Tiny Ass Piper Dolls You Can't Resist

Tiny Ass Piper Dolls You Can't Resist

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Are you looking for some of the best tiny ass Piper Dolls? Then you are surely at the right place. As the admirers and fans of Piper Dolls ourselves, we have created a fine list of Piper Dolls that own a tiny ass. As nice hosts that we are, we have picked the best dolls that this eminent manufacturer has to offer.

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s get down to business and explore some sexy tiny-ass Piper Dolls that you won’t be able to resist. 

Salley - Tiny Ass Dolls Who Likes Being Dominated

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Salley is the doll that we can all say is beyond realistic. We are still wondering how Piper Dolls brought to life such a humanlike doll. Created out of pure silicone, the aesthetics of Salley blurs the line between human and doll. The texture of her skin is smooth and soft and is embedded with tiny yet relevant detail that would make her look more, well human. What we are talking about is some ace-level craftsmanship. Piper Dolls have pulled out a masterpiece with Salley and that’s a fact. 

But there is more to Salley than simple aesthetic appeal. You see, this doll has a feisty personality. She likes to engage in different forms of sexual intimacy with her favorite being BDSM. Salley likes being dominated and teased in the ways of bondage sex. But her desires are just restricted to BDSM as she likes to move towards different sexual adventures. This goes without saying that you can invite Salley into all of your fetishes and fantasies. She would love to be a part of it. 

So, let this 19.69 inches tiny ass doll serve you with a gratifying sex doll experience that will fulfill all your carnal needs.

Rheanne - Glamorous Doll With A Tiny Booty

Rheanne tiny ass piper sex doll

Glamorous to no end, that’s Rheanne we are looking at. She is not the kind of doll that you come across every day. You know, glamorous beauty is hard to come by. Her appearance can leave your senses completely captivated and trust us, we aren't exaggerating. g. This goes without saying that she is one of the most popular Piper dolls. Rheanne is structured out of high-tier TPE which explains her true-to-life aesthetics. While most dolls bear a bold and somewhat aggressive persona, the personality of Rheanne is layered with suave and glamour. But that doesn’t mean she is far from the ideas of erotic intimacy. 

Rheanne has a sly side to her. She likes to tease her lovers a bit and build that sexual tension in the room. She goes by the philosophy - the hungrier you are, the better it tastes. Well, it seems she took it too seriously. But her style only adds more to her charm. We have to give it to Piper Dolls for nurturing a mesmerizing doll such as her. Her alluring beauty layered with erotic shades is something that will leave your senses captured in her charm. 

The physique of Rheanne has earned her many many admirers (which includes us as well). Her 31.89 inches tits and her 34.25 inches ass are sexually delectable, so to speak. She owns a height of 5 feet which slots her as a short height doll. So, if you are into short dolls with a tiny ass, then you are surely going to fall head over heels for Rheanne. 

Lyca - 34.25 Inches Tiny Ass

Lyca - best piper sex doll with tiny ass

Lyca is certainly a special creation of Piper Dolls. The beauty of Lyca exudes a sense of tranquillity and calmness. That’s not an everyday sight when it comes to adult love dolls. But it would be truly misleading to say Lyca is only beautiful. She is very well the epitome of sexiness and we say that without holding any doubt. To explain her personality, she is a young looking doll who has a keen interest in sex and erotic stuff. It would be fair to say that she has an insatiable sexual appetite. So, you better stock up on that stamina because this doll is always hungry in bed. 

As expected out of Piper Dolls, the design of Lyca is thoroughly realistic and humanlike. At times, it is hard to even consider her a doll given her natural and true-to-life aesthetics. Now, it’s about time we unveiled her assets. Lyca is an F-cup doll. Her tits own measurement of 31.89 inches and yes, they look hot as hell. Moving on, her ass flaunts a size of 34.25 inches and her waistline carries a measurement of 19.69 inches. Her design has been laid out in a very meticulous manner, which is evident from how her assets have been structured and designed. Beautiful, hot, realistic, and of course, sexually charged. That’s Lyca for you gentlemen. 

Anjela - Small Tight Ass & Perky Tits

doll with tiny booty - Anjela

Last but definitely least, we bring to you Anjela. She is one of the best Piper dolls in the market and the reason is right in front of us. She is breathtakingly beautiful and is incredibly sexy. That’s a fatal combination, don’t you think? Anjela is structured out of high-tier TPE which gives a smooth and natural texture to her skin much like actual skin. Her sexy style and appealing persona make her one of the most popular Piper Dolls of all time. Well, that’s a doll with a heavy fan following. 

But there are other reasons that contribute to her popularity. One of them is her seductive physique. To put it in a simple manner, this doll looks hot, very hot. Anjela is an F cup doll and that points towards 31.89 inches tits. Now over to the interesting area which is her ass. The ass of Anjela owns a measurement of 34.25 inches. If you fancy dolls with a tiny ass, then Anjela should be on the top of your bucket list. For her height, she stands 5 feet tall. You could call her a short-heighted doll with a gorgeous small booty. Overall, she is not the kind of doll that you would want to miss out on. 

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