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New Sino Doll Premium Makeup Options Are Here!

by Dan Anderson April 14, 2020 1 min read

New Sino Doll Premium Makeup Options Are Here!

Our collection of premium Sino sex dolls have finally received a well-deserved uplift. Addition of the new makeup options makes these dolls all the more irresistible.

Sino dolls have released the new smooth matte effect and hyper-realism painting options for their doll buyers. These additional make up effects make these sexy love dolls look more realistic and closer to life.

Matte Effect for Extra Smoothness:

The superior matte finish makes their doll skin look extremely real and offers an elegant touch to her overall looks. Check out the pictures below to see the difference.


matte effect for eyes - sino sex dolls


smoothness and details with matte finish


with and without matte effect



Hyper-realistic painting option adds extra details and definition to the sex doll body. Giving your doll altogether superior looks and feel.

When combined both Hyper-realistic painting and smooth matte effect together can change the appearance of our adult doll drastically. Making her look life-like with smooth looking skin and body features. 


hyper realistic painting for sex dolls


Matte Effect + Hyper Realistic make up options

How To Add Hyper-Realistic Painting and Matte Effect To the Sino Doll?

When buying a premium Sino love doll, scroll under the 'personalize' section and click on 'PREMIUM MAKEUP OPTIONS' to add these new makeup effects to your doll. 



Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson

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