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Who are we? What can you expect?

Sex Doll Genie - About Us

Sex Doll Genie is a sex doll store owned and operated by a small, but amazing team.

We created Sex Doll Genie (SDG), to solve a real problem a lot of men (and some women) are facing in our society. 

See, going in, we thought sex dolls owners were a fringe group that was probably into some weird sh*t and we happened to be one of them. However, upon further exploration, we discovered a whole spectrum of people who use sex dolls.

There are lonely middle-aged men who don't necessarily want to stroll through the dating minefield again, there are handicapped and disabled folks for whom sex dolls are convenient and non-judgemental companions, then there are couples like us who wanna add another dimension to their love-life without additional emotional baggage.

Also, increasingly there are folks who just think that a sex doll suits their lifestyle better - truck drivers on the road (who are smart enough to avoid STDs), followers of Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement, single men burned by a nasty divorce, and folks who just live in very isolated place away from a good cell phone connection to get on Tinder (just kidding). 

Now we understand that there is some tough competition in this business and that trust is of utmost importance. So, here's our pledge to you:

  • We will always put basic decency and your satisfaction ahead of small-term profits or making a quick buck.
  • We will be honest in our dealings and compensate when necessary. 
  • You are welcome to shop with us if you like the experience here over other sellers, but we will not force you with some slick marketing mumbo-jumbo. We think there's enough room for everyone and if we can be an inclusive community of manufacturers, vendors, and users, then wouldn't that be something to be proud of?
  • We will always try to answer the phone, chat, email, writings in the sky or whatever you throw our way as soon as possible. Even when, and especially when,  your message is unhappy or dissatisfied. 


We are a family-owned business started by a wife and husband team. We are based in Miami, FL and the company is registered in Wyoming. We're real people! Email us and we'll personally reply to you.

We also have a small but very talented team in the US, Europe, and Asia that helps us with support, admin and website upkeep.



Here are some things that set us apart at SDG:


We’re a small and agile team, unlike the bigger sellers. We don’t have a lot of overhead costs and we pass on those savings to you guys. Plus, we give you personalized attention and we'll bend over backward to offer you the best customer service that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else

At Sex Doll Genie, you can choose from thousands of high-quality doll models that are carefully made with premium-grade silicone or TPE. All our dolls also come with dozens of customization options to make each doll unique to you as possible. From hair to labia color - you can come up with a variation that satisfies your wildest fantasies and desires. All SDG dolls also come in different design choices that include, but not limited to, blondes, brunettes, bubble butt, blue eyes, blowjob lips, redheads, porn star and a lot more. You can customize the perfect dolly diva at Sex Doll Genie that you always fantasized about but couldn’t get your hands on.


We’re adding new brands and new dolls every week.Certified genuine dolls.Our Love Doll Collection is Huge.

  • Look: European, Asian, Black, Latina Sex Dolls, Japanese Love Dolls, Anime Sex Dolls, MILF, BBW, and more.
  • Age: Petite, perky young adult to mature, experienced MILF.
  • Gender: Female, Male and Shemale (You can add an optional penis for our female dolls and turn into a tranny/shemale.)
  • Sizes:Skinny, Chubby/BBW, Hourglass Figure, Tight Body, Muscular, Athletic and Curvy


At Sex Doll Genie, we're constantly working hard to bring you new and convenient ways to make your doll purchase. Currently, we have over eight ways of paying at SDG. That is more payment options than any other online store that sells love dolls.

