Top Lessons You Learn After Using Dolls

Top Lessons You Learn After Using Dolls

It’s quite often that we end up overestimating the stretch of our knowledge. The “I know it all” complex is something that resurfaces many times in our lives. But there exists no omniscient soul, at least not that we are aware of. It might come as a shocker for a few but even adult love dolls can be fantastic teachers. If you are a doll owner, then you will admit the glorious lessons that your doll partner has taught you. It so happens that a love doll very capably spices up our mundane sex life. Suddenly, there are new dynamics to intimacy that we can explore. 

We mean to highlight that sex dolls aren’t just a clan of silicone beings designed for satiating carnal needs. They can teach you some important lessons, provided you are willing to learn. 

Sex Requires Practice


No one saw this one coming. Sex doesn’t demand any form of perfection and if so, then we are already perfect at that or so we think. But you know what they say, “truth is stranger than fiction.” Take sex as a form of art, the more you invest yourself, the better you get at it. Sex dolls carry the patience to wait and see how you get better at it. Intimacy is only enjoyable when you know what to do and even more importantly, how to do it. A doll partner plays an instrumental role in perfecting that learning curve. It takes time and a lot of “net practice” before you realize the true tones of erotic. So, it becomes crystal clear that dolls aren’t just sex partners, but they play the instructor part as well. True to their names, love dolls serve a glimpse of love and romance in the wild circle of sex.  


To think that an actual person would be totally cool with all our sexual preferences is like a thought coming from a hardcore idealist. Let’s admit it, we all have those kinky fetishes that stimulate our mood. But to realize those desires, we need an understandable and most importantly, a patient sex partner. There is a solid reason as to why the conception of adult love dolls is gaining ground. They will never say no to their beloved owners. Sex dolls not only serves us the opportunity to fulfill our wildest fantasies but also impart an important lesson. If our partner is showing interest to satisfy our urge, then we should return the favor by serving them the pleasure of their lifetime. This is a twin way deal folks. You give some you take some. This knowledge really helps in getting the bedroom relationships in order. 

Commitment is the Key!


This one is more of a safety lesson that also counts as a sex life instruction. The thing is, it’s not exactly healthy and safe to be the casanova with a sexual urge. STDs are a common occurrence nowadays. A few minutes of pleasure is not worth risking your life. Guess who preaches that? The doll we bring home tends to stay our ideal bedroom partner for a substantial amount of time. A romantic bond ties the two of us together. This attitude is something that we should retain. In a simple way of putting it, it is not safe or desirable to keep switching sex partners. You might end up getting afflicted with some crippling disease that doesn’t know a cure. Also, it is a healthy habit to opt for safe sex and use all the protection that is necessary to ensure it. 


We believed it and the health experts confirmed it. As per some medical professionals, sex has many glowing benefits that many of us are oblivious to. Indulgence in an intimate act keeps our blood pressure in check. Surprising, isn’t it? But there is more from where this came from. It was also found that sex gives us a nice radiant glow. However, the best perk of exercising sex is the release of happy hormones. Our brain gets quite simulated when we indulge in sex and as a result, it releases the happy hormones that, well, get us all happy and cheerful. So now, you have a very “certified” reason to get into some erotic action. But if you own a love doll, then you might already be aware of these delicious facts. This is simply a grand reason to get a sex doll. 

Hygiene is a Necessity!


It is absolutely necessary that we take good care of our doll. We must clean them, brush them, to keep them hygienic. Did you manage to catch the logic here? Not tending to our personal hygienics is not the ideal way of carrying ourselves. It won’t hurt to take a shower and get all clean and tidy. No one fancies a partner who is the apt definition of unhygienic. We know, sweat has pheromones and all, but taking that to bed is a terrible idea. That only looks hot in a gym or during a morning jog. In the bedroom when things are about to get naughty, the last thing your partner would want is the stench of sweat and dirt. Trust us, it’s a total turn off. So, as we have already stated - hygiene is absolutely necessary.

So, these were some of the valuable lessons that we learn after we buy a sex doll. They don’t always state the styles of sensuality and are more than not a great explainer that provides important teachings about love and life. As you may have noticed, these lessons can significantly improve our lives both inside and outside the bedroom. Sex dolls aren’t just about casual sex, they can be the perfect partner that we all so crave.

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