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Hand-Picked Premium Petite Sex Dolls

by *Janet Stevensen August 14, 2019 4 min read

Best Petite Sex Dolls

Are you still surfing the Internet day and night to find the perfect petite sex doll to satisfy your fantasies? You don’t need to go any further, your search ends here. Many people are fond of petite sex dolls due to three main reasons. Petite sex dolls are sexy, youthful and don’t take much space in your room.

These petite TPE and silicone sex dolls are very realistic, with charming eyes and beautiful hairstyles. Petite sex dolls are very lively, their flexible joint balls and metal skeleton lets you realistically move the body and easily switch sex postures. With our huge selection of thin sexy dolls, you will definitely make the most out of every sexual position. SDG's collection of life-like petite sex dolls has various sizes, high-end silicone, and TPE variants. These lean love dolls are blessed with the looks of a real woman and have a life-like skin to make the sexual experience are more real. If you need a petite sex doll then the following love dolls are worth checking out! 




Don’t lie that you didn’t jerk off after seeing sexy Air hostess during travel. They are beautiful, sexy, and polite to take our heart away. Today I am going to introduce you to the one. Yolanda is a sex doll made by DS doll with an Air hostess look. She is 167 cm tall with creamy white D cup breast sized to suck all day and night. She is made up of the best silicone material to give a touch of the real-life human being. Get this sexy silicone sex doll before it gets out of stock.



Do you like adventures? If you do so, then Frankie is the sex doll you should buy right now! She is known to be the slutty scouting instructor who wanted to have as many sexes with her clients. She has the perfect curvy body with boobs to suck every day. This sex doll is produced with high-quality TPE material by one of the best sex doll manufacturer WM Dolls. She is 166 cm tall and weighed around 72 lbs.



Admit it, it’s hard to miss an arousing redhead chick with a spectacular sex appeal. Megan is a solid TPE sex doll with a mesmerizing figure. She is 157 cm tall and weighed around 62 lbs. This redheaded sex doll the perfect shaved pussy with juicy tits which will surely be going to make you go crazy for her.



Manufacture by reputed sex doll brand WM Doll, Dana is a sex doll to bring back to home with you. This B cup breast size sex doll is slim, sexy, and a sex bomb. She is a lust-ridden TPE sex doll with a princess-like body. She is also 157 cm tall and weighed around 62 lbs. Her hard nipples and stunning curvy body will make you hard and fulfill your dark fantasies.



Have you ever fantasized over fucking a school teenage in your life? Lia is the best you can get to fulfill your sexual fantasies. Lia is a TPE sex doll dressed as a slutty school teenage, making her teacher happier than ever. She can make you happy with the skills which you are searching for a long time.  She has a perfect body with a tight ass to go for all night long. This Irontech doll is weighted around 60 lbs with a height of 153 cm which is perfect as a real school teenage.



Dortha is another petite sex doll to look for. She has a stunning hot body with skins realistic like a human being. This TPE sex doll has everything you are looking for. She is young, sexy, and irresistible. She can take you to the world of lust and make you captive forever. This sex doll is weighted around 71lbs with a mouthwatering C – cup breast size.  



Many of us, find our housemaid quite sexy to fuck every time she comes for work. If it’s a Japanese maid then whole new levels of sex drive to get her on the bed. We know Japanese women are best when it comes to satisfying their men. Emily is a Japanese sex dollwith long legs and a trim waist, very slim body style. She is made up of high-quality silicone material to give real human-like experience. This DS sex doll is 163 cm tall and weight around 60 lbs.



I consider a man to be foolish if he rejects a young erotic bar dancer. They are sexy, seductive, and give much sexual pleasure than your girlfriends. Codi is a gorgeous blonde sex doll with curves good enough to give you the best hard-on of your life. She is 168 cm tall and weighed around 73 lbs. This sex doll is made up of top-notch TPE material which is like a real human being.



Believe me, there are no women who can ride like a cowboy women. Carin is a sex doll which is inspired by cowboy women, she is made up of high-quality TPE material and make you go crazy with her spectacular curvy body. She got the perfect boobs and best round shaped ass to fuck all night.



Don’t you really get hard when you see a stunning hot teenage in the gym? You will remember everything when you meet Chaya, a petite TPE sex doll with the impeccable body. Her mesmerizing curvy body and perfect tits will make you cum multiple times. Get her home and do your regular exercise with her on the bed.



I know most of you had a fantasy of having an ebony bunny for yourself, haven’t you? Hanna is an ebony TPE sex dollwith perfect B CUP breast sized. She is tall and skinny with a nice firm ass and small tits you would love to bite on. She is surely going to be pouncing on your cock like a tigress tonight.

*Janet Stevensen
*Janet Stevensen

Hi, this is Janet. Thank you very much for stopping by to read this article. I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Sex Doll Genie. Our vision at SDG is to explore real sexual experiences that are vanishing in today’s world. I love to write content that can help people understand their sexual fantasies and flourish their sex life with beautiful realistic love dolls. I really hope my work will continue to encourage and motivate you.

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