  1. All Major Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and Discover are accepted via our payments partner Authorize.net. Just enter the card details at checkout and your transaction is securely processed. [LOVE DOLL IS SHIPPED IMMEDIATELY]
  2. PayPal: If you prefer PayPal you can use your PayPal account balance or any major credit or debit card (you do not need a PayPal account for this) to make your transaction. Please select the PayPal option at checkout. [SEX DOLL IS SHIPPED IMMEDIATELY]
  3. Sezzle(US-only): Shop Now & Get Immediate Doll Delivery. Pay Later. No Credit Check. 0% interest. No fees if paid on time. 4 payments over 6 weeks. Simply select Sezzle at checkout. No Catch or Hidden Fees.Sezzle FAQ.The maximum amount you can borrow is $2,500. [SEX DOLL IS SHIPPED IMMEDIATELY]
  4. Put It On Lay-Buy (via PayPal): This is our newest layaway plan. What's the benefit? You can lock in current promo prices or special offers now while it lasts, and pay over a period of time for your doll.You can use this world-wide using any major credit/debit card or even your PayPal account. More details can be found here: https://lay-buys.com/faq/ [LOVE DOLL ISNOT SHIPPED UNTIL 100% OF PAYMENT IS MADE]
  5. Klarna(US-only): This is our doll financing partner. Please click on "Slice it. Pay over time with Klarna" option at the checkout to get your doll now at amazingly low-interest rates and then pay monthly installments later.Klarna FAQ. [LOVE DOLL IS SHIPPED IMMEDIATELY]
  6. Crypto-Currencies: We also accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Please select the Coinbase option at checkout to pay with crypto. [SEX DOLL IS SHIPPED IMMEDIATELY]
  7. Zelle: Please reply back to your order confirmation email stating that you would like to pay via Zelle, and we will get back with your shortly with our details for Zelle, for you to send your payment. Most US banks support Zelle. It does not have any fees, and your payment will be sent directly to us instantly. [SEX DOLL IS SHIPPED IMMEDIATELY WHEN PAYMENT IS CONFIRMED]
  8. Bank/Wire Transfer: Please reply back to your order confirmation email stating that you would like to pay via bank or wire transfer, and we will get back with your shortly with our bank details for you to send your payment. [LOVE DOLL IS SHIPPED IMMEDIATELY WHEN PAYMENT IS CONFIRMED]


We have an inspection agency in China who goes to the factory andPERSONALLY INSPECTS YOUR SEX DOLL before it leaves the warehouse. We can even send a personalized inspection report to you so you know you’re getting your money’s worth before your new girl is on her way to you.

All our sex dolls are made in CE, ROHS, 6P, MSDS certified facilities with the utmost care. The materials used in all sex dolls is premium medical grade, phthalate-free and extremely safe for regular use. We have put a great deal of effort into our research and development, and the design of the doll. All this to ensure that what gets delivered to your door is a real, dreamy beauty to accompany you on many sexual adventures. All dolls are made from real-life human molds and are 3D sculpted. This gives them a hyper-realistic look, feel and extremely sexy overall.

Sex Doll Genie (SDG) carefully vets and selects our manufacturers and brands and only allow brands that have a spotless track record of high quality, customer satisfaction and manufacturing practices to partner with us.

Silicone TPE love dolls available on SDG have been featured in Vice, The New York Times, Futurism, Reddit, NBC News, Vogue Magazine, Vox and more.


We offer LowestPRICE MATCH Guarantee on all silicone and TPE sex dolls.Did you find a better price? Click the Request Price Match button on any of our product pages and we will match the lowest price.


  • Only if the other seller is also selling genuine, certified dolls. We cannot match prices of sellers who sell inferior black-market dolls (incl. AliExpress, Alibaba, DHGate, etc)
  • The doll must be identical, (i.e., size, model, quantity, brand, color)
  • The doll must be in-stock at the time of the price match request
  • Not valid on offers advertised as a percentage off or dollar off on competitor site (e.g., "15% off" or "$5 off")
  • Not valid on damaged, used, or refurbished dolls
  • Not valid on dolls that other retailers have listed as clearance, closeout, liquidation, special hour/flash/limited quantity offers


We also offer VAT and customs clearance service (contact us). We take your privacy with utmost seriousness and hold it in very high regard. It's the same reason we do not run social media ads or promotions as sites like Facebook and Twitter are notorious for privacy violations. All our dolls arrive in an unmarked, plain brown box with no identifiable information or indications to the contents of the package. We also work with you to arrange in-store pickup with our shipping partners - FedEx, DHL, and UPS.


