Top 7 Most Affordable Silver Vixen Sex Dolls

Top 7 Most Affordable Silver Vixen Sex Dolls

We see you have a thing for sexy vixens. Honestly, it is really hard to ignore those silver and grey-haired ladies. But you don’t have to keep your vixen fixation tied up any longer. We have baked an interesting list of silver vixen real dolls that you can easily get your arms around. Plus, they all dwell in an affordable territory. So, let’s allow us to unveil the real vixen treasure:



The vixen with a rockstar attitude, Anabel we are looking at you. Nurtured from the finest-class TPE, this doll stays true to the word sexy. Anabel has a finely tuned athletic physique which adds more heat to her hotness. Speaking of the physique, she has a breast size of 27.56 inches (70 cm) and an incredible ass of 33.66 inches (85.5 cm). Her 5 feet 1 inch (150 cm) serves as a complement to her design. A good thing about Anabel is that she is a lightweight doll, weighing only 27 kgs (59.52 lbs). Time to touch the topic of personalization. Like many other dolls, you are provided with the facility to change the hairstyle and head of Anabel. You can pick between the solid and hollow variant of breasts. The size of areolas can also be customized as per your preference. 



This grey-haired beauty has an exuberant charm to her style. She simply slays with her boldness. She exudes an “I am sexy and I know it” sort of attitude. Well, that really makes her an alluring. Getting down to measurements, Luanne has 29.92 inches (76 cm) busts and her glowy booty goes around 32.68 inches (83 cm) wide. Luanne stands 5 feet and 2 inches (160 cm) tall and owns a weight of 29 kgs ( 63.93 lbs). Now, to look at the main course, Luanne serves you a delicious 7.09 inches (18 cm) deep vagina. The dessert is served by her  6.3 inches (16 cm) deep anal side. If you are still hungry and then she has her 5.12 inches (13 cm) oral depth to satiate your “hunger.” Told you, she is bold and for all the right reasons. 




Any list on sex dolls is incomplete with a “busty” mention and so Rosieta is here to fill in the gap. This lady doll is close to the vixen way of style. Plus, she has a voluptuous figure to complete the circle of sexy. Roseita never holds back from flaunting her 35.83 inches (91 cm) breasts and 33.86 inches (86 cm) ass. Her 5 feet 4 inches (165 cm) height adds more to her erotic spirit. Her busty design does not add to her weight as she only weighs around 32 kgs (70.55 lbs). She is quite compatible with customizations. You can customize the colour of her toenails, eyes, and even her skin. You can pick from the hollow and solid breast type. For premium upgrades, you can go with the shrugging shoulders and the stand-up-feet feature.



Kerri is the ultra-busty housewife that can leave you craved and really horny. That was a bold declaration but her ginormous 36.61 inches (93 cm) busts pretty much validate the claim. Her 31.5 inches (80 cm) ass is also a prime instigator of carnal desires. Kerri stands 5 feet 1 inch (150 cm) tall and owns a weight of 30 kgs (66.14 lbs). For the assets, she carries around, her weight is more than just modest. It’s about time we explored some depths of Kerri. To begin with, she has 6.69 inches (17 cm) vagina. Her anal depth goes  5.91 inches (15 cm) deep. So, you can have some “deep” fun with her. Also, if you are into oral sex, then you can go forward with 5.12 inches (13 cm) deep mouth. Well, she got it covered from all sides it seems.



Kneel before the almighty Pharoah and heed her command and explore her busty body. The style of Pharaoh stays true to its name as you can easily mistake her for an ancient Egyptian queen. Nevertheless, this queen has “needs” as she wants you to fondle her 37.8 inches (96 cm) busts and worship her 37.01 inches (94 cm) ass. Quite the generous Pharaoh she is. This sexy doll stands 5 feet and 3 inches tall and weighs 37 kgs (81.57lbs). Interestingly, Pharaoh is quite supportive of external customizations. You can change her hairstyle and head if you want a different look for her. You can give her eyes and skin a new and personalized shade. Pharaoh has a solid and hollow breast variant and you can go with either one of them. For the premium customization, you can opt for the shrugging skeleton feature to make her body movement more realistic.



Reyanne is the standing example of “beauty meets sexy.” She is gorgeous by every stretch of the imagination and her perfect physique defines her hotness. Reyanne boasts of 33.8 inches (86 cm) breasts and a booty that sings a measurement of 35.8 inches (91 cm). One thing you must know is that she is a tall girl, like really tall. She stands 5 feet and 6 inches (169 cm) tall which is highest on our list. Well, all this sexy glory makes her a tad bit heavy as she weighs 38 kgs (83.7 lbs). Speaking about her modifications, you can customize the size of her areolas, change the colour of her eyes and skin, and personalize her pubic hair. You can even go for Permanent Labia and Nipple Pigmentation, provided you are willing to pay a little extra. Finally, you can upgrade her skeleton to a shrugging skeleton to make her design more realistic. 




We all have hard fantasies about those busty waitresses, serving in skimpy outfits. Zaynah is the tangible outcome of those fantasies. As you may expect, she carries the personality of a bold and busty waitress in a bunny outfit. Zaynah is a proud owner of 34.25 inches (87 cm) busts and a 39.37 inches (100 cm) ass. By all means, she should be proud of her voluptuous figure. Zaynah has a fair height of 5 feet 2 inches and a weight of 38 kgs (83.78 lbs). With curves like these, the weight is expected to be a little on the high side. To add more to the fun, you can get your hands on some useful accessories. You can start with a random piece of outfit because “roleplay.” You can also get a USB heating wand to warm her body up.

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