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Custom Sex Doll

When you visited a sex shop from 30 years ago, your choice would have been limited to a simplistic bloated with a comedic open mouth, fixed pose, and chances of a distinct possibility of deflating in a mid-action sex doll.

But luckily, over the last thirty years, the design of all sex toys has advanced with new materials and advanced technology, bringing more pleasure than ever in the bedroom. It gives doll owners the pleasure of customizing their love dolls to suit their fantasies and with manufacturers delivering the ultimate in realistic sex dolls at budgets that can be more affordable than you might think.

Sex dolls are made from TPE and Silicone materials. The development produces miraculously, realistic products that we can enjoy today.

TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer is a combination of rubber and plastic. TPE can be stretched over and over, and it will return to its original length. It is much lighter than other materials, and due to flexibility, it can hold multiple positions.

TPE sex dolls, although the material is more realistic, are cheaper than their silicone counterparts.

Silicone is a rubber material. Cleaning is much better as it is not as slippery as the Elastomer Thermoplastic. It's more costly, but also heat, stain, and water-resistant. Compared to other materials for sex dolls, it does not require much maintenance.

Both materials are hypoallergenic.

Build and customize your own TPE and Silicone Sex Doll

We provide an exquisite range of sex dolls; however, many owners want exclusive custom dolls of their own, so we give them a customized sex doll option. Owners can choose from a range of options such as the head of sex dolls, wigs, hair, size of nipples, the color of nails, breast sizes from a-cup to b-cup and c-cup, and e-cup to g-cup, l-cup and m-cup, curvy body and more. Some choices are free, and some options, such as standing feet options or pubic hair, have a small fee.

Here at SDG, we offer doll brands where you can build and customize your real doll according to your tastes and preferences.

AF Dolls

They are one of the best manufacturers of sex dolls. Their sex doll body is fitted with realistic orifices that will make you feel the pleasure of playing with your dolls. Their dolls have a durable articulated skeleton that allows you to put the sex doll in various positions while you enjoy the thrill. And you can enjoy oral, anal, and vaginal sex with three sexual orifices.

KATHEY - 166CM | 5' 4" - H CUP

Kathey is one of the most natural appearing girls - a beautiful face with big boobs, slender waist, and perky booty with curly blonde hair.

This lovely doll has a wide range of customization options, including:

  •      Shoulder type
  •      Head
  •      Skin color
  •      Hairstyle
  •      Eye color
  •      Fixed or removable vagina
  •      Manicure and toenail color
  •      Breast type
  •      Style of Pubic hair
  •      Standing feet
  •      Storage options and insert penis


Iron Tech dolls have been sold worldwide and are getting great customer reviews with collaboration from local sellers around the world. All of their designs are based on the pursuit of beauty by doll owners. Iron Tech placed a high priority on its business partners and customers. Their dolls are made of both silicone and TPE materials, based on a metal skeleton with flexible joints. 

REYANNE - 169CM | 5' 6" - D CUP

You can customize this life-size sex doll to suit your specific needs. You can change your skin color, type of hair, and breast size, among other features before you make your purchase. We’re going to deliver it in your ideal look. Skin textures and a durable articulated skeleton make it stand unique. Different sexual orifices provide a realistic experience for you as you play with her.

JY Dolls

JY Dolls are the less well-known doll brand, but they have an unbroken line of stunning-looking models made with high-quality TPE material and beautiful style. Overall, their dolls are a good value for the money you will spend and the quality of the product. We think this is the perfect entry-level sex doll for people looking to buy for the first time.

ROSANNE - 170CM | 5' 5" - K CUP

This sex doll has different features that make it a great addition to your sex toy collection. The skeleton consists of articulated joints that you can switch to various positions. With the three sexual orifices, you're guaranteed to have great sexual pleasure by buying this lovely doll. 

WM Dolls

They have been operating since 2011 and have a good reputation for their customer care, and you can even visit their factory to see how the dolls are made if you happen to be in China. They have an outstanding level of feedback from independent and verified star-rating customer reviews.

Their dolls are built from a metal skeleton that allows the doll's body to be positioned -and remain there - in a number of functional positions. This is then covered with either a layer of Silicone or TPE to create a flesh and skin texture that is natural and comfortable. For a smoother and more natural finish, most dolls have an outer layer of skin made of TPE material.

KRISSA - 156 CM | 5' 1" - M CUP

Mainly, this doll design is made from a porn model with huge fake breasts. Of course, Krissa is not for everyone, but the model is so realistic and lifelike that she is a must-have on any full list of best sex dolls.  If you scroll through her images, in the outline of her muscles, particularly her abs, you will see the precise attention to detail. It is if you can see anything other than her perfectly round and larger-than-life breasts.

How to customize a sex doll?

A head-to-toe sex doll can be fully personalized based on your preferences. You may also be interested in other categories such as milf with huge tits, mini sex doll, male sex doll, anime or Japanese doll, BBW, and lack sex dolls.

Or have a customized your sex dolls using the following steps: 

  1.  Choose your body type and head.

You can choose the height from 152cm to 165cm and breast size from A-cup to E- cup and a selection of 162 heads to match your body.

  1.  Choose the skin and eye color.

You have 7 skin tones to choose from: white, fair, pink, medium, tan, cocoa, and black, and 17 pair of beautiful eyes.

  1.  Choose your hairstyle

 Choose a suitable wig for your doll from 15 different hairstyles.

  1.  Choose the mouth

Set your doll's mouth from standard to enhance and complete teeth and tongue set.

  1.  Choose breast type and nipple color.

You have two breast-type options: solid and hollow and three nipple colors: brown, natural, and pink.

  1.  Choose your preferred genital option.

Choose a vagina type if it's fixed or removable, and the labia has three colors to choose from the options. There are four different styles for pubic hair.

  1.  Other options.

 Choose the color of the finger and toenails. Choose feet type of standing and non-standing. And there are additional accessories as well from an outfit, USB wand to penis insert, and storage cases.

And that's it; you have successfully built and customized your very own sex doll. 

WM Dolls, YL Dolls, AF Dolls, and Iron Tech are the most recognized and awarded sex doll companies. These real lifelike sex dolls leave you with a sexual experience that you never had before, and we are an authorized distributor.

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