Which Sex Doll To Buy If You Only Have Budget For One Doll?

Which Sex Doll To Buy If You Only Have Budget For One Doll?

Choosing the Perfect Budget-Friendly Sex Doll

When it comes to owning dolls, we all wish to own loads of different sex dolls someday. Whether we plan to use them or not, we might just keep them for fun or save them for an apocalypse scenario.

It sounds like a fantasy and sadly it is one! Buying hundreds of sex dolls in this life time would take a lot more than most people can spare or save. Prices are sky-rocketing everywhere, from real estate to mobile phones. Everything is more expensive today than it was two years ago.

But what’s happening in the world of sex dolls is quite phenomenal. The prices and delivery time of many quality sex dolls have reduced drastically. Thanks to efficient shipping and improved warehouse networks. 

We know that sex dolls usually cost a fortune and takes a great deal of conviction to buy one. Those who save for their dream love doll are the bravest of all. It is no easy task and takes a lot of commitment and love to achieve it.

Your Favorite Doll

If you’ve already decided the doll you wish to buy and are saving for it. Then this guide might not be of much use to you, as you already know the amount you have to save or invest to bring your dream sex doll home.

In short, if you already have a favorite then go grab that doll model. Don’t doubt your decision if you have done your research and you have your reasons. By all means, you can stop reading and order you favorite doll now. Trust me! in long run you won't regret the decision.

But, if you are still at a stage where you are exploring new doll models or you're not sure which affordable doll to choose with your limited budget. Please stay with us and keep reading. Let's find & explore some amazing doll model options you can buy with your limited budget. 


Perfect Budget-Friendly Sex Dolls

We understand that everyone has a different preference. With so many customization options available today you will have a hard time reaching a conclusion. Thus, the SDG team has curated a list of premium TPE sex dolls - guaranteed to fit your budget. If you can only afford one sex doll during your lifetime, then don’t leave the decision to chance. Here is an opportunity to select from the most popular affordable real dolls with premium quality material and features.

These budget friendly sex dolls has everything a doll owner can ask for but there are no customization options. All the real dolls on our list are from top-rated sex doll brands only and are ready-to-ship instantly to anywhere in the US.

Let’s find out more about these dolls and what makes these affordable in-stock sex dolls so special that they made it to the top of our list.

M-Cup Busty TPE Doll (USA Stock)

This gorgeous Jarliet TPE Doll is Charlee. She has a stunning personality and her facial features feel ultra-realistic and life-like. Made using high-quality body safe TPE material, this sex doll is an excellent choice for any doll lover.

ready to ship affordable budget friendly tall sex doll with big breasts

You should particularly consider buying this TPE doll if you love tall dolls with big jugs. Standing at 165cm, this 5’ 4” doll is definitely worth more than what you would spend.

Charlee looks confident and can easily pull off a thick curvy booty and big bust without making it look awkward or out of place. No wonder, people who enjoy curvy and busty females tend to gravitate towards her and wish to enjoy her company.

Another reason why you would love this doll is due to her excellent no-nonsense love hole positions. Her vagina and anal cavities are designed to mimic the real private parts of a female of her size. The position is extremely accurate and lets you enjoy any sexual position without much hassle. A phenomenal choice if LHP matters to you.

The last the most important reason why you would like to buy this doll is due to her price. Yes! This incredible real doll costs just $1,050.00 including taxes and shipping. You can order this doll from anywhere in the world and get it delivered to any address in the US for free.

Please note that Jarliet In-stock dolls cannot be shipped to Hawaii, Alaska,Puerto Rico,Guam due to shipping restrictions.

Charlee is a special doll model and anyone who owns this doll model would end up enjoying her company, her body and flexible EVO skeleton.

This doll is ready-to-ship and you can order it today to receive it on your doorstep in just 5-7 days. So, what are you waiting for? Come check her out now!

Learn More About Charlee


L-Cup 152cm Ready-To-Ship Doll with EVO Skeleton

Here is another charming sex doll model from Jarliet Dolls. Although she is not as tall as Charlee but her looks and realism can knock you out in seconds. Overwhelming realistic physique and features make Adelyn an amazing choice for people who have budget-constraints.

affordable L-Cup 152cm Ready-To-Ship Doll with EVO Skeleton

Adelyn is an extremely busty sex doll with ultra-realistic TPE skin texture and a gorgeous body. Her thick ass, slim waist and big breasts make her look like a sex goddess. This doll is not just a companion but has the potential to captivate your attention like no other adult toy you’ve ever owned.

This delightfully beautiful TPE doll is meant to keep you busy and hooked for hours. You won’t find a better doll at this price.

Although she is bustier than Charlee, she weighs less than her and is a definitely worth considering if you are looking for a curvy, thick ass and busty doll companion. You won’t be disappointed.

Incredible EVO skeleton and shrugging shoulders make her body structure look exactly like a human female. This divine TPE goddess can be at your home, all day long and 365 days a year only for $1,050. We know that’s no small amount but for what it’s worth, it is not a lot of money.

Just like Charlee, Adelyn is also ready-to-ship and is available in our USA warehouse stock. You can order today and get her delivered to your home in less than a weeks’ time.

Learn More About Adelyn


C-cup 145cm Sex Doll - USA Stock

Prayle is the last doll on our list of most affordable and budget-friendly dolls. The two dolls above cost almost the same and are an excellent choice for anyone with the budget less than $1100 or $1000 USD. 

The next doll on our list is a 145cm SY Doll. This incredibly average height doll is loved and adored by doll owners across the globe. Available in our USA stock, this beautiful TPE doll is what you need to fulfil your wildest nastiest fantasies.

affordable C-cup 145cm Sex Doll - USA Stock

A lighter doll is usually much easier to handle can offer a great advantage in bed. You can pick her up easily and change her position with less efforts. You can try almost any position on her (just be cautious, she is still a doll). Anyone with back issues should also consider buying this doll. 

We know doll owners love their C-cup dolls and this TPE doll is no exception. She is popular and her sexy C-cups have a huge role to play. You too would absolutely fall in love with her sexy lifelike breasts.

A nice physique and facial appearance makes her one of the most loved in-stock dolls in the US. You can buy this for less than $1100 and delivered to your home for free (anywhere in the United States).

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