Things To Know When Dressing Up Your Sex Dolls

Things To Know When Dressing Up Your Sex Dolls

So, you bought a nice, sexy dress for your doll? We can see that you are eager to get your babe all dolled up. But do you know the correct way of doing that? Yes, in case that caught you by surprise, there is actually a certain way of dressing your doll. Unsurprisingly, most doll owners aren’t exactly aware of this said procedure of fitting your dress into a salacious outfit. But we are about to change that. In this cutesy little guide, we will, well, guide you to the proper way of slipping your sex doll into a sultry outfit. 

Pick the Right Size

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Much like us humans, love dolls also aren’t fond of trying outfits that don’t obey their size. Jokes aside, it is imperative that you select the dress that is a perfect fit for your doll partner. If the dress is too figure-hugging, then it might ruin the skin texture of the doll. On the other hand, if you buy a more, let’s say saggy outfit, then it would suck out all the appeal from your doll. After all, you don’t want your sex doll to look like a sack of potatoes, do you? Long story short (technically we just recited the long story), step one is to pick the right size.

What’s that Outfit Made of?

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Yeah, that’s one of the questions that you must carry with you (including your wallet) when you go dress shopping. You see, if the fabric is too hard or rough then it might rough up your doll’s body. A doll’s skin is not invincible and can be damaged with things as simple as an outfit. However, the fabric of the dress is not the worst of your worries. It’s the dye that gives color to that material. This would make much more sense now since we all have been tormented by clothes bleeding color. Now, a dress with a weak bladder, so to speak, might leave a nasty stain on your doll. What makes it a worrisome issue is the fact that the dye can permanently stain your doll. If that happens, then you have no option but to take your doll to a service station. Hence, it’s best to know beforehand the kind of material that the outfit is made of.

The More the Merrier

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Remember we learned in school that we should not be greedy? Yeah, unlearn that. When it comes to buying an outfit for your doll, never settle for a single one. If your budget allows, go for a couple of dresses because we all crave variety. Oh, and while you are at it, do not buy the same kind of outfit because why? So, take your time and pick all those spicy outfits that you want your doll to wear. We say that again, don’t rush and take your sweet time when you select the attire for your doll.


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