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Things to Know When Buying TPE Doll Heads

Looking to buy a fancy TPE head for your doll? We get it, you want to give a sexy new look to your beloved love doll. After all, buying doll heads is the favorite side hobby of every sex doll enthusiast.

However, there areĀ a few important things that you must keep in mind before you buy thatĀ gorgeousĀ doll headĀ from your wishlist.

Here, we will give out some essential tips that will help you buy the right TPE head for your sex doll. So, the first thing you must look at is:

The Price Tag

TPE doll head price


While a TPE doll head is less expensive than a full-sized doll, it is in no way a cheap transaction. This is to say that a careless purchase might strain your pockets and so, itā€™s good to make sure that the doll head is within your budget.

You should also keep an eye out for discount sales and promotions which allow you to buy doll heads at a significantly less price.

There are also sex stores that offer flexible credit options to further motivate their customers. If you are shopping from SDG, don't forget to check out our flexible payment options.Ā 

Facial FeaturesĀ 

TPE doll head facial features


TPE Doll Head Vs Silicone Doll Heads

Every doll head is designed differently and hence might not suit everybody's taste. While TPE sex doll heads are known to be softer, silicone heads are slightly harder. Given their soft texture T.P.E. doll heads are ideal for oral sex.

SiliconeĀ sex doll heads on the other hand have a harder texture than others which makes them look more realistic than their softer counterparts (TPE heads).Ā Furthermore, theseĀ  heads are much more suitable for applying makeup compared to the TPE doll heads.Ā 

On the downside, these silicone ā€œhard headsā€™ as you may call them, are not ideal for oralĀ intercourseĀ (for understandable reasons).

Of course, there are TPE doll heads that are both realistic and offer remarkable oral service. But they also cost more. Hence, it isĀ importantĀ that you read all the information about the head/s before you press that buy button.


Customization Options for TPE Sex Doll Heads

TPE doll head customisation

In case you are wondering, yes, you can very well modify a TPE doll head in the way you want.

You can personalize the skin color of the head, alter its hairstyle, and change the skin color. Premium customization options such as the tongue and teeth set are also available for some premium TPE doll heads.

You can also go with other lifelike features such as the hair transplant option to pour more realism into the doll headā€™s design and style. But it would be grossly misleading to say that all heads support every type of customization.

For instance, a doll head may offer skin color modification and different hairstyle options but it may not be compatible with tongue and teeth modification. So, you need to check if your desired TPE head supports the customization options you are looking for.Ā 

How to Make a Decision?

Each TPE doll head is unique and different, thatā€™s the bottom line of the story. This means not every doll head is made the same and may not sit according to your liking.

So, you must be extra careful when setting out to buy a TPE doll head and not skip over anything information related to the head. This way, you can ensure that you end up with the head that truly encapsulates your preferences.


Here we have headsĀ from some of the most popular and renowned doll manufacturers.

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