100% money back guarantee or expedited returns if there’s a mistake with your order. We’ll always do right by you. Plus, we’ll help with anyrepairs for a LIFETIME.


At Sex Doll Genie, we realize how important your realistic love doll is to you. At the same time, we also recognize the investment you make when purchasing a sex doll. These dolls aren't cheap! When you purchase a product of such high value, you expect to get what is advertised on the website.

Too often there are instances of sellers misleading or cheating customers, selling subpar products and overall providing a far from acceptable service. This gives this community a bad name and is something we are trying to make a stand against. This community, for us at SDG, is fundamentally about giving and receiving love and tender care. So promise to not compromise on that.You can read more about our core values here.


As a couple-owned business (we're a husband and wife), we have created the Genie Guarantee for your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We hope this gives you peace of mind and not sour the excitement of a new doll on the way.


We offer a guarantee on every doll or accessory purchased from us. In order to protect our customers and give them the peace of mind, we created the guarantee to ensure you know you are buying from a trusted seller who has your best interest at heart.


In short, we make a commitment to you that if there is a mistake with your order, any defects or any other problems, we will either fix the issue (at no cost to you) or replace the doll for free. No fine prints, no caveats - no BS!


On top of that - oh, this you'll love - during the ENTIRE lifetime of your doll, you will receive support from us with repairs. That includes short email/video tips on how to make quick fixes at home or a full-blown surgery in one of our repair centers. This primarily applies to the dolls you bought at SDG (proof required).



Yes, as soon as you check out your sex robot product from our store, you are automatically covered by the Genie Guarantee. There is no need to opt-in, no minimum order value requirements or other long-winded refund processes. As long as you have bought your product from us and we have a record of this, you are covered.



It does seem like a no-brainer, doesn't it? Sadly most sellers will not cover this. The easy excuse being the "nature of the product". Obviously, one doesn't need to accept returns on "used" dolls due to hygiene reasons, but if the doll is unused and arrives in unacceptable condition then we believe that every attempt to make it right is in play.And why nobody helps with repairs? That one we can't wrap our heads around either. Seems like a pretty obvious thing to do.



Unlike most sellers, our dolls go through a meticulous quality control process. That involves us checking the dolls via images and video whilst in the factory to catch any production defects. After this, the doll is sent to us where it is physically inspected. Again, any issues are corrected before being shipped to the customer. This means the doll goes through double checking process before it leaves our facilities.



When you receive the TPE love doll, we suggest that you thoroughly inspect it from head to toe before using. This is a very important step. If you discover that there is an issue with your doll or it has been damaged, please report it to us within 24 hours atsupport@sexdollgenie.com. It is also important to include as much detail as possible including any images and videos in your email to us. We can begin the process to resolve the issue.



In order for us to offer an exchange on the doll or repairs, you must ensure that the real sex doll is in “new” and "unused" condition, as it arrived. Any sexual contact with the doll will show up under our safety checks and we will not be able to offer an exchange. We have very strict hygiene regulations in order to ensure one used doll doesn't contaminate any other dolls. So, if you have used your doll, please understand that we cannot accept it for return/refund. However, we can help you repair the damage. Please get in touch with our support to arrange repairs.


