away!

Selina - Sexy 158 cm D-cup Doll

ready to ship sex doll
A sexy blonde with stunning breasts and mesmerizing looks. That’s what you sign up for when you decide to bring Selina home. This TPE ready-to-ship love doll is all you need to give shape to your sexual fantasies and create an emotional connection whenever you sense loneliness. This incredible-looking real doll will remind of gorgeous models and celebrities you can only spot in popular magazines and movies.
Who Should Buy This Doll?
  • Anyone who is on a strict budget and is looking for an affordable ready-to-ship sex doll that is dispatched instantly.
  • If you don’t want to wait and receive your doll within 5-7. Order now!
  • If you are residing in the US or you are gifting it to someone in the US.
  • Anyone who likes sexy blonde girls and is looking for a lifelike companion.
Who Should Not Buy This Doll?
  • As Selina is only available in the USA. If you are outside the US, you would like to check out the customizable version that can give you tons of options to personalize her to suit your taste and fantasy.
  • If you want to personalize your doll and are ready to wait for a couple of weeks to receive your love doll.
  • Anyone is ready to spend more.

Louise - Sexy Petite 156cm Ready-To-Ship Doll

in stock ready to ship dolls most affordable
If you love sexy petite bodies and teen body type then this doll is a perfect choice for you! A gorgeous blonde with a slim and sexy body makes this love doll so desirable and perfect. If you looking for a lightweight doll that’s easy to hide and move around then this is the doll for you.
Louise is bang on choice if you can’t stand long waiting periods and have always desired the company of a gorgeous teen hottie. This naughty real doll is not only extremely affordable, she is also available for instant shipping and delivery. Yes! Order it today and you can have it delivered anywhere in the United States within a week.
Who Should Buy This Doll?
  • Anyone looking for cheap ready-to-ship real dolls.
  • Anyone interested in lightweight teen dolls.
  • Anyone interested in blondes with petite bodies and small B-cup breasts.
  • Anyone who doesn’t prefer to wait for long periods to receive their sex doll. Order her right away and bring her home in 5-7 days.
Who Should Not Buy This Love Doll?
  • Anyone living outside the US, as this ready-to-ship doll is exclusively available in the US warehouse only.
  • Anyone who has a budget higher than $1000.
  • Anyone interested in customizing his/her sex doll.
  • Anyone who is ready to wait for a couple of weeks to receive your love doll.

Enola - Tall 160cm Doll with B-cups

brunette ready to ship dolls
Enola is a stunning TPE doll if you want your companion to be tall with tiny breasts. The B-cups on this high-quality love doll complement her thin and petite body. This slender teen body doll is a dream come true for anyone who likes tall women with small titties.
Enola looks adorable with her dark wig and sexy braids with colorful bands. If you like to dress up your dolls, you will be completely thrilled to bring this doll home. This ready-to-ship real doll comes fitted with standing feet and a fixed vagina. A natural skin tone brings out the best of her features. Making her picture-perfect for all occasions.
If you have always fantasized about a brunette with a teen body and small adorable breasts then don’t think twice. This tall lightweight doll is an ideal choice for anyone who loves to experiment with different sexual positions.
Should You Buy This Real Doll?
  • If you are, interested in sexy blonde teen love dolls with small tits. 
  • If you are not ready to wait and want instant delivery of your real doll. Most ready-to-ship dolls reach you within a week’s time.
  • If you are on a strict budget and looking for a sex doll under 1000 USD.
Who Should Not Buy This Love Doll?
  • Anyone living outside America. Don’t worry, anyone living in the US can easily order a personalized version of this real doll. Check it out here.
  • Anyone who is willing to spend a little more and can handle a long waiting period to get a fully customized love doll.
  • If you like dolls with huge breasts and booty then this ain’t for you.

Aurea - 153cm Irontech Beauty with H-cups

aurea - cheap ready-to-ship doll to US and EU
No wonder, Aurea is one of the most popular and best-selling ready-to-ship dolls online. This gorgeous TPE doll is blessed with stunning breasts, juicy thighs, and a cleavage to die for! You would be absolutely stunned by the realism of this life-like doll. High-quality TPE skin, grey eyes, and red nails make her look like an ideal choice if you are looking for friends with benefits.
Aurea has beautiful facial features and marvelous breast size. Perky H-cup breasts on that sexy body are a total show-stealer. You would absolutely love her for her looks and body size.
Grab this doll while you can at this incredible sale price and bring her home in less than 6-7 days.
Who Should Buy Aurea?
  • Anyone living in the US who wants to enjoy an ultra-fast 5-7 days of doorstep delivery.
  • Anyone interested in a companion with a gorgeous physique and stunning breasts.
  • If you love to see some sexy curves on your companion.
Who Should Not Buy Aurea?
  • If you are into taller girls, then she might not be an ideal choice. Anyone who has a budget lower than $1000 USD.
  • If you are outside the US and reside anywhere in the EU, then you can grab a version of the same doll in EU too. Check out the in-stock version for EU here

Rojin - Tall 168cm E-cup Doll (Available only in the US)

tall sex doll ready to be shipped instantly
It is a delight to watch this tall sexy doll spread her legs in the bed. Waiting for her owner to under her clothes and take her on a rough ride. This doll is an absolute stunner if you love tall women with perfect love-hole placement. Her lifelike vagina and beautiful breasts are totally irresistible. You would be thrilled to have her in your bedroom.
Bring Rojin home and show this naughty girl what you’ve always wanted to do to tall slim girls like her. You can teach her to obey you and comfort you whenever you want her presence. This gorgeous tall sex doll is available as part of the ready-to-ship USA collection and you can have her by your side within a week.
That means if you order her over the weekend, she will be with you before the next weekend. That’s cause all the ready-to-ship dolls at SDG are shipped immediately after order confirmation is received. It is fairly easy to pay for your doll as we have over 8 different payment options.
Who Should Buy Rojin?
  • Anyone who fantasizes or wishes to enjoy the company of a tall companion. 
  • Anyone who can stretch his budget to go slightly above $1000 USD and grab her at this amazing price.
  • Anyone looking for a tall doll with perfect LHP.
  • Anyone in the US who wants to enjoy ultra-fast sex doll delivery without paying any extra fee.
If you are outside the United States, then you should check out SDG store for more options. You can also browse our incredible doll collection consisting of real dolls that are ready-to-be-shipped to anywhere in the EU.
Check out how you can save more on your SDG order. Discover great deals and discounts here.
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