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Silicone Dolls

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Silicone Dolls Collection

The advantages of silicone. 

  • Its true-to-life aspect. Its soft and realistic texture which justifies its use in the medical field (breast implants).
  • Generally softer than TPE. Its credibility on the doll market: the material has been used successfully for years.
  • Silicone conserves heat for true-to-life sensations.
  • Non-porous material which is therefore very hygienic and easy to sterilize.
  • Hypoallergenic.

The disadvantages of silicone.

  • Its cost: silicone dolls are more expensive. The material is expensive as are the molding techniques.
  • Its rigidness which is often visible in silicone breasts (mammary implants).
  • Its longevity: the material ages quicker than TPE.