  • Skin imperfections or color – minor skin imperfections are quite normal on sex dolls as the TPE is injected into the molds. These should be viewed as features of your doll rather than defects. Any major defect would be spotted prior to you receiving the doll and fixed. Also, it is normal for skin color to look a little different on computer screens versus real life.
  • Finger & Toe Nails – The nails on the dolls can often become loose during shipping as a light amount of nail glue is used to ensure they can be removed by the user, painted and reattached should you so wish. If they are loose simply remove them at re-apply with the nail glue.
  • Eyelashes – when shipping the doll, we pack them with a protective eye mask to protect the delicate eye area of the face. If the lashes do become loose, simply use TPE safe eyelash and nail glue to reattach them.
  • Makeup Differences – every single doll that is made has been custom created just for you. We take extreme care to match the doll's makeup to the photos on the website. However, due to the custom work done on each individual doll, every doll will be unique and differ slightly. Should there be a substantial difference, we will spot it in quality control before the doll reaches you.
  • Used Dolls – as above, any dolls which have been used will not be eligible under the Genie Guarantee.
  • User Damage – If any damage is deemed to be suspicious and user-generated, it will not be covered. This covers damages due to hyperextending of limbs, keeping the doll sitting for too long, scratch marks, etc. We reserve the right in this instance to no longer honor the guarantee.


Our main team is located and based in sunny Florida. Miami to be exact. So, you can rest assured that you are dealing with an American family-owned business who understand your needs, expectations, and rights as a customer.

We also have staff based in Europe and Asia, which we mainly use for providing late-night support to our US customers and for website development purposes.



When penetrated, a vacuum is formed inside the doll’s entries which provides a powerful suction effect. This effect is strongest in the doll's oral entry formind-blowing blowjobs. Some of realistic sex doll users have reported intense orgasms due to this specific feature.


The inside of the vaginal and anal entries are molded as part of the dolls and have texture and shape which make them feel very much like a real person. A doll's vaginal lips can be stretched apart very realistically and the newly sculpted labia are even more realistic than some of the older style labia. The oral entry has very soft, stretchy lips, ultra soft tongue (available as a custom option as Enhanced Mouth), soft silicone teeth (available as a custom option as Enhanced Mouth), and a hinged jaw that opens and closes very realistically. The tongue can be removed to allow for more space and easy cleaning. The inside of the mouth is ribbed for a very pleasurable effect.



Unfortunately, we realize that there are a lot of websites out there that will take advantage of unsuspecting buyers and scam them. Usually, they will send a black market, knock-off doll. In some extreme cases, they will take your money and send nothing in return.


This has definitely created a sense of fear and suspicion in the community and rightly so. However, it has also made it difficult for family-owned (we're a husband and wife business) and honest businesses like us to flourish.


So in order to make this a win-win, we are working very hard to establish our reputation in this space and will go that extra mile to make you happy because we have skin in the game too. No other website will offer you the level of support and personalized care as we would.


At the same time, we are also diligently working with the TDF staff to become an approved vendor on their site.



  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah words on over the website. Words like the "#1 seller", "world's best doll", etc
  2. Prices too good to be true. Most cheap sellers will buy fake dolls on AliExpress and sell for very low prices.
  3. Not on TDF. The Doll Forum (TDF) has a very rigorous verification process to qualify only the most serious and authentic business.  
  4. Only accepts PayPal. Getting a payment processor and gateway for "high-risk" businesses like selling dolls needs a very high level of preparation, discussion with banks and credit card companies. Only the most qualified and legitimate businesses and process payments via several different methods.
  5. Doesn’t have a phone number listed on the site. Duh!
  6. Photos are blurry, censored or have random logos on them. This usually means the photos were stolen from another site.
  7. Doesn’t offer free shipping or customs clearance.
  8. Doesn’t show up on Google as an authority site. Google is smart and its algorithms will only show most authoritative websites on Page #1.
  9. Nothing shows up when you google their name.


While sex dolls were considered to be a taboo a few years ago, but they have gained much popularity in recent years and are being talked about openly, and used much more than before. Sex dolls are basically sex toys to provide aid in masturbation. They come in different sizes and shapes, and different body parts like there are lifelike dolls, dolls with only the head or just the genitals. The manufacturers are constantly trying to make the experience of using a sex doll better and even more pleasurable. They have been using better materials and using the technology to make the dolls more realistic and lifelike than ever.

