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Frequently Asked Questions

About SDG

Who are you? Where are you based?

We are a family-owned business started by a husband and wife team. We are doll enthusiasts ourselves (couples are into dolls too) and serial entrepreneurs. We are based in Miami, FL and the company is registered in Wyoming. We're real people! Email me at janet [at] sexdollgenie [dot] com and I'll personally reply to you :)

Why should I buy at SDG over so many other sellers?
Here are some things that set us apart at SDG:
  1. We are HUSBAND & WIFE business. We’re a small and agile team, unlike the bigger sellers. We don’t have a lot of overhead costs and we pass on those savings to you guys 🤑. Plus, we give you personalized attention and we'll bend over backward to offer you the best customer service that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.
  2. LARGE COLLECTION (1200+ dolls). We’re adding new brands and new dolls every week. Certified genuine dolls.
  3. We offer PAYMENT PLANS - you get to choose terms that suit you best. No interest! 
  4. We have an inspection agency in China who goes to the factory and PERSONALLY INSPECTS YOUR DOLL before it leaves the warehouse. We can even send a personalized inspection report to you so you know you’re getting your money’s worth before your new girl is on her way to you.
  5. We offer Lowest PRICE MATCH Guarantee on all dolls.
  6. Always FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. We also offer VAT clearance service (contact us)
  7. The GENIE GUARANTEEmeans peace of mind. 100% money back guarantee or expedited returns if there’s a mistake with your order. We’ll always do right by you. Plus, we’ll help with any repairs for LIFETIME.
  8. Hablamos ESPAÑOL. We are based in Miami, Florida. 

About the Dolls

What materials are the dolls made of?

All our dolls are made by reputable manufacturers with medical grade silicone and TPE. For specifics of materials used, please refer to the product description of each individual doll.

All SDG dolls also have a flexible and fully articulated posable skeleton that will allow you to use them in any position you ever imagined. Care to be taken to make sure the doll material doesn't get damaged.

All SDG dolls have been sculpted by experienced sculptors to provide realistic sexual sensations. TPE and some silicone vagina, anal and oral sex openings feel extremely real with appropriate used of lubricants. Both TPE and silicone are waterproof.

What's the difference between TPE vs Silicone?

These are two of the most popular love doll materials. Here are some pros and cons of each type. 

Do these dolls contain toxic materials?

Not in the slightest. Our team will be happy to provide you complete material testing reports if needed. However, all our manufacturing facilities are regularly inspected and tested to make sure your love doll is 100% safe.

What do Sex Doll Vaginas look and feel like?

We wrote a short article herewith lots of pictures to explain just that. 

How does a sex doll blowjob compare to the real thing?

Here's are some pros and cons for sex doll blowjobs. Oh, don't forget to read about the Enhanced Mouth upgrades to really intense orgasms. 

What's the best way to heat the dolls?

Some dolls, like the Z-One Dolls, come with built-in full body heating. Others need an electric blanket or a USD heating wand that can be inserted in various doll orifices to heat. Care must be taken to heat the doll properly to avoid damages. 


Why do you sell small/short love dolls?

The main reason being size and weight. The more material there is, the heavier the doll gets. And it get's pretty heavy as it is 100% dead-weight in the full-grown body size. Also, as the doll grows the amount of material used increases, thus the doll’s price increases.

A lot of our customers may have limited storage space or need to hide their product from others. So, having a smaller doll is convenient.

At the same time, we're aware of concerns about illegal sexual activities and we fully cooperate with local laws. Please remember that these products were designed to fulfill companionship needs. We are in no way marketing, implying, nor condoning any illegal sexual activity.

What comes with the doll?

We ship your doll in a bikini or lingerie set, a blanket, and free items like - extra head, wig, closet hanging hook, cleaning kits, etc (depends on the doll). Please see details on individual doll page for specifics.

You can ask for specific outfits but we can't guarantee it. Keep in mind that in most cases our dolls have been styled with clothes, accessories and make up for photo display.

How to take care of a sex doll?

We've put together some of the most extensive and well-researched, educational articles on all aspects of Sex Doll Care. You can read them here

About My Order

How long does the order process take?

All dolls are custom made for you and your preference. Even the ones ordered "as-is". So, on average it takes about 2-3 weeks for the doll to reach you. If for some reason, due to extenuating circumstances e.g. natural disasters, your order gets delayed, we will notify you immediately.

When the order is shipped, we will also send you tracking details.

I need customizations not currently listed on the website. What do I do?

