Most Practical & Effective Ways To Store Your Sex Doll

Most Practical & Effective Ways To Store Your Sex Doll

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In modern society, a good number of people own love dolls. Sex dolls are a great source of excitement and can keep you busy during your leisure time. Besides, the love dolls are of great benefits to lovers in a long-distance relationship. The best part of it all is that the sex dolls will keep you safe from contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDs and other prevalent infections. Learn why men across the globe prefer owning a sex doll.

In this post, we discuss the various practical ways to store your adult sex doll and the primary reasons why you must look for a suitable storage solution.


Disadvantages of Installing An Unreliable Storage For Sex Doll

Generally speaking, you encounter several disadvantages of installing an unreliable storage device for your sex doll. These drawbacks vary from one person to another. Besides, the extent of the default on the storage method will determine a lot. The top disadvantages of not installing a proper storage option for your love doll may include:

 Disadvantages of Installing An Unreliable Storage For Sex Doll

Hinders Privacy

Sex dolls are a personal property that you would not allow anyone to access. Different people have different views about sex dolls. Some people think that it is not good to own a sex doll. To avoid the stigma that would arise, you should install a handy storage option. The storage option you choose to fit for your real doll should be one that keeps it in seclusion. After all, sex dolls are personal property that you cannot share even with your closest friends.


Damages to the Love Doll

What else can you expect from the careless handling of your sex doll? Some people would store beneath the bed without covering it properly, but this is an unhealthy act. All in all, the storage option you install for your adult doll should keep it safe and free form damage.

Keeping it uncovered under the bed, for instance, could result in mites feeding on its skin. Besides, molds and other suchlike plants would develop all over the surface of the love doll. Make sure that your storage option safeguards the sex doll from any chances of exposure to damage-causing agents such as pests, chemicals, or even water.


Disorganizes the Room

Imagine a room with clothes all over and the sex doll on the bed or any other unreasonable storage point of the room. It looks shit, right? Thus, you should identify an effective way to store your doll without intruding with the looks of your room.

Ensure that the storage option you choose to use renders the entire room neat and in order. In any case, you must check on the size and shape of the love doll before you buy and install it.


Health Problems

Effective Storage Safeguards Your Health

Keeping your sex doll in a poor storage device exposes it to damage, molds growth, and even contamination from pests and other factors that might come into contact with it. Using a sex doll that has contracted infection-causing components could result in unwanted health problems. The reproductive system is essential and more likely to develop health problems. Therefore, you must handle the sex doll with great care since it directly rubs over your private parts. A realistic doll that features molds on its skin could cause skin disease and other serious bacterial infections.



Why Do You Need To Install Proper Storage For Your Doll?

Proper Storage For Your Sex Dolls

Now that we all understand some of the risks you are most likely to encounter if you store your love doll in poor condition. The benefits of proper doll storage are numerous, but we will focus on the four major ones. 


Promotes Privacy

A practical sex doll storage gadget will keep it private and confidential. The best sex doll storage accessories feature designs that, in turn, do not showcase anything to do with sex dolls and devices. The design should keep the whole idea concealed and help users carry the love doles all around. All in all, the methods you put in place should not just safeguard the love doll, but should also promote privacy and confidentiality.


Prolongs Life Of Your Sex Doll

The sex doll is more like the human body that cannot take care of itself. It comes with a skin (TPE or silicone) that is much like that of the human being. The synthetic doll skin is rampant to damage. As a result, a scratch on the love doll may render it unreliable. You will not be around all the time to check on your favorite love toy. Thus, installing a reliable storage solution that can keep it secure and safe from any harm is crucial. Doll storage will keep it safe and in good condition to serve you for an extended period.

 Prolongs Life Of Your Sex Doll

Helps Keep Your Room Organised

Unfortunately, the sex doll is not something good enough to keep on display. Some of your friends would develop negative ideas about your situation. Remember, not everyone agrees with the whole idea of owning a sex doll. All in all, installing a reliable sex doll storage method will keep everything in your room organized and in place. Fortunately, some love doll storage methods feature beautiful and colorful designs that will add a great touch to the general appearance of your room. Make sure to choose a storage method that occupies a smaller portion of the available space.


Safeguards Your Health

Keeping your doll in a safe and secure condition will protect it from conducting infection, causing elements. It will protect it from developing things like molds and other types of growth. This strategy will save you from developing bacterial diseases and fungal infections that might attack your reproduction system.

