Save $4,650 a Year on Dating  - Shocking Reasons to Buy a Sex Doll!

Save $4,650 a Year on Dating - Shocking Reasons to Buy a Sex Doll!


Love dolls can make for amazing sex partners and the price on the box is the whole price you have to pay. While buying a realistic sex doll might seem to be quite expensive to most of the people, but when we talk about the return on investment, sex dolls provide you with numerous benefits, and amazingly, are always ready to have sex with you. We’ve observed and calculated the amount of money an average guy spends on dating every year, and we got some shocking statistics!

We are not saying that sex dolls can replace real, loving relationships or companionships (although it works for some people), but if you're a guy who is not looking for something serious and just interested in casual hookups, then they might be perfect for you. 

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Many men looking to buy a sex doll drop the idea of the purchase when they see the price of a luxury lifelike sex doll. But we’re here to tell you how it is totally worth the value, and how the price of the doll is far less than the price of dating.

In fact, you can actually save a lot of money that you spend on dating by buying a sex doll. And if you compare the returns on investment that a doll provides with the return on investment that dating provides, you’re extremely likely to invest in a doll, very happily and without any second thoughts.

Both men and women, on an average, are estimated to date for about five to six years before getting married. And according to the statistics collected, about a hundred dollars are spent on each date. If we break this by gender, men spend a lot more than women during their dating period.  Now, if we add up all the money spent by an average man on just “dates” over the five years of his life that he spent dating, he would incur a cost of approx. $24,000 dollars (in five years).

Let’s consider all the expenses incurred by a cost-minded gentleman during the “dating” period of his life. And by the end, you’ll yourself see how purchasing a sex doll can save you thousands of dollars, without the need of compromising on your sexual needs.

The Cost of DatingNever thought dating is much expensive? Read on!

Meals And Drinks

According to an average estimate, singles go on a date every week. Now this date can be in a restaurant, with a nice meal and a few drinks. Or for a movie, incurring the costs of movie tickets ($40), popcorn ($10), and oh, soft drinks too. According to a survey, singles spend over $50 on a date every week. And if we break this into genders, women spend much less than men, at about $35, while men spending about $65 on every date. Thus, the average cost of dating for five to six years, before you get married, costs approximately $24,000!


Other than this, during your dating period, you spend on transportation as well, which includes the cost of gas, cabs/Uber, etc. which rounds up to $800 each year while you’re dating.

Gifts And Activities

And of course, you’re going to purchase gifts for your girlfriend. Now we know how expensive they can get.  And after all this, you engage in some other “fun and romantic” activities, which cost you a lot of money. These gifts costing about $200, and activities costing another $800 when summed up, that adds another $1,000 every year to your expenses on dating.

Other Expenses

Oh, and also, don’t leave out the miscellaneous expenses, including the condoms, cologne, etc. which might not seem to be expensive to all the singles out there but cost nearly $500 every year while dating.

Online Dating Memberships

If you choose to buy an online dating membership, that’s going to cost you some hundreds of dollars as well, approximately $350 for a year of membership. And these memberships do not even give you a certainty that you’re going to get laid. Also, why spend hours swiping through Tinder if all you really need is a good bang.

The Cost of Hookers

And if you’re not dating anybody, you might visit sex workers, to satisfy your sexual needs. These sex workers can get pretty expensive too since an average sex worker would cost about $300-$350 per hour. And even when you’re spending this much money every time you visit them, you expose yourself to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

So finally, if you add up all the above expenses that you incur for getting laid in these five to six years, you’ll realize that you’re going to spend a handsome amount of money, which shockingly runs up to $30,000 or more!!

The Cost of Sex Dolls

Let’s now consider the cost of our gorgeous sex dolls and the return of investment that they offer. Sex dolls come in a variety of styles and sizes, and the biggest benefit they offer?

These dolls are always ready to have sex with you - without any nagging, you don’t have to buy them gifts, you don’t need to incur any transportation costs, little maintenance cost, no condoms, no cologne, no dinner dates and drinks, and you get all of your privacy. Buying a sex doll is a one-time investment. You don’t have to worry about them cheating on you, you don’t have to keep spending on them, and they’re beautiful.

Our sex dolls, on an average, cost about $2,000. This amount when considered alone thinking it to be a sex toy, can seem quite expensive and a big investment. But considering the huge sums of money you spend on dating, with the little ROI that it offers, purchasing a sex doll seems to be quite a good deal.

Calculating How Much You Can Save By Buying A Sex Doll:

According to our research, here’s the average cost of dating incurred by a single over a year:

Meals: $2,500
Drinks: $1,500
Uber/Gas: $800
Gifts: $200
Fun Activities: $800
Condoms: $500
Dating Memberships: $350
Total: $6,650

So, every year while you’re dating, you’re going to spend an exorbitant amount of, $6,650 on dating. And the only amount you have to pay for a luxury sex doll is the price on the box that is up to $2,000 on an average.

So in conclusion, you can save anywhere upwards of $4,650 ($6,650 - $2,000) every year by purchasing a sex doll!

Feel free to calculate the amount according to your spending habits. Once you’re done calculating the real amount that you spend on dating every year, compare it with the price of our sex dolls. We bet you’ll be surprised at how much money you can save for yourself by buying a sex doll, without even having to compromise on sex.

So instead of dating somebody who you don’t even like, just for the sake of sex, buy a gorgeous lifelike sex doll that’ll be your fuck-buddy and will always be ready to satisfy you. Choose from the wide variety of sex dolls available and save yourself some money, rather than spending it on dating for years or buying random memberships or paying sex workers for their services.

With the immense return on investment that they offer, and the numerous benefits, sex dolls can be a perfect investment for you, which saves you a lot of dollars, and lets you enjoy your single life to the fullest.

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