We're sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us via chat or email and we'll hook you up with whatever customizations you need for your doll.

I changed my mind. Can I cancel my order?

Also, please remember that you have 24hrs to change your order (customization, body type, etc) or cancel it. All order cancellations (incl. payment plans) will incur a $150 restocking fee. After 24 hrs no changes will be accepted to the order as we begin working on your order.

Can I submit modifications to order? Yes, within 24 hours of placing the order. If it is later than that, it is not currently possible to change the fundamental body or skin color options. If you want different eyes or wig, then that's okay.

Will my doll look just like in the photos?

All our photos are 100% unedited and shot with professional camera equipment to give you the optimal sense of being right there checking out the doll in person. However, please note the color settings no some monitors may vary, and so the colors you may see might be slightly different from the real colors.

In terms, of the make-up, we try to make it as close to the photo as possible. The clothes are usually for demonstration only and don't come with the doll. Please check with us about it if you have any doubts.

About Payments

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes, we do. Please select the PayPal option during checkout. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay via PayPal.

Do you offer Payment Plans? How does it work?

Yes, we do. Please select the Payment Plan option during checkout.

There's no interest on the payment plan. You can choose your desired amount for down payment (deposit) and monthly installments. Once your payment is 100% paid, we will begin processing your doll for shipment.

What other payment methods can I use?

We currently accept all major credit cards and debit cards. You can also split your payment amount to pay with multiple cards and/or Paypal.

Contact us to pay via bank deposit (wire transfer).

We currently do not accept checks or money order. We are actively working on resolving this.

How will the charges appear on my credit card or bank statement?

You will the charge listed as SP* SDG or The Jumbo Shop (our legally registered company) for PayPal. 

Can I use more than one credit card or payment source?

Yes, please contact us about it and we'll help you out.

About Shipping & Returns

Is shipping really free?

Yes, all shipments to the US and Europe are free unless otherwise noted on the individual doll page.

If you are outside the U.S. or Europe, please contact us so that we can verify shipping costs. We'll usually do our best to make sure you get free shipping, but sometimes it is not possible.

Do you ship all over the world?

We'd love to include all countries on our shipping list. However, most countries do not allow sex doll shipments.

WeDO NOT SHIPto Islamic countries, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, or Brazil.

Can I pick up my doll in person?

We'd love to offer that service but currently, it is not an option. All dolls are custom-made according to your unique specifications at our factories in China. So we usually don't have dolls on-premise to purchase. Still, message us and ask. Maybe you'll get lucky and we'll have some to showcase. 

What about customs and taxes?

This is the sole responsibility of the buyer. We recommend you ask around on The Doll Forum if someone from your country had to pay import fees and how much they were.

Your doll is always labeled as "mannequin" for purposes of customs and protecting your privacy. Also, we do not disclose your private information on the packages until customs are cleared. So if any issue, the customs dept. will contact us and not you. Just another extra little peace of mind for you. 

How discreet is the shipping box

Dolls are shipped directly from our factory, in a large unmarked box via DHL or FedEx at our discretion. There is no identifying information outside on the box to know what's in it.

Here's what the typical packaging looks like(for illustration purposes only and actual contents may vary).

Does delivery require a signature?

Yes, it does.

Can I receive delivery at a PO Box?

Fraud prevention rules allow us to only ship to the verified billing address. The only exception is if you want the doll to be delivered to a FedEx/DHL for your pick-up. Please notify us in advance and fill out the separate shipping location as your shipping address when you check out.

Can I return my doll?

Yes, unlike most other sellers, we will accept your returns. We go through meticulous care to ensure each doll that leaves our warehouse is perfect, but if you are unsatisfied, then we will take it back.

If your order isn't right or has a significant defect, we will compensate, assist you in repair, or completely replace your doll at no cost to you. Note: only applies to unused dolls. Please read more about our Genie Guarantee here.

About Scams & Fraud

Unfortunately, we realize that there are a lot of websites out there that will take advantage of unsuspecting buyers and scam them. Usually, they will send a black market, knock-off doll. In some extreme cases, they will take your money and send nothing in return.

This has definitely created a sense of fear and suspicion in the community and rightly so. However, it has also made it difficult for family-owned (we're a husband and wife business) and honest businesses like us to flourish.

So in order to make this a win-win, we are working very hard to establish our reputation in this space and will go that extra mile to make you happy because we have skin in the game too. No other website will offer you the level of support and personalized care as we would.

At the same time, we are also diligently working with the TDF staff to become an approved vendor on their site.