In general, it is prudent to take care of your sex do just like you would for your body. Make sure to keep in proper condition so that it can serve safely and for an extended period. You need to be aware of the infections you could contract if you keep the sex doll in a poor state. Make sure to select the most reliable storage option available while at the same time keeping the cost in mind.



How To Store A Life-Size TPE or Silicone Doll?

How To Store A Life-Size TPE or Silicone Doll

There is no correct way to store your doll. It mostly depends on the budget, available room, and convenience of the doll owner. 

Does Position of the Doll Limbs Matters?

The primary aim of storing the sex doll is to ensure it stays in its neutral form and unwanted damages can be avoided. No matter you store it - vertically or horizontally, it is important that the doll and its limbs are positioned the way it came. 


Practical Techniques To Hide And Store Your Sex Doll 

  1. Vertical or Hanging the Doll
  2. Horizontal or Lying 


Vertical Storage Options

You can hang your doll inside your closet or anywhere else in your home. Hanging the doll while its limbs are in a neutral position is one popular and practical way to store it. 


Doll Stand-Up Feet

Doll Stand-Up Feet

We highly recommend doll buyers to opt for a standing feet option. However, not everyone is ready to invest in the same and thus this paid option is only feasible if your budget permits. On most online doll stores you will find these stand up feet ad-on for less than USD $100. If you are buying from SDG you will find these for as low as USD $49. 

Standing feet add-on is an excellent choice for anyone who wants his or her doll to stand in the closet or in any corner of their room. Investing in stand-up doll feet is also recommended if you do not have any alternate storage arrangements. 

This enables you to easily make it stand in a corner of your room and dress it up to make it look like a regular mannequin.


Hide It In Your Closet 

Hide It In Your Closet

If you happen to have a closet then you don't need to worry about storing your full-size doll. You can easily hang your doll irrespective of its size and weight. Hanging your doll is by far one of the best and affordable ways to store your doll properly. You must have noticed how all the sex doll factories also keep their dolls hanging. 

Hanging a doll on a wall mount helps avoid unwanted pressure on the skeleton joints and its back. This lets you avoid any structural disfigurements and damages. 

If your sex doll has stand-up feet installed then you can store it in an upright position. You will not require a closet hook for this. Closet hook kits come extremely cheap. You can buy one for less than USD $20 on most doll stores.  

Precautions When Storing In A Closet
  1. Make sure that you don't let the doll hang freely. You either touch its feet to the ground or place a soft cushion under them if there is a gap between the floor and doll feet. Letting it hang freely for long durations can strain its neck. Placing an object to rest the feet lets you distribute the pressure and avoid injuring the doll skeleton. 
  2. Be extra gentle with the doll while moving it in a closet or while hanging it. Check out these easy tricks to move and carry your adult doll.
  3. While in a hanging state, ensure that you don't use it to drop your used clothes and add unwanted weight. 
  4. For added protection, you can cover the doll with a lightweight cotton cloth or a slim blanket. 
  5. Make sure you lock your closet in order to avoid unwanted access. 


Storing It Horizontally

Keeping your doll horizontally parallel to the floor is another common way to store the doll.

Use a Doll Storage Case

Using a storage case is the definitely most safest way to store your doll. The sex doll storage units are designed to offer optimal padding and safeguard it from external damages. However, buying a storage case may not always be a feasible option for many doll owners. The obvious reason being its high cost. An adult doll storage unit can cost you anywhere between USD $800 - USD $650. 

If your budget permits, we suggest you invest in a storage case for it adds years to your love doll's life. A storage box can also be used as a safe travel case if you are shifting your apartment. 

Not sure what a doll storage case looks like? Check out this sex doll unboxing video to understand how your doll will arrive when ordered with a storage case - 


Kacey's Unboxing from Sex Doll Genie on Vimeo. 

Precautions When Storing In A Case:
  1. Ensure that you carry your doll correctly and place it gently in the doll box. 
  2. Avoid any contact between the doll skin and the outer hard covering of the storage cabinet.
  3. The doll should be placed in its neutral position with little or no bending of limbs. It is advised to record the unpacking of your doll If you are ordering your storage box along with your adult doll. This will help you recall and arrange the doll properly in case you find it difficult to adjust the first few times.  
  4. In most cases, you won't need to cover your doll when in a storage case. Just close the lid of the box and you should be good. 


Furniture With In-Built Storage

Big Booty Doll

If you have a cough or bench with an in-built storage option then you can utilize it to store and hide your adult doll. Bench with storage box is used by many doll owners to hide safely store their TPE or silicone dolls. If you don't have one you can go to your market place and buy one at affordable prices. A bench with soft cushion can be used to sit and relax without anyone ever knowing what it holds inside. 