Sex dolls can make for perfect sex partners - beautiful, hot and submissive. These realistic dolls are always eager to have sex with you and never has "headaches". There are many reasons for the popularity of sex dolls and men are starting to choose sex dolls over real women. There are actually many reasons why people choose to prefer sex dolls over women, and we are listing down a few of them for you. Read on to know what makes sex dolls better than real women.


Sexually transmitted diseases are that are transmitted from one person to the other while having sexual intercourse. These STDs are serious diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc. And the ones with viruses are even harder to control. While using condoms during sex can prevent the risk of STDs to an extent, they aren’t foolproof, however.

So while there is a great risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease through women, sex dolls are safe from STDs. Since you are the only one who has had sex with her, there is no risk of getting any diseases from her. And sex dolls don't cheat on you with other men, so there is no risk of them bringing any viruses with them from outside.


You have spent so many years on dating that you probably know how high maintenance real ladies are. You’ve got to go on dates with them, pay for fine dinners, take them out to movies, and buy gifts for them - flowers, and whatnot. A real woman requires a lot of maintenance charges, unlike our generous lifelike dolls. They do not require you to buy any gifts, flowers, or anything for them. The only maintenance they require is regular cleaning and proper storage. Of course, you can buy a few clothes for her if you wish to, but she doesn’t ask for it anyway.


Well, you know women can stoop to any level to get your attention. From getting dressed up to overreacting, to spreading drama in public places, anything. They need attention all the time basically, and if you don’t them provide them with it, be ready to see them leave anytime. On the other hand, sex dolls never ever whine about not getting your attention. They’re ready to serve you whenever you want, but don’t bother you if you’re busy and not in the mood of giving them any attention. They make for perfectly understanding partners who never complain about anything and keep you satisfied, all the time.


Mood swings are basically rapid changes in a person’s mood, without a particular reason. We are all so aware of how fast a woman’s mood swings. Esp. if it's her time of the month. And who has to handle all the craziness and drama? You, of course. With sex dolls, you don’t have to worry about any mood swings. They are always calm and composed. They never create any drama and never bother you with any craziness.


While being in a relationship, you have to be constantly insecure about being cheated on by your partner. You can never have the peace of mind when you are worried about your partner finding anybody better than you and leaving you anytime. With sex dolls, you don’t have any chance of infidelity. Once they are yours, they remain yours. They cannot cheat on you by anyway and never leave you. They always remain with you.


When you are with a real woman, both of you are subject to being emotionally attached to each other. And then when you both break up, you have to go through a whole lot of emotional trauma. Sex dolls are realistic but you won't get attached to them (some occasionally do) emotionally since they do not have a human brain and cannot feel any emotions. So these gorgeous dolls eliminate yet another risk of emotional attachments.


This is where the things get even better, you don’t have to give them all your attention but they are always attentive to you and you have all their attention. Sex dolls are perfect partners in providing sexual aid whenever you want. They never stare at their phone, never go out with their friends, do nothing but be with you. You are their only partner so all their attention comes to you.

To summarize the above, with realistic sex dolls, you don’t need to make efforts to get laid anymore. They provide sexual aid without any drama, without any sexually transmitted diseases, and without any additional costs. They make for perfect partners and they are gorgeous. Also, you don’t need to give them any attention. Sex dolls don’t interfere with your life choices. Neither do they ask for your phone’s password so you have all your privacy. Moreover, they always want to satisfy you and you can have them whenever you want. They don’t complain or whine about you when you choose to play video games over talking to them.

Bonus point: Sex dolls are much more flexible thanreal women so you can try different positions with them and literally perform sexual stunts without any worries.

With recent modifications in the technology used for sex dolls, manufacturers have been saying that sex dolls can actually replace real women (as far as casual sex is concerned only).


We hope you enjoy browsing through our selection and please don't hesitate to ask questions.