sex doll sound systems - the ultimate guide

Ultimate Guide To Sex Doll Sound System

Add a moaning or sound system to your sex doll and you will be thrilled to finally have a doll that can speak to you or moan while you make out with her. The sex doll sound system upgrade is an excellent choice when you plan on upgrading your doll and make it more realistic.

Sound / moaning systems are quite popular among doll owners and are definitely worth every penny you spend. However, not all sex doll brands offer a similar sound or moaning system. Some offer only the moaning options while some manufacturers have designed dolls that can even take voice commands and use motion sensors to further enhance the user experience.

In this sex doll sound system guide we will try to answer the most common questions related to the sound/moaning feature in dolls.

How does Sound Systems Work?

Sex Dolls Sound System

Most sex dolls have a sound device directly installed within the head of the doll. The sound mechanism is manually controlled through a switch/button. Once pressed the doll would make moaning sounds whenever you touch or move them. This is achieved with the help of the motion sensors installed inside the doll.

Some AI powered dolls are also able to respond and answer your questions, exactly like you would talk to a regular human being. The sound system in dolls has an internal battery which needs external power source to charge.

What are the Various Features and Controls in a Sound System?

Most doll moaning systems are quite easy to operate and have no complex features. Here are the four major components of a sex doll sound system:
  1. On / Off Button
  2. Adapter with an input chord (for supplying low voltage)
  3. Microphone for receiving sound
  4. Battery operated speakers

Given below is a SINO doll with pre-installed moaning sound system. Check out how it sounds.


Where Does the Sound Come From? Where are the Speakers Located?

sex doll sound system img

For most brands the sound mechanism is installed in the head of the doll. Popular brands like SINO, Ai-TECH, WM Dolls, OR Dolls and YL have their sound systems installed inside the doll head. This ensures that sound appears to come from the mouth of the doll.

AS Dolls on the other hand have their system in the upper body of the doll and is very close to her neck. Given below are the images showing AS Doll sound system.

How to Charge the Sound System?

It is fairly simple to charge a doll sound system with the help of the charging power chord. You can plug the power chord into any wall electric outlet and it will begin charging the internal batteries. The chord supplies a low voltage/current to the moaning system ensuring it is safe touch the doll while the sound system is being charged.

Where is the charging plug located?

As you can see in the picture below, most realistic dolls have the charging port located on the doll head. You can simply plug the charging chord and begin charging.

Sex dolls by AS Dolls have the charging socket on the moaning device itself. Device should be removed from the body in order to charge.

Does the sound system come with battery backup?

Most sound systems use re-chargeable batteries which you can charge using the power chord. The batteries on sound system are known to last hundreds of charging cycles before they are to be replaced.


What does a sex doll sound like?

Here is a video from AI-Tech. Check it out to know what your sex doll may sound like with a sound system upgrade.

Are the Sounds Pre-installed or One Can Upload Custom Audio Too?

Sex dolls with only the moaning sound feature mostly come with pre-recorded sounds. The moaning sounds are installed in different languages. Most commonly the sounds are in English, French and Chinese.

AI-Tech dolls stand out for they are designed to learn any sound and are perfectly capable of interacting with any user. Just connect your AI-tech sex doll to the Internet and you can make her learn any sound you want. This is quite a fascinating feature and doll owners love AI-tech for offering such a powerful upgrade.

Can You Adjust the Volume on the Moaning Sound System?

No, this feature is not present on any of the sex dolls for now. For latest update, check with our customer support executive. 

What precautions to take when using a doll fitted with a sound system?

Make sure that you keep the doll head and neck region moisture-free. Never splash water on any of the charging ports or buttons. 

  • Don‚Äôt move the doll when the power chord is plugged in and system is being charged.
  • Don‚Äôt shower with the doll.
  • Make sure you have properly sealed the charging ports if you plan to take your doll to the shower.
  • Never submerged doll head in the water & keep the doll in upright position.¬†
  • Handle your doll gently and avoid squeezing or banging its head.
  • Never place any heavy¬†object¬†on the doll head.


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