If you don't want to buy such a bench and you are good with woodwork then go ahead and take it up as a DIY challenge. You can find several tutorials on how you can build similar storage at home with basic tools and wood of your choice. 

Precautions When Using A Storage Bench:
  1. We very careful when placing the doll inside the storage box. Unlike the sex doll storage box, this storage unit is not cushioned on the inside. 
  2. You should use soft foam padding for the floor of the box. Moreover, place some soft cloths around the doll to avoid any abrasion. Ensure that these clothes don't lose their color and affect the skin of the doll.


Storing Sex Doll Under the Bed 

Storing Sex Doll Under the Bed

Well, this is one of the favorite methods to store and hide a doll. If you have a bed that can effectively hide a doll then storing the doll under the bed might seem very lucrative. For it is right under you whenever you need it. Also, you won't have to worry about carrying or lifting to a specific part of your room or house. 

However, placing the doll under the bed needs a lot of precautions to avoid unwanted damage to the doll's skin and its structure. 

Precautions When Hiding Doll Under Your Bed:
  1. It is mandatory that you place some soft cushions or foam (preferred) padding to protect your doll's back. If you place it on the hard floor then there are chances that the back of the sex doll may get distorted over time. 
  2. Make sure that your doll is covered with a light blanket or any other protective covering sheet to avoid any contact with germs, termites, and dust. This will also help you keep it away from catching unwanted attention from friends and family. 
  3. Ensure that you regularly check on your doll if it stays under the bed for a longer time.
  4. Avoid keeping sharp items under your bed. 
  5. Never store your doll with its limbs folded or twisted. Remember keeping your adult doll in its neutral form is of absolute importance.


Bed Storage Box 

This is another option to hide your sex doll. If you have a bed with ample storage options then use it to place your doll safely. Using a bed storage box is definitely a better option than letting it lie on the floor without proper padding. 


Storing In A Shipping Crate

If you don't have any immediate methods to store your sex doll then this is your best choice. A shipping crate comes free of cost and can be used as a temporary solution to your storage needs. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Using A Shipping Crate 
  1. Shipping crates are not meant for storing your doll for a longer duration. Therefore they have limited or no padding options. You should use a very soft blanket to wrap around the doll and protect it from damages. 
  2. Make sure that the doll is in its neutral position and the crate is not torn on any of the corners. 
  3. Absolutely avoid keeping the crate on a wet floor. 
  4. Place the doll inside the box and slide it under your bed to create a disguise. Nobody will suspect that you have a doll hiding under your bed. Unless somebody notices and you let them open it. 
  5. Be extra-gentle when taking it out from the shipping box. Grab the doll firmly and don't try to pull it out with a force. 


Keeping It On Your Bed 

This is not the most preferred way to keep your doll. But it may add to the convenience of the doll owner. You can hide your doll under a blanket and a couple of clothes. If you are fine with compromising your space on the bed then this might work for you. It is another free method to keep your doll close to you and avoid unwanted attention. Thanks to the messy looks of your room, nobody will suspect that there is a full-size doll lying on your bed. 

This method will be quite useful to people who find it difficult to lift and move their heavy dolls around. 

Precautions When Hiding It Under a Blanket and Clothes
  1. Make sure that you place the doll in its neutral position and there is no twisting of limbs or neck. 
  2. Ensure that the clothes and blanket covering the realistic doll are not going to stain its skin. 
  3. This method of storage is not recommended for the long term.
  4. Don't bring any sharp objects to your bed. 
  5. No items with the possibility of ink or color leakage should be close to the love doll. 


Special Cases - Storage Recommendations

People With Back Injury And Disability

It is not recommended to hide your doll in a far off corner of your house if you are suffering from a back injury or disability. It is recommended that you keep your doll as close to you as possible. You can either choose to place it under your bed or keep it on your bed. Only store it when you plan on going out or not using the doll for more than two days in a row. 

As some of the dolls are pretty heavy and moving them from one place to another is a little tricky. Here are some positions you should try when moving the doll. 


Doll Owners With Limited Space 

The best way to utilize the space is by converting one of your furniture into a storage unit for your sex doll. If your bed came with a box or has room below it then you can use it to create a safe storage area for your doll. 

If you happen to buy a sex doll storage case then try to slide it under your bed or it will occupy floor space. 


Doll Owners Who Love Photography 

If you like clicking photos of your realistic doll then consider buying a standing feet version. This will help you photograph the doll in standing poses. Without stand-up feet, you will have to always depend on a wall or similar structure to keep the doll upright.

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