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DS Doll - Ex-Lite - PU Foam Sex Doll

DS Doll - Ex-Lite - PU Foam Sex Doll

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The exquisite EX-Lite doll from DollSweet results from painstaking research and development. Over 1000 experiments were undertaken to achieve the maximum attainable quality.

The concept of the EX-Lite was to achieve four goals. We wanted to reduce both weight and cost, make her more portable as well as creating a work of beauty into the bargain.

The external skin takes advantage of new organic polymer foam materials (a type of polyurethane) whilst inside the skeleton uses a type of plastic material (POM) used in racing instead of steel.

Together this brings the weight down to less than 8 kg, so making the figure easier to carry and move.

Her shape is designed to reflect the mechanics of the human body, to move upon bionic principles, and for the EX-Lite's beauty to be comparable to reality.

She has the same face with silicone doll Kayla, and new design body.

EX maintains a continuous focus of research and development, sparing no effort in building high-quality low-priced products

The EX-Lite has a unique split design to make her easy to disassemble and easy to store.

Separate body parts easy to hide, also save storage space.

The removable limbs parts can be purchased separately.

EX-Lite combines aesthetics with practicality as a work of art,

but it's also a people-friendly product and our high-tech facilities make our products more affordable.

Material: The new polymer, Polyurethane POM

Weight: 8kg

Height: 163cm

B-W-H: 75cm-50cm-80cm

Accessories: brochures, insert, condoms, a black sexy leotard, stockings, wigs

  • Material: Silicone
  • Length147cm / 4'ft 8"
  • Weight:8kgs / 17.64lbs
  • Upper Length:62cm / 24.41 inch
  • Bust Girth:77cm / 30.31 inch
  • Chest Girth:61cm / 24.02 inch
  • Waist Girth:55cm / 21.65 inch
  • Shoulder:35cm / 13.78 inch
  • Hip Girth:80cm / 31.5 inch
  • Arm Length:19cm / 7.48 inch
  • Wrist Girth:13cm / 5.12 inch
  • Hand Length:16cm / 6.3 inch
  • Thigh Length:43cm / 16.93 inch
  • Thigh Girth:44cm / 17.32 inch
  • Crus Length:41cm / 16.14 inch
  • Ankle Girth:17.5cm / 6.89 inch

  • Physical Activity Scope:


    Lite love doll waist can bend to the left and right, forward and backward, the angles for this are limited to 30 degrees. When the body rotates (waist twisting), the angles are limited to 45 degrees.

    sex doll waist move limit


    the head-lifting and head-bowing forward and backward should not exceed 30 degrees and the head-swaying to the right and left should not go beyond 30 degrees.

    sex doll head move limit

    Hips and thighs:

    The thighs of the doll can be separated to both sides to the maximum of 130 degrees. They can be bent forward, the angles for this are limited to 60 degrees.

    sex doll leg move limit

    Upper arms:

    The upper arms can be raised forward about 60 degrees. They can be bent slightly backward for 5-10 degrees, they can be raised to both sides horizontally about 80 degrees in the directions of both sides.

    sex doll arm move limit

    Lower arms,wrists:

    The doll's lower arms can rotate in one direction for 60 degrees. The doll's wrists can bend up and down 45 degrees up and down separately. The lower arms can rotate with a 60 degree limit.

    sex doll hand move limit

    Usage And Maintenance:

    Sex function:

    Our sex doll has a removable insert.

    The doll is not a real woman: for sexual function, it's necessary to give her the correct posture. Customers have to take time for "running in" to find the most comfortable positions.

    Sexual play with the doll will need a lot of lubricating fluid.

    All regular silicone inserts can be installed in the EX Lite doll. The standard insert is 15cm deep inside.

    love doll sex function

    Install the insert:

    The insert is made of silicone. When installing the doll insert it may be harder to push the pipe into cavity inside the foam skin.

    We recommend using plastic wrap or a plastic bag to wrap the insert part. This will make it easier to push the insert into the doll body.

    love doll sex function


    Don’t put the doll under the blazing sun. Keep her away from chemicals and open flame and store her in dry and cool place.

    foam doll clean

    Environment And Safety:


    Don’t put the doll under the blazing sun, store it in dry and cool place and keep it away from chemicals and open flame.

    foam doll safe

    Special considerations:

    Photographs may differ from the product on account of shooting angle, lighting, colour and display differences. Photographic representations cannot be held to definitive with respect to the product.

    In the course of movement or activities, the doll's skin surface may appear textured and this is an unavoidable and normal phenomenon.

    EX-Lite series of dolls are not supplied with finger bones or phalanx within the fingers. This allows bending in a natural state and enables maintenance of an elegant form. This simplification attempts to avoid damage to the fingers by improper use.

    Please take especial note of the instructions with regard to range of movement. Foam material is good under compression but can tear if put under excessive tension. Movement outside the recommended range of motion is specifically to be avoided for this reason.

    Because of the nature of the material, and the Lite doll is intended as an inexpensive product in the spirit of an inflatable doll, the EX-lite doll has no warranty, nor relating to damage in transport and we will not accept returns or requests for repair. The modular concept allows for individual parts to be purchased as replacement in the case of any damage.

    How to assemble:

    There are some yellow nylon stick, insert the yellow nylon stick into the connectors on the body.

    the long stick into doll arm, the short stick into doll leg

    assemble the Lite sex dollassemble the Lite sex doll

    When install the leg, rirst, bent the knees, then, make the leg sideways at the body, force into the connector.

    assemble the Lite sex doll

    Same way to pull out connector when remove the limb from body.

    assemble the Lite sex doll

    when remove the legs from the body, most easy way is push the leg forward to the chest.

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      Returns are easy, simply contact us for a returns number and send your item to our returns centre for fast processing. We'll get you a replacement or refund in a snap!

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